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World Council for the Cedars Revolution

Nov 27th
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Colonel Charbel Barakat Release on Syria PDF Print E-mail
Written by Colonel Charbel Barakat   
Wednesday, 22 June 2011


Colonel Charbel Barakat discusses the Syrian Presidents latest

Release in Arabic (Original) - [ HERE ]


Google Translated below:

Assad does not provide written on the Syrians to taste what he tastes

Still some world powers are betting at the feet of President Assad
Initiatives may lead to solving intractable crisis in the Levant, which
Claim the lives of every day more than the Syrians were killed and wounded in his body or
Dignity or property is no difference.

President Assad, who grew up in the bosom of his father's greatest tyrant does not know how
Out of the quagmire into which it was developed; it inherited the presidency of a country governed by force
And violence based on the basic elements of the rule on loyalty imposed by
Intelligence on the people bowed under oppression and cable slogans least
Where it is said can not come to him, how can it open Balmain has prospects
Progress and development in today's world cross in everything.

May be players engaged in some adult affairs that in the region or
Other, or may be reluctant to make decisions for raising grievances
Syrians fear of a coup against them immediately after the effects of the force that
Ruled by President Assad and his regime. We can not blame the free world
Not to rush to the aid of the Syrian people as long as the people of all thinkers
And its leaders and even Mgterbah and artists, poets, supposed to be sensitive
Of humanitarian issues, still, despite the move to the street
Freedom, tied with extremism and intolerance ugly when talk about solutions in
Region. Apart from a unique Ghadiri, who lives in the United States
America, which represents the current Syrian liberal somewhat deposits
Planted hatred in the hearts of the Syrians and which emphasizes the culture of the people of Jmth
Systems for more than half a century, the researcher in all positions of the opposition
Syria does not find a difference in the positions of governance issues and propositions
Political infrastructure.

Why ask the free world to intervene and send troops and Oatdth and Exchange
Amounts of taxpayers' money in that country as long as does not accept
After the Syrians to live in peace and cooperation with the rest of the neighbors in Lebanon or
Turkey, Israel, Iraq and Kurdistan? And more understanding
Consider the free world these colonial powers do not intervene unless their interests
In order to rob them of their freedom and their wealth. And how the international community would agree
To intervene to lift the sword that kills people as long as we have not heard yet
Of Syrian intellectuals talk about openness, cooperation and normalization of relations
Equal within the Syrians first, with some work on the plant
Hatred among its components, or with its neighbors abroad, who hold this
The period between the world and the other about their problems resulting from the mobilization of hatred
, Anger, and sometimes to the ethnic-based or closed complex historical legacy
And to the puritanical belief or social experience is incomplete.

Ordinary Syrians are already struggling for freedom, they are struggling
For their dignity, their right to honest life, and for that
Atsawoa the rights and duties before the law just dreaming and are subject to him
Each conviction, and not under duress, and protectors lives if necessary
, Because this protects their rights and safeguard their dignity and their property.

I have tired of ordinary Syrians certainly slogans as
Tired of the wars that are paying the price of the future of their children without charge.
Today, they rose up already hard to put down their revolt because they do not lose more
Which they have lost so far and even if they did not know what awaits them in the other side.

It is true that the Syrian street did not stop after the one-stop did not close the country
Time or full-fledged chaos all its parts, and the citizens
Altrcn against the system today and are demanding it down, they hoped that the
Provides thought of as the head man may have some sense of the importance of freedom
For the young generation and the people no longer easy to keep it away from the
Development through the repression of the old, but their dream was killed in the first confrontation
And are disappointed since the "letter of maneuver," where by act Achtmoa adherent to the old
And attached to the same means of repression did not see a glimmer of hope for change from within
System and therefore must be removed.

Syrian people understand the importance of resilience in the face of vicious attack by
By the system and its tools, and they know that their retreat would be a more
Of oppression for many years to come and that this opportunity will not easily return
If the movement stood interceptor. Hence, the importance that the president knows
Assad and his aides that will prolong the crisis, but will not change in the interest of
Never be in the interest of continuity of intelligence and abuse since the approved
Receipt of the Baath to power in Syria.

The operation launched by President Assad and his regime to pay his allies on the scene
Lebanese coup on democracy and the formation of a government "support" is
In itself a definitive answer to the Syrian people and the whole world that this system does not
Plans to retreat to the movement of popular demands, but escalation and confrontation
Want comprehensive within the principle of "on and on my enemies," either win the battle
Which he considers decisive and sabotage, either make the process of eradication process
Very expensive.

This position, which may escalate by his ally, the Lebanese about harassment
Capricorn the rest of the Lebanese who are opposed to domination, or perhaps Bjarth
Southern Israel in order to activate the paper, which is believed to be the only
Still possessed, would lead to war this time, the system confirms that it
Capable of clearing up the inside and stop the movement and give Iran the opportunity to ally
To install slogans on the Middle Eastern arena. But the results of these
War would be very expensive in the number of deaths and the level of destruction because the response
Israeli rocket attacks, which he plans to reinforce the Syrian -
Iran - Lebanon carried out from the land of Lebanon and Syria
And Iran, both this time, it will be painful, according to a violent response
Permits Israeli leaders concerned.

From here and avoid all the damage that would result from such an adventure
Will fall on the shoulders of citizens in both Syria and Lebanon and even Iran,
The Syrian people or those who claim leadership of motivated people to hear the system
Words and the world, promising that the people responsible will be tried for any adventure
Will pay to the country and planning for risk, which may give the external
Government and his new opportunity will not pass and will not succeed in stopping the demands change
System, and a former Russian Revolution during World War I is an
Clear what would happen in Syria and Iran. In Lebanon For the opposition
New to understand the Hezbollah is the de facto authority in the government that any
Harass the Israelis would mean not only to prosecute those responsible for the results but
Also the 2006 war and all its consequences.

Is it possible to rely on people to achieve deterrence is required to accelerate or
Schemes repressive regimes and organizations that sponsored? Or are these
Systems will continue to oppress their own people back on its own and once chalazia
Act on their adventures in the manipulation of the fate of the peoples of the region?

Colonel Charbel Barakat
20 - July --2,011
Toronto - Canada

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