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World Council for the Cedars Revolution

Jul 05th
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Leading Kuwaiti newspaper reporting ghastly atrocities by the Syrian regime PDF Print E-mail
Written by W. Thomas Smith Jr. - Worlddefensereview   
Friday, 27 May 2011


Kuwait’s Alseyassah newspaper is reporting – in addition to the widely reported mass graves and Syrian army’s killings of unarmed civilians – grisly incidents of torture, including “chopping off the wrists of children so they’d never carry arms against the [Syrian] regime.”

According to Alseyassah, “The World Council of the Cedars Revolution’s Human Rights Dept. chief Kamal Batal visited the border town of Wadi Khaled in northern Lebanon [near the Syrian border] where more than 5,000 Syrians have taken refuge from the death squads and Baath militias… After thorough interviews with the refugees – who are still in contact with their family members displaced to other parts in Syria – Batal gathered horrific details and stories about the massacres committed by the Baath thugs in Syrian towns.”

Batal has learned that regular Syrian army and militia forces – including members of Syrian Pres. Bashar Assad’s Alawite community supported by Iranian Basij fighters and Lebanese-based Hizballah terrorists – are moving from one Sunni village to the next, storming homes and offices, “killing at will whoever defies them and literally emptying entire towns of its civilian population.”

The accounts are not unlike other reports, according to the Kuwaiti paper, from international NGO’s and humanitarian organizations based in Turkey, Jordan, and Lebanon, all of which are confirming stories of civilians being machine-gunned by tanks and shot by snipers. Bodies are being mutilated. And Syrian soldiers who refuse to participate in the wanton killings are themselves summarily executed by Assad’s Alawite death squads.

Batal also tells Alseyassah, the militias are planning to establish “a pure Alawite zone along the north coast of Syria. This large carved out zone will serve as a fallback position to Assad and his apparatus if they fail to keep control over the whole country. Sunni villages around that area are looted to the bone, even kitchen tiles and electric lines are not spared.”

He adds, “Unmarked white vans are moving their belongings to newly established Alawite villages in the north coast strategically located on the outskirts of the large Sunni city of Hamah.”

Read Alseyassah article in Arabic at http://www.al-seyassah.com/AtricleView/tabid/59/smid/438/ArticleID/140797/reftab/76/Default.aspx#startframe


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