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World Council for the Cedars Revolution

Jul 08th
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The Iranian regime and its projects in the region PDF Print E-mail
Written by Youssef Amin   
Wednesday, 27 April 2011


When Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah attacking the GCC countries and their policy in Bahrain is not considered an account of the damage that might occur on the Lebanese because it reads the speech prepared by the machine information of Iran, and when the system supports the Syrian men and materiel, this natural role does not care what he thinks of Syrians ordinary who kill each day in the squares on the hands of this regime and its allies. But what can Hezbollah doing more than that, and what is expected from the Iranians?

Middle East Online

By: Youssef Amin

Researchers estimate in the Iranian strategy in the Arab region as being based on three basic pillars of Foreign Affairs, namely:

Shiite areas in southern Iraq led by al-Sadr group

And Hezbollah in Lebanon

And the Alawite regime in Syria

These three pillars capable of consideration of those that give the machine the Iranian military a great deal of discretion in the event of resolution to control the Gulf, Fjmap chest will be covered by adjusting Iraq to deny the Gulf states of reservoir support a major was arrested Iranian expansion in the early eighties, while spreads Hezbollah's heavily armed inside Lebanon to prevent any support, though the media of these countries and help at the same time the system which adjusts the upper currents of pan-Arabism in the Levant to continue his mission.

As the South has been moving the intelligence ministry in the areas of Houthis in Yemen and the Saudi border in advance surety out operations Saudis and to understand the forced distribution of forces if war broke out and lack of focus on the front and one in particular that the situation in Yemen today is not stable, what drives them to work to calm things down in this neighboring country in this particular circumstance. In the West, will not be able Egypt preoccupied by its internal problems and evolving every day differently than lend a helping hand not only from the military intelligence is not even last them their problems and what is happening on the border in Libya, Sudan, except for Gaza.

Therefore, from this critical situation for Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states had to move fast and natural forces to shield the island in Bahrain, also believes the Iranians, they are almost to control without the need for military pressure on the Square Gulf in this process, and then see the movements inside Syria in response to an Arab would reduction of victories successive Iranian, if the regime fell basic support for Iran in the region will be liberated Lebanese regime from a node of Hezbollah who holds the breath of the Lebanese and is thus the elimination of the second element of the plot of Iran, may change the Iraqis their accounts and will be followed by the movement hopes the Iranian street fairs change.

Known as the Syrian regime would move the street demands for change in Syria, a natural process and they understand that the pressure imposed by the country does not inevitably lead to the explosion, especially in this atmosphere of liberation and revolutions, which controls the region, but has now constitute part of the defense system of Iran and the dream of the privileges Senallunha in the event of Iranian hegemony in the Gulf are not interested in the opinion of the people do not move because they believe in their ability to adjust things in ways that they know well and which are mainly dependent on the force, and would not dare opposition groups, as they think, to coordinate any significant movement lead to the disintegration of the military establishment, They already begun to liquidate some of the senior officers as a message to those who think the same Tsule move or objection and the non-implementation of orders and that they call them by means of "subversive elements that open fire on both sides."

But the Syrian street over every day of the move and this move increases with the number of dead and wounded on the system thus rage Will appreciate this system to survive and control? Or it will become a burden on the Iranians, as happened with Mussolini in the Second World War where Hitler was forced to send the German army for the protection of Italy rather than rely on the Italians in their support on other fronts?

From here the importance of Hezbollah and its control of the Lebanese arena and the unlimited support of the Syrian regime to form a support plan for Iran. He therefore adopted the Revolutionary Guard a lot, from the beginning to float Hezbollah this weapons and gear from the hand, and the money bestowed upon the budget inflated, which covers all expenses; from the salaries of the elements and distributed to collaborators, to logistical support with all the media which brings to him, to purchase land and construction for the expansion of its spread and its grip on the keys in the country. Therefore, and because of this importance given to this order in the expansion plans for Hezbollah and the money that surveillance of his country suffering from the blockade imposed on it by the international community, has published Iranian officers from the Revolutionary Guard under the direct supervision of all the forces and units to become Hezbollah's leadership the actual hands of the Iranians, They do not want distraction veneers, local and do not want to alienate this power entering the core in their designs.

When Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah attacking the GCC countries and their policy in Bahrain is not considered an account of the damage that might occur on the Lebanese because it reads the speech prepared by the machine information of Iran and do not deviate from the main objective which was to prepare for the control of the wealth of the Gulf the same method adopted by the former leader of the Reich to the occupation of Austria and then Czechoslovakia and Poland. When the Syrian regime supports the men and materiel, this natural role does not care what he thinks of ordinary Syrians who are being killed every day in the squares on the hands of this regime and its allies. But what can Hezbollah doing more than that, and what is expected from the Iranians?

Iranians are prepared Hezbollah and its components, and trained them to take control of Lebanon at any time asked to do so and all this under the banner of resistance to Israel, they knew very well how to use the subject of Israel, which still tickles some feelings for this purpose and delivered Mr. Hassan adopt in total on what you say Israel or the Israeli press . They controlled the same way on some of Lebanon's state institutions, especially that serves the Iranian policy; has clung to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Public Security and the airport to facilitate the coverage of foreign operations of Iran, and took control of the Lebanese army intelligence in order to prevent the government from knowing what is going on and the extent of Iranian infiltration in institutions. They are made from the Shiite community tanks filled and ready for use by the Iranian intelligence anywhere, anytime, without question, and everyone knows how it is the announcement of the burial of persons who said they spent in the mission of jihad without asking a reason for or the place, and they form part of those who pay Lebanese state pensions to their families that they died in the operations of the so-called resistance.

Taking today's increasing pressure on Syrian President must be to the Iranian leadership to move every means to prevent his fall, what do appreciate that the Iranians take the system to crumble? And what to expect from the Party of God?

The first plan has always been harassment of Israel under the banner of resistance, but the Israeli threats to strike Iran and Syria might be doing do not dare the Iranians and Hezbollah to such a scenario only in agreement with the Israelis is still ruled out until now because it is not in the interest of Israel's current government and by changing the balance of power that is negotiating with the Iranians or give up their positions regarding Iran's nuclear program and the issue of missiles possessed by Hezbollah in a position to threaten the security of Israeli citizens. But to intentionally Hezbollah for example, to launch some rockets into Israeli territory without affecting key objectives in order for Israel to respond to the limited even within Syria to pay Governing the Syrian demand of the people to stop pretending to devote this provision to the issue of defending the country, this is a possibility, but ensures that Israel will only respond to limited?

The second plan may be that the Hezbollah control of the government in Lebanon to form a government of his allies or attempt military deployment under the title of Syria's help to control interventions Lebanese affairs, and that as a process distraction highlighted by the media and punctuated by acts of violence and revenge more than was in May 2008 to divert the attention of local public opinion and international what happens in the Syrian cities and at the same time pay more of the group and the Iranians into Syria to give the government a new deadline and helping to complete the suppression and the imposition of his grip on the scene because the impact forces of the Syrian security acts of violence against their families and their countrymen would not allow them Exercise of this violence is enough to stop the popular movements after all the blood that was shed so far. But this plan is also not guaranteed results may be paid more than the hate of the Lebanese Hezbollah, which leads to the loss of the effect of this component later.

May be the Iranians have other plans ready to help ally falters and move control project, which has long dreamed of sitting on the throne of Persia, but it seems that things do not go always as long for them, and herein may be the projects Ahmadinejad's regime are threatened and therefore may push him to the steps will not be in favor or in favor of its dictatorships Is that the time has gone or whether it will try to confrontation even when it costs the Iranian people further misery?

Youssef Amin

Translated from Arabic to English via Google Translation Software

Original Arabic Version Here: http://www.middle-east-online.com./?id=109256

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