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World Council for the Cedars Revolution

Mar 02nd
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Iran tests indigenous fighter based on F-5 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Geostrategy-Direct   
Saturday, 11 August 2007

Rebuilt/Upgraded F-5 called Azarakhsh (Official Photo of IRIAF "Azarkhsh" Jet Fighter)
Rebuilt/Upgraded F-5 called Azarakhsh (Official Photo of IRIAF "Azarkhsh" Jet Fighter)

NICOSIA — Iran has reported a successful test-flight of its indigenous fighter-jet and announced plans for production beginning as early as next year.

Iranian officials said the Azarakhsh fighter-jet conducted a successful maiden test flight on Aug. 5 in the central province of Isfahan. The Azarakhsh was said to have been an Iranian variant of the U.S.-origin F-5 fighter-jet, sold to Teheran in the 1970s.

"The successful flight of the domestically manufactured fighter is a mark of our country's scientific and technical achievement," Isfahan Gov. Morteza Bakhtiari said.

The Azarakhsh, which means lightening in Farsi, was designed and produced by the Defense Ministry and the Iranian Air Force. Officials said serial production of Azarakhsh could take place in 2008.

"At a time when the United States plans to sell weapons to its allies in the region, our country's technicians have taken huge strides toward national defense self-sufficiency," Bakhtiari said.

Defense Minister Mostafa Najar said Azarakhsh would be deployed in the Iranian Air Force. Najar said Azarakhsh would play a major role in a forthcoming military exercise scheduled for over the next month.

"The Azarakhsh fighter plan is now at the stage of industrial production, and mass production will start in the future," Najar said on Aug. 6.

Najar said Iran was designing an upgraded variant of Azarakhsh. He said the platform would be tested in the near future.


Under the Iranian News Section - Video of the New Fighter

Advance film timeline to 21:50min

Also, note Iran claim to having Supercomputer technology



This film (introducing the new fighter) also shows the Iranian reverse engineering of the F-14 Tomcat to be able to carry the Hawk Surface to Air Missile on the F-14 as an Air-to-Air Missile. Note: How big the Hawk is!


U.S. still selling banner F-14 parts sought by Iran

WASHINGTON — The Defense Department sold 1,400 F-14 spare parts in 2007 despite a ban on such transactions, according to a GAO report.
The Pentagon sold the parts in February in wake of its announcement of a suspension of any transfer of F-14 components.

"One country with operational F-14s, Iran, is known to be seeking these parts," Greg Kutz, managing director of special investigations for the Government Accountability Office, said. "If such parts were publicly available, it could jeopardize national security."

On Aug. 1, GAO released a report that disclosed continuing Pentagon sales of F-14 components. The Pentagon decision in January 2007 to block F-14 spare parts sales took place amid intelligence information that Iran was seeking to overhaul its F-14 fleet. The Iranian fleet was procured from the United States more than 30 years ago.

The report cited the Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service, the Pentagon's surplus sales division, as responsible for the sale of F-14 spare parts. DRMS was said to have failed to update an automated control list and remove F-14 aircraft parts listed on the agency's Internet sales site.

The disclosure of the F-14 spare parts sale has alarmed members of Congress. Sen. Ron Wyden, an Oregon Democrat, has won House approval for legislation that would suspend sales of all F-14 parts. The bill has been pending in the Senate.



Geostrategy-Direct, www.geostrategy-direct.com, August 15, 2007
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