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World Council for the Cedars Revolution

Nov 27th
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Written by M14   
Friday, 18 March 2011


"You will not allow the supremacy of weapons to transfer Lebanon to a regional axis that you do not want"

Here is the speech delivered this afternoon by Caretaker Prime Minister Saad Hariri during the large popular meeting organized in the Rachid Karame International Exhibition Center, in Tripoli, by the “Future Movement”, in the presence of former Prime Minister Fouad Siniora, MPs and figures from Tripoli and the North, and tens of thousands of citizens.

“I came here, to Tripoli, to the heart of the North, to extend with you, on your behalf, and in your name, my greetings and gratitude to all of Lebanon, to all the Lebanese people with whom we were in Freedom Square last Sunday, to say to the whole world: no to the supremacy of weapons in Lebanon.

I came here, to Tripoli, the capital of the heroic north, to tell you, the people of Tripoli, El Mina, Akkar, Denniye, Meniye, Qalamoun, Koura, Batroun, Zghorta and Bcharre: Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Thank you because you raised the head of Lebanon, the head of every Lebanese, and my head, I Saad Rafik Hariri, in Freedom Square on Sunday.

This deep thanking that I express from the bottom of my heart, in 2011, is similar to my gratitude towards what you have done, after the martyrdom of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri in 2005.

I usually came to you, as it is my duty to do so, during the national occasions, and asked for your support to the Future Movement and March 14th, and you have always responded to our call.

But this time, and just as you did in 2005, you acted without any call but the call of the country, without any request but the request of freedom, and without any hope, but the hope of justice.

This is my debt to you, and I add it to what I owe you, what all of Lebanon owes you and its entire people, since you responded to the call for freedom 6 years ago.

Recognition is a duty and I humbly admit to all of Lebanon and all the Lebanese people and to Tripoli, this great city, that Tripoli has placed us on the map in 2005.

Yes, Tripoli brought Lebanon, all of Lebanon, back on the map, when it walked after the assassination of martyr Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, to Freedom Square, and Tripoli brought us again on the map, and restored the right, and the right word, to the map of the whole country, when it marched with all the north, and all the Lebanese, to Freedom Square last Sunday.

Throughout our history, everything that had value in this country used to derive its value from the North, and from Tripoli. And don't forget that the heart is on the left (north in arabic) and Tripoli is the heart of the north!

This is a city which nobody in Lebanon forgets, it gave birth to martyr Prime Minister Rashid Karami, and nobody in Lebanon forgets that it stood proudly with martyr Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. From here, from Rashid Karami International Exhibition Center, I tell you, I Saad Rafik Hariri, that I am confident that you will not allow the weapons used to intimidate, decide the fate of your country, consecrate the tutelage of weapons, eliminate Justice and the truth, and transfer Lebanon to a regional axis that you do not want, I repeat: to a regional axis that has no target except turmoil and changing the spirit of our National Pact consecrated in the Taif Agreement.

Dear friends, I meet with you here, not in my capacity as head of government or as candidate to any post because all the titles and positions are not worth the dignity of my country and the dignity of Tripoli and the North.

I meet with you, as one of you, raising your slogan, the slogan for which you stood with martyr Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, for which Rafik Hariri sacrificed his life, and for which you were in Freedom Square on March 14th 2005 and returned to Freedom Square this year.

Your slogan that will never change, your irreversible slogan: the State, the state, the state.

Nothing will save us but the State, nothing will protect us but the state, and nothing protects Lebanon but the state.

For this reason, the goal of the tutelage of weapons is the eradication of the State, as an idea and a reality. Yesterday they worked to disable the State, and today they are working to subject the State through consecrating the tutelage of weapons on the state, and to abolish justice in order to consecrate crime as a tool in political life.

Whenever someone says the right word, and whenever the people of Tripoli and the North say the right word, the tutelage of arms shows its horns to tell us: You are creating discord.

No my friends, it is the supremacy of weapons that leads to discord, and it is the use of weapons to show strength that leads to discord, and any other description is an attempt to intimidate, change the facts and cover up the party where the crisis lays. We have only two options: to choose the State or to choose the tutelage of weapons.

You, on all occasions and during last Sunday’s ceremony, clearly chose the crossing into the State, into justice, truth and real participation.

This is the will of the people of Tripoli and all the North. This is the will of all the Lebanese who attended the ceremony in Freedom Square last Sunday, to raise the banners of freedom and national unity, the banners of rejecting the tutelage of arms, the banners of pure and permanent Arabism and the banners of allegiance to the State and its institutions and nothing else.

The Lebanese raised their voices, saying: We do not want an army in Lebanon other than the Lebanese Army. And we are here today in Tripoli to say from Tripoli and let the entire world hear it: We want no other State in Lebanon other than the Lebanese state.

Dear beloved, you, the people of the North are a source of pride to all of us and to all of Lebanon. Your uniqueness lies in your diversity, and the fact that you keep away from any sectarian segregation between the areas, cities and villages of the north.

This openness is Lebanon’s secret and chemistry. It is Lebanon’s message to the world. This example makes the Muslims in Lebanon congratulate themselves before they congratulate their Christian brothers for the election of the new Maronite Patriarch Bechara Boutros el-Rai, whose name carries good news for Lebanon and all the Lebanese from all religions and regions. This is exactly what makes me proud of Tripoli and all the North.

When we call on our brothers and our partners, the Lebanese Arab Muslim Shiites to join us in supporting the State, we know beforehand that they are aware of the discourse of their Grand Imams and free intellectuals. The discourse which says that each community in Lebanon which tried to have its own project has failed, and that all the attempts to have the duality between the State and another authority or mini-state or even another state, have failed.

Yes, all the private projects during Lebanon’s history led to tragedies and destruction for all the Lebanese people, and ended in failure. This is the price that we are trying, with you our Shiite brothers, to avoid and to spare the country. And we are confident that you know, as all the Lebanese know, that when the private projects become impossible, the State alone remains the solution.

Our Shiite brothers know that it is not plausible that all those who call for the rise of the State and for putting the arms under its command and will, are traitors.

Is it possible that Tripoli, the North and all those who went to the Freedom square are traitors? Can we accuse this city, which paid the highest price for supporting the Palestinian cause and constituted the real basis for any resistance against Israel, of treason? You are the people of Arab resistance and you are the ones who want to resist against Israel with all possible weapons but under the command of the Lebanese State and the Lebanese Army. The people of the North gave their best sons to the army, where they martyred, and when the Lebanese Army engaged in a battle in the North, Tripoli and the whole North embraced it and the people were not deterred by any red lines or false sectarian slogans. Terrorism hit the heart of the North before it hit Lebanon’s heart. Accusations of treason and incitement don’t fool anyone anymore. No one in Lebanon wants to hear that all those who want a strong united State are traitors or are engaged in an isolationist project.

We are the ones who are working to restore Lebanon’s true role as the gate of the Arab world to the world, and as a cultural, educational, scientific and economic center for the Arabs. Tripoli has a pioneering and a great role to play. It is also true that the development of this precious city and all of the North is your right, and is my duty and the duty of the state and I will continue to work to achieve this development and to create job opportunities. But your duty is to participate in this development along with the state through the municipalities, the civil society and individuals, so that all efforts contribute to achieve glory for Tripoli and the North.

We met last Sunday in Freedom Square, and today I am among you and we will always meet, God willing, in Tripoli and in all squares, I will always be with you for the sake of Lebanon.

Long live Tripoli, long live the North, long live Lebanon”.

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