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World Council for the Cedars Revolution

Nov 27th
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If Egypt falls, Syria must Follow PDF Print E-mail
Written by Reuters   
Saturday, 29 January 2011


When watching the riots in Tunisia and Egypt, the question on everyone’s mind is, what outcome will these organic and popular uprisings will produce?

The world may be witnessing a new dawn in the Middle East fostered by enlightenment or a new Egyptian government trailing behind Syria as the latest conquest the Mullahs of Iran can claim is the result of their wise policies.

With Hezbollah’s latest dismantlement of a Lebanese government, aided by the complicity of the Assad regime and an Egypt whose future remains uncertain, it is essential for US and European policy makers to view Syria as a clear and present danger rather than the country stabilizing the region. No matter what happens, Egypt is a changed country. If it falls in the “L” column, Syria and Iran will play an essential role in supplying Egypt, as they did to Hezbollah, with the necessary tools to destabilize North Africa. This outcome will place a heavy military burden on Israel, the result of which may engulf the region with intermittent wars for many years to come.

As the world watches images of Egypt erupting, similar images are being reproduced in Syria. We have witnessed today many demonstrations in Damascus, Aleppo, and Qamoshli. With 10,000 IRGC (the Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution) personnel residing permanently in Syria, we also witnessed them, mixed with Syrian Army Battalions, deploy in several cities around the country. Yet, the international media, and al-Jazeera especially, have gone dark on Syria.

Instead of supporting a similar organic uprising by a people whose 65% of its citizens were born enslaved living in total misery, the world seems oblivious to the pain Assad inflicts on our people. I believe this is a major mistake. One that Syrians, Israelis, Lebanese, and Americans will pay a dear price for.

With Syria becoming free and falling into the hands of its people, a major supply line to Hezbollah and possibly Egypt will be disrupted. The fall of Syria might also save Egypt from a possible takeover by the Mullahs. This scenario is basked in pessimism but when was the last time the west received good news from the Middle East?

Al-Hurra, a US-funded TV station, has been slow in responding to any threats affecting the Syrian regime. Why? Because planted within its Virginia offices are sympathizers and supporters of Assad and Hezbollah. The last time al-Hurra broadcasted a negative story on Syria was in 2005 due to pressure from the Bush administration.

If al-Hurra covers the demonstrations happening in Damascus, it will encourage Syrians to rise against Assad. And while many pundits and experts will capitalize on Assad’s propaganda that his alternatives are hardcore Islamists, the reality is that Syrians are mostly secular people. The Syrian Muslim Brotherhood cannot possibly muster more than 10% of the votes but the mere thought that some analyst could be wrong has frozen our intellect to the point where we view Assad’s evil as a stabilizing factor. The question becomes: Are you really willing to bet Egypt on Assad’s stability? The time has come for true leadership in the region.



Intelligence from the Reform Party of Syria based in Washington D.C.

If Egypt falls, Iran and Syria, and not Saudi Arabia, will have the upper hand in controlling its destiny. But unless the media reports on what is going on inside Syria, the people of Syria are unable to disrupt a Syrian-Iranian scheming in Egypt.

Since Al-Hurra is controlled by elements of Hezbollah and Michel Aoun, and Saudi media is too timid to encourage uprisings, it is imperative that the US Congress interferes in how al-Hurra reports the news to strike that balance. WE MUST PRESSURE SYRIA BY ENCOURAGING ITS PEOPLE TO RISE AGAINST ASSAD. If Assad is threatened, Egypt can be saved from extreme Islam and Iranian hegemony. Supply lines, through Syria, are essential to saving the region and to stopping Iran.

Large demonstrations in Syria started at the Yarmouk camp in Damascus after Friday prayers from al-Wasseem Mosque.

People from Al-Zahera and Assali joined the crowd. Police opened fire in the air. Crowds dispersed.
Internet cafes in Syria have been closed. Internet sites blocked. The streets are brimming with people ready to erupt.

The security apparatus in Syria is on full alert. Syrians have never witnessed that many deployed all at the same time.

Four days ago, a statute of Hafez al-Assad in Latakiyeh was rendered headless. Latakiyeh is considered one of Assad's strongholds.

The bandwidth on the Internet has been reduced in Syria to limit traffic by Syrians eager for information.

The Assad regime is on high alert. Military trucks were seen arriving through major arteries into Aleppo and Hama.

Syrian oppositionist in Europe and Canada have left to organize from countries closer to Syria.
Syria denied that its Internet services have been halted or interrupted.

Syrian police forces are watching on al-Jazeera how Egyptian police forces are joining the demonstrators.

The Assad regime has cut-off the Internet in Damascus.

Not confirmed that cars are burning in Aleppo and Qamoshli.

Al-Jazeera, friendly to Assad, has gone dark on Syria.

Last Updated ( Saturday, 29 January 2011 )
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