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World Council for the Cedars Revolution

Dec 03rd
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Israeli Report: Mughniyeh Brother-in-law Implicated in Hariri Murder PDF Print E-mail
Written by Naharnet   
Friday, 30 July 2010


The brother-in-law of slain Hizbullah commander Imad Mughniyeh was involved in the assassination of ex-Premier Rafik Hariri, Israel's Channel 1 reported.

The TV station said Thursday night that Mustafa Badr al-Din, who is also a top Hizbullah official, is the main suspect in Hariri's Feb. 2005 murder.

Lebanon is sitting on a "powder keg" which will explode when the international tribunal names Badr el-Din as the primary suspect in the Hariri assassination case, Channel 1 said.

It added the Lebanese are aware that if the man was accused of involvement in the murder there would be an "earthquake" in the country.
Beirut, 30 Jul 10, 08:44



info file:


Mustafa Badr al-Din

al-Din, the cousin and brother- in-law of Mughniyeh, who was killed in a car bomb in Damascus in February 2008, was also reportedly responsible for planning the attempted assassination of the ruler of Kuwait in 1985, among other operations.



"I'd entered NE Division during its darkest hour. The darkness grew thicker a few months later when the man dispatched as the new chief in Beruit, William Buckley, was kidnapped by Hezbollah. Hezbollah wanted the government of Kuwait to release Mustafa Badr al-Din (the brother-in-law of Imad Mughniyad, Hezbollah's IJO terror chief), who was responsible for the 1983 bombing of the U.S. Embassy in Kuwait City. But the United States would not allow itself to be blackmailed by terrorists." excerpt from
Jawbreaker: The Attack on Bin Laden and Al Qaeda
by Gary Berntsen and Ralph Pezzullo
Crown Publishers

Copyright © 2005 by Gary Berntsen
ISBN: 0-3072-3740-0


Fatima Issawi, spokeswoman for the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, said its UN mandate required the government of Lebanon to arrest and turn over any indicted suspects for trial. There is no confirmation that investigators had plans to charge the militant group. She said: "It would be quite unhelpful to add to the existing speculations. The Office of the Prosecutor will issue an indictment when it is ready."



Mustafa Badr Aldin, the brother in-law of assassinated Hezbollahcommander Imad Mughniyeh, is the prime suspect in the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri in 2005, Channel 1 reported Thursday.
According to the report, Aldin, also known as "Elias Sa'ab", commanded the failed attempt to assassinate Kuwait's ruler in 1985. It was further reported that current Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri, Rafik's son, is pressuring the Special Tribunal for Lebanon not to publish the suspect's identity due to his government's ties with Hezbollah.
Aldin was mentioned as a candidate to replace Mughniyeh as Hezbollah's chief operations officer.
Hariri was assassinated on February 15, 2005 when explosives equivalent to approximately 1000 kilograms of TNT were detonated as his motorcade drove past the St. George Hotel in Beirut.


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