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World Council for the Cedars Revolution

Apr 15th
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Article in Syrian Gov't Daily: If Resistance Is Attacked, Iran Will Target American Interests PDF Print E-mail
Written by MEMRI   
Thursday, 11 February 2010


Mohammad Sadeq Al-Hosseini, an Iranian researcher close to the Iranian regime and columnist for the Syrian government daily Teshreen, wrote an article titled "Tehran and a Middle East without Israel." In it, he stated that the future of the Middle East is now in the hands of its peoples, and that their plan for the region does not include the "Zionist entity." He also threatened that if the resistance forces come under attack, Iran will target American interests in the Middle East.

Following are excerpts: [1] 

Iran Is Indifferent to America's Overtures of Friendship Because It Has Discovered the Extent of Obama's Weakness

"When Washington realized it had lost the battle with Tehran over the nuclear issue, just as it had lost its wager on dividing the Iranian public into supporters and opponents of Ahmadinejad's policy, it started once again to relay direct and indirect messages [to Iran], calling upon it to cooperate in finding a solution for the Iraqi and Iranian issues in the best possible way, [and in a way] that would enable the world's greatest superpower to save some face.

"We have started to hear such things [i.e.] calls to involve Iran in resolving problems] in Baghdad, Islamabad, Kabul and Istanbul, and there are calls to include Iran in the London conference on Afghanistan. Tehran, [for its part,] is hesitating and playing coy, saying that it will not participate [in any conference] before it hears something definite about the role [it is expected to] play there...

"Tehran is not showing much interest in the direct and indirect messages of the American administration about the hand being extended [to it]. This is not only because [Tehran] has discovered how weak President Obama and his team are, but also because it has discovered the depth of the disdain being shown to this administration by the global Zionist government and by its Israeli arm, the extremist right-wing government of Binyamin Netanyahu, which has not bothered to protect Obama's image even outwardly, at least where the Palestinian problem is concerned.

"Tehran knows clearly that America has lost its ground wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, and that it is now pinning its hopes on wars in the seas and oceans, trying to take control of the important straits in the Muslim and Arab [region], in a bid to thwart the activity of the countries in the region that are opposing America's plan for hegemony..."

Washington's Interests in the Middle East Will No Longer Be Safe

"If Washington thinks that Iran, in its capacity and position as a regional power, will take [the U.S.] into consideration [just] because [Iran] needs a stamp of approval from the so-called international community that has been hijacked by the U.S., then [Washington] is gravely mistaken.

"The rapidly unfolding events, and the developing awareness of the vigorous countries, nations, peoples and forces in the region and the world, along with [the fact that] America's influence is rapidly diminishing even though it continues to bare its military fangs – all these guarantee that the region in which we live will no longer be safe for anyone, least of all for Washington's interests, unless Israel stops managing [these interests]."

The Middle East "Has Begun to Be Shaped by Its Own People – And the Map Does Not [Include] the Zionist Entity"

"I say this plain and clear: [The safety] of Washington's interests depends on its [willingness] to accept [reality]. The quicker it does so, the safer its interests will be. This Middle East, which [former U.S. secretary of state] Condoleezza Rice wanted to transform into the New [Middle East] according to the American plan, has begun to be shaped by its own people – and the map does not [include] the Zionist entity. Lest anyone accuse me of spreading terrorism, hatred or violence, let me say that events are leading to the collapse of this racist entity from within, [and this is happening] much more quickly than Israel realizes.

"Israel and the forces that support it can instigate violence by deciding to embark on some escapade and attack one of the resistance forces. [If this happens], the entire region will go up in flames and become a keg of gunpowder – and the first thing to burn will be America's direct interests, including its ships, navies, and [military] bases, which are within range of Iran's missiles and are [thus] easy prey, as Iranian Defense Minister General [Ahmad] Vahidi said a few days ago..."


[1] Teshreen (Syria), January 27, 2010.


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