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World Council for the Cedars Revolution

Jul 06th
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Third commemoration Mass of Martyr Pierre Gemayel PDF Print E-mail
Written by Naharnet, Kataeb   
Saturday, 21 November 2009


Phalange Party and the Gemayel family on Saturday observed the Third Commemoration Mass of Pierre Gemayel, the assassinated late industry minister, at Mar Antonios church in Jdeideh.

The mass was attended by representatives of President Michel Suleiman and Speaker Nabih Berri, Prime Minister Saad Hariri, March 14 leaders, and a number of ministers and MPs.

Maronite Patriarch Nasrallah Sfeir was represented by Bishop Bechara al-Rahi who delivered a sermon that said: "He (Pierre Gemayel) was the rock of love on which nations are built upon. He followed a political path that was open on all political forces in order to preserve the emblem of Lebanon especially in freedom of expression and practicing democracy in the frame of sovereignty."

Al-Rahi added that "Pierre's movement was for correcting the relations with Syria and protecting constitutional institutions as well as abandoning the policy of imposing conditions."

The representative of Patriarch Sfeir said that Pierre Gemayel restored trust in youth's minds in their pioneering role regarding building their country in order to restore the Christian position in the political decision so that Lebanon becomes the centerpoint of civilizations in the East.

After the sermon, Phalange Party leader former president Amin Gemayel delivered a speech that was charged with emotional meanings as he addressed his son Pierre reassuring him on the family and Phalange Party, he also reminded of Pierre Gemayel's relations with political leaders.

"Your brother is keeping the oath," said Gemayel addressing his assassinated son about the emerging role of his brother MP Sami Gemayel.

"The party that you (Pierre Gemayel) loved and served till the last breath will remain as the conscience of Lebanon," added Gemayel.

The Phalange leader said that he was visited on Saturday by a delegation from March 14 students in NDU who came to dedicate their electoral victory for the soul of Pierre Gemayel.

"You are alive in each one of those youth," added Gemayel addressing his assassinated son.

Gemayel said that the gathering of the leaders who attended the mass was an expression of solidarity and determination to press on with his son's struggle and "the struggle of all martyrs."

"A national unity government was formed and it gathered all of Lebanon, all of sects and sides, and we ask you (Pierre Gemayel) to pray for us from above so that we do not lose way. We want for this government to be a government of consensus. We want it to succeed and lead Lebanon toward the safety shore," stressed Gemayel. 

Beirut, 21 Nov 09, 19:06


Martyr Pierre Gemayel 3rd Memorial Mass   Watch Video 
President Gemayel to his son Pierre   Watch Video 
Bishop Beshara in his sermon at the third commemoration mass of Martyr Pierre Gemaye   Watch Video 
President Gemayel to his son Pierre: My son, make sure that the struggle you went through is still being followed… Your brother is carrying the torch   more 
Pictures of the commemoration mass of martyr Pierre Gemayel at St. Antonios Church   Click Here For Pictures  
Pictures of Martyr Minister Pierre Gemayel commemoration Mass from the Church   Click Here For Pictures  
Pictures of Martyr Minister Pierre Gemayel commemoration Mass   Click Here For Pictures  
Pictures of St. Antonios Church   Click Here For Pictures  
Bishop Beshara in his sermon at the third commemoration mass of Martyr Pierre Gemayel: Pierre Left a significant impact, he was the solid rock of the family and the Kataeb Party and Parliament and the Ministry.   more 
President Amin Gemayel and his wife, Mrs. Joyce Gemayel, and Mrs. Patricia Pierre Gemayel wreath of flowers at the memorial status of martyr minister in assassination place.
Lebanese Kataeb leader President Amin Gemayel saluted NDU students for the victory they've scored during recent elections. He brought to attention Pierre Gemayel's assassination which contributed to the new wave of Independence.   more 
Lebanese Kataeb Party election winners at NDU University visited President Gemayel at his resident in Bekkaya and dedicated their victory to the soul of Martyr Pierre Gemayel in the eve of the third commemoration of his assassination.   Click Here For Pictures  
The Lebanese Kataeb Party - The Lebanese Forces alliance scored a sweeping victory against the Free Patriotic Movement -Marada - Syrian Social Nationalist Party alliance, by securing 29 out of 33 seats reserved for the student committees at the Notre Dame University (NDU) elections   more 
MP Elie Marouni to Future News: independence is our goal and our celebration is just a confirmation of our continuing efforts to achieve real independence   more 
Minister Sayegh to VDL: they wanted to prevent the Cedar Revolution that’s why they killed Pierre.   more 
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Last Updated ( Saturday, 21 November 2009 )
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