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World Council for the Cedars Revolution

Dec 03rd
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Lebanon Elected Non-Permanent Security Council Member PDF Print E-mail
Written by Naharnet   
Saturday, 17 October 2009


The U.N. General Assembly on Thursday elected Lebanon as a non-permanent member of the Security Council for a two-year term starting Jan.1, 2010.

Brazil, Nigeria, Gabon, Lebanon and Bosnia-Hercegovina were elected Thursday as non-permanent members of the U.N. Security Council for 2010-2011, the president of the General Assembly announced.

The five will take their seats on the 15-member council on January 1, replacing Costa Rica, Libya, Uganda, Vietnam and Croatia who will complete their two-year mandate on December 31.

Coming first as a reaction regarding Lebanon's election was Caretaker Fouad Saniora. After announcing Lebanon as a non-permanent member in the U.N. Security Council Saniora said that our country has the support of its Arab brothers and of considerable friends in the rest of the world.

"Getting 180 votes out of 190 proves that Lebanon's election comes as a vote of confidence. Lebanon is considered an example of common living and of having democratic system," said Saniora.

Saniora added that "Lebanon's position as a non-permanent member will allow it to play an effective role in the UN Security Council" regarding Arab issues and will defend total world peace.

In the Latin America and Caribbean group, Brazil -- which already has served nine terms on the council, most recently from 2004-2005 -- was the only candidate.

Brazil was elected with 182 of the 190 votes cast, with seven abstentions, Ali Triki, the president of the 192-member General Assembly, said.

In the Africa group where two seats were up for grabs, Nigeria was elected with 186 votes, along with Gabon, which received 184 votes.

Nigeria, Africa's oil giant and the continent's most populous nation previously served three terms -- most recently in 1994-1995, while Gabon has never served.

One seat was at stake in the Asia group, which Lebanon won with 180 votes.

In the Eastern Europe group, Bosnia, which has never served, was elected to the seat that will be left vacant by Croatia with 183 votes.

Citing his country's painful war experience from 1992 to 1995, Bosnian Foreign Minister Sven Alkalaj said "we are going to be a strong voice for preventive diplomacy."

He highlighted the fact that Bosnia was endorsed by the full 23-member Eastern Europe group.

"Although we will act in our national capacity, we are going to be a part of a broader consensus that is growing in our neighborhood, where all the countries share the same desire of peaceful and prosperous life," Alkalaj said.

The Security Council is the most important UN decision-making body, with its five permanent members -- Britain, China, France, Russia and the United States -- each having veto power over its decisions. It is tasked with maintaining international peace and security.

The council's 10 non-permanent seats are filled by the General Assembly, with five countries elected each year to two-year non-renewable mandates. To secure a seat, a candidate nation has to win two-thirds of votes cast in a secret ballot.


Beirut, 15 Oct 09, 10:18


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