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World Council for the Cedars Revolution

Aug 08th
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Lebanese Elections Timeline June 7, 2009 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Naharnet, NNA   
Sunday, 07 June 2009
Live Coverage 6-7-2009

Live Coverage   Elections 2009
7:00pm Polls closed and vote counting started.

6:15pm The army arrested three individuals involved in skirmishes in Wadi Jamous, Akkar.
6:00pm Polling stations close one hour from now.
5:55pm NNA: One person was injured in a scuffle between the supporters of Omar Karami and Mohammed Kabbara in Tripoli’s Bab al-Tabbaneh. But the army contained the situation.
5:47pm Defense Minister Elias Murr toured the army command’s operations control room in Yarze and lauded the efforts of the military.
5:44pm Skirmishes erupted in Hadath and the army worked on containing them.
5:30pm LBC: One person was injured in a scuffle that erupted in front of al-Mustaqbal movement's office in Clemenceau.
5:05pm Fist fights erupt between supporters of PM Fouad Saniora and candidate Ossama Saad in Saida.
5:00pm LBC: LBC team was attacked in Beirut.
4:40pm MP Saad Hariri following a tour of polling centers in Beirut: I hope that all Lebanese will exercise patience during the election process.
4:30pm Baroud: No extension of voting hours across the entire country. Extending voting hours is only up to the polling center registrar.

 4:25pm Baroud: The security plan was a success and all breaches were not a cause for concern and were quickly brought under army and police control.
 4:20pm Baroud during a news conference at interior ministry: The intensity of the ballot was normal in some areas and upsetting in others.
 3:35pm NBN: reports of a scuffle between Justice Minister Ibrahim Najjar’s bodyguards and Lebanese troops in Zahle.
 3:30pm Syriac Bishop George Saliba denied reports that priest Akari had been held by MP Michel Murr supporters.
 3:11pm MP Mohammed Raad after casting his vote: The problem of congestion at polling stations is due to holding elections in a single day.
 2:45pm LBC: Complaints in Jezzine Serail about the absence of judges and registration committees.
 2:20pm Sources from electoral machines: Number of voters in northern Metn reached 40,000 so far.
 2:05pm LBC: the army contains a scuffle in a polling station in Ashrafiyeh's Baydoun Street.
 1:52pm President Suleiman calls Baroud during the latter's tour in Zahle for an update.
 1:50pm Minister Baroud: Results could be released at midnight or shortly after.
 1:45pm MP Michel Murr called the people of Metn to listen to every word that Maronite Patriarch Nasrallah Sfeir has said because his speech saves Lebanon.
 1:40pm OTV: 440 voters cast their ballots out of 1800 in al-Qleiaat-Kesrouan due to obstacles to the voting process.
 1:32pm Fares Boueiz cast his vote in Zouk Michael.
 1:25pm Cabinet Minister Talal Arslan cast his vote: We cannot judge the results now.
 1:00pm MP Michel Murr cast his vote in Btighrine.
 1:15pm Media reports: 85-year-old voter died before casting his vote at Beirut-1 district.
 12:50pm Another person in the southern town of Abbasiyeh also was arrested for possession of wrapped papers for a candidate in violation of the law.
 12:50pm Judge Mirza ordered the arrest of a citizen in Borj Hammoud for attempting to vote with a forged ID.
 12:46pm Former PM Omar Karami cast his vote in Tripoli.
 12:45pm Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea casts his first-ever vote in Bcharri.
 12:40pm MP Salim Aoun complained about the fall of many of the names on voters’ lists and failure to take adequate measures to enable them to vote.
 12:39pm Baroud held one-on-one meeting with Bekaa mayor Antoine Suleiman and discussed the election process.
 12:32pm State Prosecutor Saeed Mirza ordered the arrest of two suspects – one in Metn and another in Tripoli -- on charges of forging IDs.
 12:30pm Cabinet Minister Elie Marouni cast his vote in Mar Elias-Zahle.
 12:27pm New Interior Ministry circular calls on registrars of polling stations to allow 3 voters to enter polling centers in one go provided that each voter casts his ballot discreetly behind privacy curtains.
 12:25pm FPM filed a complaint before the committee supervising elections against Customs Officer Walid Albert Karam as well as heads of Jal el-Dib, Fanar and Bolonia municipalities.
 12:20pm Phalange Party leader Amin Gemayel cast his vote in Bikfaya:The day following elections should be a new day for Lebanon.
 12:15pm LBC: Lebanese army contains a security incident at Bizri school in Sidon between Mustaqbal Movement supports and Ossama Saad’s followers.
 12:05pm Baroud visited Tripoli Serail and described the situation as “quiet.”
 12:04pm PSP leader Walid Jumblat cast his vote in Mukhtara.
 12:03pm Defense Minister Elias Murr cast his vote in Btighrine: Patriarch Sfeir wouldn’t have made his statement had he not feel that Christians in Lebanon were at risk.
 12:00pm Lebanese troops arrested a number of Mustaqbal Movement supporters in Zahle and confiscated weapons from their cars.
 11:59am U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood after inspecting a polling station in Jbeil: Intensity of voters is evidence that the elections are crucial.
 11:50am OTV: Lebanese Red Cross volunteers rushed 4 voters to hospital after fainting due to congestion at polling stations in Beirut’s Zahret al-Ihsan and Tabaris schools.
 11:28am Ahmed Assaad’s Lebanese Option Gathering: Security forces stood idle as group members in the town of Blida in Marjayoun province were subject to threats and physical attacks.

 11:25am Michel Murr supporters Riad Elia el-Hajj and Camille el-Hajj were arrested in Mansourieh for distributing money at a polling center.
 11:08am The northern border Abboudiyeh-Arida crossing witnesses busy activity as buses are transporting Lebanese nationals to take part in Sunday’s vote.
 11:02am Aoun criticized as “not worthy of voters” the polling station at which he cast his ballot. “It slows down the action,” he said.
 11:00am Information Minister Tareq Mitri cast his vote in Akkar: I elected those who and I believe make a positive contribution to Christian-Muslim solidarity.
 10:55am FPM leader Gen. Michel Aoun cast his vote in the Beirut suburb of Haret Hreik.
 10:31am Baroud: Massive turnout at polls. Measures have been taken to curb forgeries during Election Day.
 10:30am Interior Minister Ziad Baroud cast his vote in Jeita-Kesrouan.
 10:28am Berri after casting his vote: National unity should be the winner. Polls will serve as a referendum on the options of resistance, unity and liberation.
 10:25am Speaker Nabih Berri cast his vote in his hometown of Tibnine.
 10:22am Cabinet Minister Mohammed Safadi cast his vote in Tripoli: Election process is well organized.
 10:21am Security forces managed to bring the situation under control in Talbibi.
 10:20am NNA: Security mishap developed into fight with fists and sticks in the northern town of Talbibi in Akkar province between supporters of “Mustaqbal-Akkar” electoral list and “Development-Akkar” list.
 10:17am OTV: Priest Akari filed a complaint with the attorney general’s office against armed supporters of MP Michel Murr for holding him.
 10:05am Justice Minister Ibrahim Najjar to DVL: Lebanese should exercise their democratic right to elect under the voice of conscience and the law.
 10:00am OTV: Registration committees in Aley, Jounieh and Sidon were late to arrive.
 9:42am PM Fouad Saniora cast his vote in Sidon: Today is a memorable security day for all the Lebanese to participate in elections in peaceful and quiet conditions.
 9:40am Interior Minister Ziad Baroud: Absence of identification numbers at the polling stations does not prevent people from voting.
 9:35am Education Minister Bahia Hariri cast her vote in Sidon: Today is a day of victory for Lebanon and democracy. We will accept results irrespective of who wins.
 9:30am OTV: Military contains a security incident in Anfeh in northern Lebanon.
 8:45am Members of Lebanon’s Surete Generale arrested two brothers in the border town of Rmeish. They are relatives of retired general Adib al-Alam, who was the first to be arrested as head of an Israeli espionage network.
 8:40am U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood arrived in Beirut to stress his government’s support for Lebanon.
 8:27am Suleiman from the polling center: I call on all citizens to exercise their democratic role quietly and happily.
 8:25am President Michel Suleiman cast his vote in Jbeil.
 8:13am LBC: Marada Movement leader Suleiman Franjieh called on his supporters to go to the polling stations and vote between 7-11 am.
 8:10am OTV: Reports said that pro-government supporters held Syriac Orthodox priest Elias al-Akari.
 7:43am Hariri after casting his vote: Today is the wedding of democracy and of Lebanon. I call for massive turnout in elections.
 7:40am Press reports: Buses carrying Syrians with Lebanese nationalities cross the Masnaa border crossing in preparation for transfer to polling centers to cast their ballots.
 7:35am MP Saad Hariri cast his vote at Ras Beirut school.
 7:30am European Union Chief Observer Jose Ignacio Salafranca and head of the Carter Center former U.S. President Jimmy Carter started an early morning tour of polling stations.
 7:15am Heavy turnout at Zgharta polls since early morning.
 7:00am Polls opened for Lebanon’s parliamentary elections.
 6:50am Lebanese army patrols are deployed in all Lebanese regions.
 6:30am Logistic and administrative preparations were completed. Deployment of security forces and judicial mobilization on all Lebanese territories was also full.

Last Updated ( Friday, 03 July 2009 )
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