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World Council for the Cedars Revolution

Aug 08th
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WCCR Press Release on the Slaying of Zeineddine and Abduction of Sader PDF Print E-mail
Written by WCCR   
Sunday, 15 February 2009


The WCCR today voices its concerns over the assassination and abduction of Lebanese today by what press reports forces loyal to March 8 and the lack of condemnation by March 8 leaders. Lebanese leaders are urged to relentlessly pursue the killers and lawbreakers and the majority of Lebanese are urged to show restraint at this critical time.

The wanton and total disregard for human life is not and has not ever been a part of the Lebanese culture and tradition. This road of abduction, rioting, violence, death, and promoting civil unrest is cast from other nations in the region and some in Lebanon have chosen to carry out the orders of foreign groups and nations. The Cedars Revolution which is supported by the majority of the Lebanese in Lebanon and the Diaspora totally rejects this form of governance.

The Cedars Revolution stands for Lebanon to be governed by the Lebanese, without taking orders and money from Foreign forces.

Certain political leaders and forces are clearly facing today the reality of the massive Feb. 14 rally which the world witnessed yesterday. This was the largest pro-democracy rally in the world since the Obama administration took office. This was the largest pro-democracy rally Lebanon has seen since the original Cedars Revolution rallies amongst the years. Lebanon has spoken and those that are not allied with these pro-democracy majorities are finding it hard to lose.

Those who lose have a number of crucial decisions to make - reform your platform and acknowledge that riots, violence, assassinations, destruction and death are not part of the Lebanese tradition and culture and will not lead to national unity or continue to be unheard and voice no opinion.

The WCCR urges the Lebanese government to protect the Civil Society, Implement Justice to all its citizens, both without any favoritism, and continue to pursue the full cooperation with the Hariri Tribunal and full implementation of UN Security Council Resolutions 1559 and 1701. Lebanon's Government's obligation to its citizens today and for the youth of tomorrow is to stay out of destructive political games and maneuvers and to follow the path of the law to the letter.




Press Release in English below and downloadable [ HERE ]

The World Council of the Cedars Revolution

Representing the hopes and aspirations of many millions of Lebanese in Lebanon and throughout the Diaspora

Washington DC, USA

www.cedarsrevolution.net - This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


February 14, 2009


RE : Slaying of Lutfi Zeineddine and the Abduction of Youssef Sader

Press Release

The World Council of the Cedars Revolution (‘WCCR’) holds the March 8 political alliance responsible for the Violence which led to an attack on numerous civilians and the subsequent killing of Lutfi Zeineddine during today’s peaceful Cedars Revolution Demonstration and for the recent abduction of Middle East Airlines (‘MEA’) employee, Youssef Sader. On the killing of Lutfi Zeineddine the WCCR demands the Lebanese Authorities relentlessly pursue the attackers and serve them justice according to Lebanese Law. On the Abduction, Hezbollah, which controls the area in which Mr. Sader was abducted, bears responsibility for his well being. Hezbollah and its allies in March 8 have misread the desire for dialogue by the Obama administration as a green light to restart their war of terror on the Lebanese.

The WCCR urges the Obama administration to tread carefully in its dealings with Iran and Syria. Lebanon must not be a chip to be bargained away for regional stability. Demanding justice be served to the killers of Zeineddine and the safe release of Mr. Sader is a start only. To follow the administration should continue insisting on a rapid adjudication of the Hariri tribunal (after years of delay) and demand full implementation of UNSCR 1559.

Lebanon and its citizens have expressed over and over again their rejection of the forces of terror-most recently today-the world witnessed the largest Pro-Democracy demonstration seen in the world since the Obama administration took office and in Years. Estimates of ¼ to 1/3 of all the Lebanese population took to the streets today demonstrating against foreign domination and for democracy and coexistence. March 8 responded to today’s free expression with deadly violence in the post demonstration attack on numerous civilians including Lutfi Zeineddine whom later died of his wounds.  President Obama, these brave demonstrators are sending you a strong message of national unity in the face of terror. Let their pleas not be in vain.

World Council of the Cedars Revolution

John Hajjar, US Director

Last Updated ( Sunday, 15 February 2009 )
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