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World Council for the Cedars Revolution

Aug 08th
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Naharnet / NNA News Jan. 28-29, 2009 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Naharnet, NNA, YaLibnan   
Thursday, 29 January 2009


A major Hizbullah attack against an Israeli target in Europe was thwarted in recent weeks, Israel's Channel 2 quoted security officials as saying....



Live Coverage 1-29-2009

4:45 pm: Nasrallah: With God’s grace and much good luck the resistance launched its operation on July 12, 2006, an act that hastened the war that was supposed to break sometime in Sept. or Oct. of 2006 by Israeli deception as in Gaza.
4:40 pm: Nasrallah: We shall continue to participate at the national dialogue and we are open for dialogue.
4:38 pm: Nasrallah: Regarding the Israeli issue, I see no difference between the Bush and Obama administrations.
4:32pm: Nasrallah: I denounce the Egyptian regime because it continues to close the Rafah crossing. I doubt that the regime is an honest mediator because it works on imposing the conditions of others on the Palestinians.
4:30pm: Nasrallah: Following the Israeli war on Lebanon and Gaza won’t be a walk in the park, war with us will be costly to Israel, army and capabilities.
4:25 pm: Nasrallah: The investigation proved that the Israeli Mossad is responsible for the assassination of Imad Mughniyeh.
4:22 pm: Nasrallah: We remain a resistance ready to defend Lebanon, we won’t leave the circle of the conflict with Israel and we shall stand up to the enemy.
4:20 pm: Nasrallah: revenging the assassination of Imad Mughniyeh was never behind us. The response would be to punish the killers and to safeguard others. However, do not expect any comment by is on this issue.
4:10 pm: Nasrallah: We denounce all rude statements made by some European officials against the Palestinian resistance.
4:08pm Nasrallah: Those that do not recognize the resistance’s victory in Lebanon for the same reasons won’t recognize the victory in Palestine.

 4:00 pm: Nasrallah: Israel is incapable of achieving its goals in Gaza.
 3:58 pm: Nasrallah: I call on the Lebanese government to reveal the fate of the 4 Iranian diplomats and we are ready to cooperate with this issue.
 3:55 pm: Nasrallah: The Israelis claim that the 4 Iranian diplomats were kidnapped and executed by the Lebanese Forces and buried. We have information that they are inside Israeli prisons.
 3:52 pm: Nasrallah: I call on the Lebanese government to take responsibility; I do not specify any certain mechanism for dealing with this. We are willing to cooperate; the resistance won’t abandon this issue.
 3:50 pm: Nasrallah: Israel holds on to the remains of more than Lebanese and Palestinian 300 martyrs. The issue of returning the remains of our martyrs from Israel remains open.
3:48 pm: Nasrallah: We hold Israel responsible for the fate of Muhammed Farran.
3:45 pm: Nasrallah: We do not believe that we have any of the remains of the martyrs that fell during the Dalal Mughrabi operation.
3:43 pm: Nasrallah: As for Yehia Skaf we have told his family of the DNA test result, we cannot ascertain whether the one of the four bodies is not Skaf’s .Hence options remain open.
3:42 pm: Nasrallah: A few days ago we received the DNA test results for the remains of Dalal Mughragi, Yehhia Skaf and others and the result was not conclusive
3:41 pm: Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah on “Freedom Day”: We have made a promise to all those left at (Israeli) prisons that we would work hard to liberate them, and this was accomplished through the Ridwan operation.
3:40pm Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah starts Press conference.
2:10am UNIFIL spokesperson Yasmina Bouziane: Belgium would lead the naval component of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon end of Feb.
12:20pm Khalil: I suggest a draft law to reactivate the ministry of planning.
12:18pm Khalil: We stress our rejection to increase taxes and call for the adoption of the state budget.
12:04pm MP Ali Hassan Khalil during a press conference: Reports that we don’t want a state budget are untrue.
8:43am MP Anwar al-Khalil to VDL: Escalation is possible if the Prime Minister insists on his stance regarding the Council of South.
8:10am Minister Ibrahim Shamseddine to VDL: The issue of the Council of the South should be solved and the state budget adopted.




Live Coverage 1-28-2009
6:00pm French Premier Francois Fillon said Paris would withdraw its two warships serving with UNIFIL off Lebanon's coast.
5:35pm President Michel Suleiman received Defense Minister Elias Murr upon his return from Damascus.
5:30pm Defense Minister Ellias Murr returned home from a visit to Syria.
1:30pm: Michel Gabriel Murr at a press conference: MTV station will be launched on March 31. The station will resume broadcasting through its own capabilities. It won’t be funded by anyone. We are not the voice of March 8 or March 14 forces.
1:20 pm: Defense Minister Elias Murr held talks with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad following 2 hour talks with his Syrian counterpart Hassan Turkumani.
12:30pm A man shot himself dead in Beirut’s Shiyyah neighborhood.
11:15am The Lebanese army said Hawker Hunter fighter jets will fly over several Lebanese regions as part of air maneuvers.
10:15am Defense Minister Elias Murr arrived at Damascus airport where he was met by his Syrian counterpart, and headed to the defense ministry.
8:40am Foreign Minister Fawzi Salloukh to VDL: We haven’t been informed yet about the name of Syria’s ambassador to Lebanon and media reports about specific persons are not true.




Thursday - YaLibnan/NNA
14:10 UNIFIL spokesperson Yasmina Bouziane: Belgium would lead the naval component of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon end of Feb.
12:25 Haaretz: Livni, Barak, Olmert to meet Thursday on response to Qassam Brigades rocket fire
12:20 MP Ali Hassan Khalil during a press conference: Attacked prime minister Siniora and said his bloc rejects any tax increases and called for the adoption of the state budget. "I suggest a draft law to reactivate the ministry of planning." He added
11:39 UN to launch an appeal to provide $613 million for Gazans
11:16 Nine Palestinians (including six students )wounded by Israeli airstrike that targeted a motorcycle in Khan Younes
11:05 Hezbollah's Al - Manar TV: Change and Reform bloc MP Hassan Yaacoub slams Siniora over Council for South issue and the budget
10:44 Future TV: Soueid asks if Berri was trying to secure some benefits to the Council for the South before the upcoming parliamentary elections. He also asked : “Can the Lebanese afford the burden of more taxes, especially within the insecure situation of the treasury?” He said “Every time the March 8 coalition faces critical decisions it attempts to either use its obstructing third veto or it deals with other parties and the state institutions negatively.”
09:20 VOL reports car accident on Jal el-Dib highway toward Jounieh including collision of several cars
08:59 MP Anwar al-Khalil told VOL: The budget could not be adopted without giving the necessary money for the Council for South . "Siniora had been objecting on how the council carried out its legal work for a long time,” he added.
8:10 Minister Ibrahim Shamseddine told VOL: The issue of the Council of the South should be solved and the state budget adopted.

Wednesday - YaLibnan/NNA

21:02 President Nicolas Sarkozy's envoy Senator Philippe Marini told reporters in Beirut that Assad used his influence to prevent Hezbollah from taking any action during Gaza war. "Syria's role has been positive," Marini said after a visit to Damascus
20:32 Now Lebanon: Nasrallah to reveal more details Thursday during a press conference at 3:30 PM on the prisoner swap deal , dubbed by the group “Operation Radwan,” between Hezbollah and Israel.
18:06 French Premier Francois Fillon said Paris would withdraw its two warships serving with UNIFIL off Lebanon's coast, but the French ground forces will remain deployed with UNIFIL in South Lebanon
17:51 General Riffi : Internal security forces also requires specialized training in addition to the equipment
17:45 Badr Darwish , A Qatari businessman donates $1.5 million for charity in north Lebanon
17:37 Minister Taborian : Citizens should be extremely careful in using the tap water due to climate change and the drop in rainfall levels
17:30 Defense Minister Ellias Murr returned from an office one day trip to Syria and briefed President Michel Suleiman on the visit
14:17 judge Abdel-Rahim Hammoud who is investigating the murder of Sheikh Saleh Aridi heard the testimonies of 3 witnesses today and ordered 2 other witnesses to testify next Wednesday

Last Updated ( Thursday, 29 January 2009 )
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