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World Council for the Cedars Revolution

Mar 07th
WCCR Press Release: Calls on the president of Lebanon and the Parliamentary Majority PDF Print E-mail
Written by WCCR   
Monday, 22 December 2008


Postpone the Parliamentary Elections Until Hezbollah and All Armed Militias have surrendered their Arms.‏

Press Release,

The World Council of the Cedars Revolution (WCCR) Calls on the president of Lebanon and the Parliamentary Majority to Postpone the Parliamentary Elections Until Hezbollah and All Armed Militias have surrendered their Arms.

Washington DC, CR News  Dec 19th, 2008

Dialogue sessions which have been convened by President Michel Sleiman as a result of the Doha Agreement are designed specifically to allow each political faction to express without ramification, their utmost concerns regarding any issue which might create or in itself become an obstacle in the process of government asserting its total authority over the governance of the whole nation.

Thus far, during the first two sessions, we have not seen any indication of cooperation or concession on any issue from Hezbollah (classified as a “terrorist organization”); and it has managed to avoid the discussion of surrendering its arms to the Lebanese army. Furthermore it has refused to allow any such discussion about this very issue to take place. In seeking to postpone the effective discussion and planning of granting exclusive military control to the Lebanese army, Hezbollah has asserted its intentions of no discussion and no surrender of arms. Therefore it is blatantly obvious that it has established itself as the over-riding authority in any course of action in Lebanon.

This has not been achieved by democratic procedures but exclusively by the use of their force against the people of Lebanon.

It should be clearly stated that Hezbollah is not the only faction to be fully armed. There are of course its very close affiliates such as Amal Movement, the Palestinian Camps, and other terrorist organizations such as Al-Qaeda, The Syrian Social Nationalist Party, Fatah al-Islam and Islamic Jihad, who are all proxies for and subservient to Syria and Iran.  

Therein lies the real dilemma for the people of Lebanon and the Cedars Revolution. Most of the military arsenal within Lebanon is in the possession of organizations classified by the free world as “terrorists.”

No one any longer believes the deception and lies these terrorists actually represent the safety of the very people against whom they wage attacks; rape, assassination and destruction of property (refer to May 7 of this year). These acts are carried out as callous and calculated operations of oppression against the decent and honorable people of Lebanon.

Hezbollah’s Hassan Nasrallah and his band of assassins and murderers are committed to the conversion and deliverance of Lebanon at the hands of the divine ruler of Iran.

There can be no doubt that the armed terrorist militias in Lebanon have every intention of unleashing their weapons and ferocity against the Lebanese voters at the next election as a means of  forcing victory for the March 8 coalition. It would be a grave mistake to leave the rest of the nation unarmed against such a malicious group.

The WCCR and the Lebanese Diaspora are supporters of peace, and fully respect the rule of law. We would prefer to see Lebanon as a nation where the Lebanese Army is the sole protector of its territorial integrity; to achieve this, all armed organizations must surrender their arms. Failing that, we would strongly urge the president and the parliamentary majority to postpone the parliamentary elections until the nation is free from armed militias and terrorist groups.     



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