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World Council for the Cedars Revolution

Mar 07th
Fear of Iran and Syria pushing Lebanon into war with Israel PDF Print E-mail
Written by Kuwait Alseyassah   
Monday, 15 December 2008


Congressman Gary Ackerman did not rule out the postponement of elections a year or two until after the application of the 1559 and the disarmament of "Hezbollah"

LONDON - Griavi Hamid wrote:

The leadership of the Lebanese lobby in Washington yesterday said that the head of the delegation of the U.S. Congress, Congressman Gary Ackerman, who visited Beirut the day before yesterday, Saturday, and met with Lebanese leaders, including President Michel Sleiman, Prime Minister Fouad Siniora and President of the "Future Movement" Saaddin Hariri and at the headquarters of the General Secretariat of the "March 14" "Left the firm impression that the chances of holding the Lebanese parliamentary elections next spring is too weak to support the Lebanese people and did not find an international solution to the weapons of," Hezbollah "and placing them under the supervision of the Lebanese army as a prelude to the full implementation of UN resolution 1559 which calls for the disarmament of these weapons and resolution 1701 which calls for a stop in arms smuggling from the Syrian border. "

The Secretary General of the ILC 1559 - a "Monitoring Committee for the implementation of resolution 1559" in Washington Tom Harb in contact with him yesterday from London that "Congressman Ackerman one of the most important friends" of the Cedars Revolution "in Congress and contributing effectively to getting resolution 1559 passed with a number of members House and Senate Republican and Democratic parties, which refused to meet any of the parties to the forces of "March 8" Syria and Iran in Beirut, concluded after his meetings with Lebanese leaders to a possibility of postponing the parliamentary elections in Lebanon next spring, one year at least through the extension of the current Parliament As for the era of Syrian domination of the year 1972 until the late nineties, the political forces to be under the supervision of President Sleiman and the League of Arab States, settled the issue of weapons "Hezbollah" and the Palestinian organizations that maintained a Damascus military bases outside the camps, in accordance

With resolutions 1559 and, under the auspices of 1701 and the UN Security Council's resolutions, after which elections are held in the skies clean, free of the threat of arms, otherwise things will be exposed to an explosion which will waste the time of those elections, but very tragically. "

Harb said Ackerman, "Democratic closest to the new president Barack Obama," repeated words during the speech in front of the Lebanese Future more than ten times the words of unconditional support for Lebanon defined explicitly and publicly, "Obama draws new Democratic administration to continue to support the strong forces of" Cedar Revolution "Democracy, as it showed its concerns to the San Senator Ackerman that Lebanon was" in a threatening environment, and too harsh, surrounded by very dangerous elements, some of them inside (Hezbollah) is of major concern for us ", and therefore the new administration" committed to maintaining On the context democratic grown, and improving the capabilities and the activities of the Lebanese army to be ready for confrontation and fighting for the interests of the people of this country. "

Harb on "policy," disclosed that the ongoing contacts between the leaders of the lobby and the leaders of the Lebanese Democratic Party since Obama victory "to focus the bulk of them are convinced the two sides should begin as soon as the new president received his duties in the White House on the twentieth of next month, to find ways And means for the application of resolutions 1559, and 1701 at both the internal Lebanese or international consensus, before it can Almusharftan Iran or Syria to face dangerous situations would change the face of the entire region, from striking the fragile civil peace in Lebanon and turning it into fuel for a devastating new wars with Israel ".

Harb, "most of the leaders of the" March 14 ", who we met until now, or we talked with them, share the goal of opinion and the existence of the implementation of resolution 1559 at any cost and as soon as possible, but it is very necessary extension of the current parliamentary period of one year or two so that this objective verification form Having seen clearly from the new Democrats in Congress and within the Department of Obama are in the same atmosphere, they Mnkpon now on research with the United Nations and other international parties on how to disarm "Hezbollah" and Palestinian militias and Syrian other least possible damage that may affect Lebanon The new democratic regime. "

Translated from Arabic to English by Google

Original Arabic Version [ HERE ]

Last Updated ( Monday, 15 December 2008 )
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