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World Council for the Cedars Revolution

Aug 12th
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Daily Timeline: Beirut November 2008 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Naharnet, NNA   
Tuesday, 02 December 2008


Detailed timeline of events Beirut - updated for the Month of November

Live Coverage 11-30-08
8:03 pm: Saniora following his meeting with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon: We welcome this move. Lebanon will no longer be a country where crimes are committed without accountability.
8:00 pm: UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon following his meeting with PM Saniora: International Tribunal is ready, will begin its work on March 1st ; UNIIIC will gradually move from Beirut to Hague.
4:50 pm: Syrian President Bashar al-Assad held discussions with French envoys Claude Gueant and Jean-David Levitte. Both sides expressed satisfaction over the progress made in Lebanese-Syrian relations.
3:45 pm: al –Mustaqbal News: Sweeping victory for March 14 Forces in Pharmacists Syndicate elections.
2:00pm Belgian Premier Yves Leterme left Lebanon after inspecting his nation's battalion serving with UNIFIL.
12:15pm Premier Fouad Saniora left for Doha to attend a conference sponsored by the United Nations on development.
10:20am March 14 official Faris Soeid said the attack on news reporter Omar Harqous is a threat to all March 14 factions.
10:15am MP Mustafa Alloush said Syria and March 8 believe relations between Beirut and Damascus are deeply rooted beyond the need for diplomatic ties.
7:30am Beirut International Marathon launched with 30,000 runners competing.

Live Coverage 11-29-08
7:00pm March 14 achieved a sweeping 7-0 victory in the Bank Workers Union elections in north Lebanon.
6:32pm Mouawad to March 14 public: We shall continue our battle, together peacefully and democratically, to revive Lebanon.
6:25pm Mouawad addressed his fellow Zghorta citizens, saying: It’s time for change, but change does not mean a coup.
6:23pm Mouawad: Lebanon’s real protection demands an immediate call on everybody to return to the legitimate authority.
6:22pm Mouawad: Lebanon’s future lies in the hands of you, Christians. Lift the Christian (political) cover off Hizbullah weapons.
6:15pm Mouawad: Defending our territories requires a defense strategy based on the Taef accord, the Doha agreement and U.N. resolutions, particularly 1701.
6:14pm Mouawad: Let them tell us where does the Resistance end and where does the militia start.
6:13pm Mouawad: Let them tell us how can protecting a political crime, non-demarcation of the border, turning the borders into passages for smuggling arms and weakening the Lebanese army protect Lebanon.
5:58pm Independence Movement leader Michel Mouawad: Those trying to defend or cover up the four arrested generals are certainly accomplice in the crime against ex-Premier Rafik Hariri.
4:30pm Belgium PM Yves Leterme meets Prime Minister Fouad Saniora.
4:10pm A ceremony to mark the 19th anniversary of the assassination of President Rene Mouawad began at Rene Mouwad Institute in Mejdlaya, Zghorta.
3:00pm SANA: Syrian President Bashar al-Assad meets Lebanese army commander Gen. Jean Qahwaji.
2:50pm Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea said the confrontation persists and if the other side managed to win the elections Syria's influence would return to Lebanon.
12:00pm Minister of Youth and Sports Talal Arslan Arrived in Cuba on an official visit.
10:35am Army Commander Gen. Jean Qahwaji arrived in Syria heading a military delegation.
8:15am MP Nabil De Freij said he is concerned that March 8 might seek to torpedo the forthcoming parliamentary elections.
7:20am March 14 official Michel Mouawad said the Ceder Revolution is a counter-revolution aimed at toppling the agenda for which ex-President Rene Mouawad had been martyred.


Live Coverage 11-28-08
 16:15 President Michel Suleiman told visiting Arab justice ministers freedoms, topped by freedom of the media, should be respected.
 15:56 MP Pierre Daccache said that the 2009 parliamentary elections will be held on time, whether or not the parliament reached a quorum.
 13:20 VDL: A manhunt was launched for Ghurra's arrest.
 13:19 VDL: A dispute at the Lebanese University School of Law - 2nd branch - between student Ribal Quzaili from the Lebanese Forces and George Ghurra, a supporter of Aoun’s FPM, led to a fight before Ghurra managed to escape.
 12:57 Munla said FTV gives the judiciary and security forces 24 hours to deal decisively with the Harqous case.
 12:55 Future Television Manager Nadim Munla said the attack on Harqous is premeditated and not the result of a personal dispute.
 12:45 MP Elias Atallah said SSNP "militiamen" attack freedoms and the nation's independence and they are a branch for Syrian intelligence.
 12:36 Mitri also said justifying the Harqous attack is more ugly than the attack itself.
 12:35 Information Minister Tareq Mitri told protesters against the Harqous Attack: We urge the state to confront such attempts.
 12:32 Hizbullah, in a statement, denounced the attack on Harqous and called for maintaining calm as the judiciary handles the issue.
 12:00 Journalists began arriving at the building, which houses Future TV offices in Beirut's Qantari district, to take part in the sit-in protest against the attack on Mustaqbal reporter Omar Harqous.
 11:46 Paraguay FM stressed to his Lebanese counterpart Fawzi Salloukh the need to work for a comprehensive and just peace in line with U.N. resolutions.
 11:21 A counter-terrorism police patrol arrested six people in Beirut’s southern suburbs on drug charges.
 10:44 Alloush: We expect a new round of political assassinations.
 10:43 MP Mustafa Alloush to LBC: We tried not to violate the truce. Continuation of extreme aggression, however, by sides on behalf of March 8 Forces means end of truce, at least at the media level.
 9:00 Justice Minister Ibrahim Najjar to VDL: We are keen not to base public service appointments to a quota system.
 7:15 President Michel Suleiman is heading a ministerial delegation on an official visit to Germany next Tuesday.

Live Coverage 11-27-08
8:20pm The SSNP, in a statement, declared "regret" for the Harqous attack and said it turned over to security forces the person involved in the attack.
6:30pm March 14 Forces denounced the attack by March 8 "pro-Syria mercenaries"against Future Television Reporter and called for a sit-in on Friday by media personnel.
5:35pm Future Television reporter Omar Harqous was hospitalized from wounds he suffered as a result on an attack by members of the Syrian Social National Party in Beirut's Hamra Street.
4:10 pm: UAE foreign minister left Beirut to Abu Dhabi following a two-day visit.
2:20 pm: Family of assassinated Progressive Socialist Party Saleh Aridi presented Prosecutor General with a compliant against an unknown for assassinating him.
2:18 pm: MP Saad Hariri following his meeting with Egyptian President Mubarak: President Mubarak has reiterated his support to Lebanon, its independence and that Lebanon and Egypt’s security are one.
2:15 pm: National Block Party following its meeting: The abundance of arms among the Lebanese and provocative speeches by some leaders facilitate acts of violence.
2:05 pm: Minister of Public Works and Transportation Ghazi Aridi placed cornerstone for building three bridges in Tripoli.
2:00 pm: UAE FM Zayed Bin Al-Nehayan invited PM Saniora to visit: We have to seriously work on preparing ourselves and peoples on how best to handle upcoming economic conditions.
12:45 pm: MP Akram Shehayeb held talks in Cairo with Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Abul Gheit.
10:30 am: Justice Minister Ibrahim Najjar opened Arab Justice Ministers Conference at Grand Serail.
7:30am State Minister Ibrahim Shamseddine to VDL: Administrative appointments should not be made through a quota system.

Live Coverage 11-26-08
5:00pm Army Commander Gen. Jean Qahwaji said threats by Israeli leaders against Lebanon would not weaken the army's determination to defend the nation against the enemy.
3:10 pm: Judge questions three detainees with defense lawyers present in relation to Tripoli Bank Street explosion; he also received eleven new detainees arrested in the case to be questioned later.
3:05 pm: Head of Higher Judicial Council Judge Antoine Kheir’s resignation was confirmed. He left Palais de Justice.
3:00 pm: Paraguayan Foreign Minister Aljandro Hamed Franco began his official visit to Lebanon my meeting Foreign Minister Fawzi Salloukh.
2:40 pm: Parliament session to be resumed at 18:00 hrs (Beirut Time) to continue discussions over amending Social Insurance and Seniors laws, proposed law concerning government rankings referred to parliamentary committees.
2:38 pm: Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea: Status of March 14 Christians is more than excellent; Franjieh’s statements concerning assassinations is Syrian talk through a Lebanese mouth.
2:36 pm: March 14 Forces following session meeting: Attacking Saudi Arabia is an attack against all Arabs.
2:34 pm: Faris Suaed following March 14 Forces meeting: No differences among us, we call for holding legislative elections and won’t provide anyone with an opportunity for missing it.
2:30 pm: Incident at The Lebanese University –College of Law- between supporters of Free Patriotic Movement and Lebanese Forces; Lebanese Armed Forces intervene to separate between them.
1: 00 pm: PM Saniora and Deputy PM Abu Jamra argue over Abu Jamra’s “powers" ;MP Fatoush objects against Abu Jamra’s unconstitutional argument at parliament.
12:15 pm: Saniora answering questions by MPs at parliament: Government sought to reasonably settle judicial appointments; we worked on developing appointment mechanism via a cabinet committee. However, government components are uncooperative.
10:45am Parliament session to discuss 20 items -- including pay scale and old age security -- begins.

 10:15 am: Sudanese Justice Minister arrives in Beirut to participate in Conference of Arab Justice Ministers that will be held in Beirut tomorrow.
 7:40am March 14 General Secretariat Coordinator Fares Soaid: Aoun’s visit to Syria is aimed at guaranteeing parliamentary seats for his FPM in the north and the Bekaa which are under Syrian influence.
 7:30am MP Nehmatallah Abi Nasr to VDL: Gen Aoun was a pioneer in resisting the Syrians and one who conducts war can also contribute to achieving peace.

Live Coverage 11-25-08
6:10pm President Michel Suleiman returned home from a two-day visit to Iran.
5:00pm Maronite Patriarch Nasrallah Sfeir receives Army Commander Gen. Jean Qahwaji.
3:05 pm: Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea: There is one ‘Maestro’ for March 8 Forces, he awaits tensions to intensify among parties to later intervene.
3:00 pm: Speaker Berri: Israeli policies of shutting down passages requires international action; Arab Parliamentary Union must press Arab governments to break Israeli blockade on Gaza.
2:15pm Ahmadinejad: I will plan a visit to Lebanon as soon as possible to meet the various officials there.
2:13pm Ahmadinejad: We will stand by Lebanon under any circumstances and we are willing to provide assistance to confront the Israeli enemy and to rebuild Lebanon.
2:10pm Ahmadinejad at a joint press conference with Suleiman: We will set up a joint committee that would take appropriate decisions regarding strengthening and widening our relations.
2:05 pm: Suleiman at a joint press conference with Ahmadinejad in Iran: We discussed return of Palestinian refugees, the need to unite in order to fight terrorism. I invited President Ahmadinejad to visit Lebanon.
1:50 pm: Larijani: Iran supports unity among all Lebanese political movements and parties.
1:45 pm: President Suleiman following his meeting with Larijani: We thank Tehran for its exerted efforts in bringing security and calm to Lebanon; It is urgent that we strengthen our national unity as the only way for doubling our steadfast against Israel
1:15 pm: President Michel Suleiman met Iranian Parliamentary Speaker Ali Larijani in Tehran.
12:15 pm: Defense Minister Elias el-Murr received Saudi Ambassador Khoja, discussions focused on Lebanese developments and Saudi support to Lebanon’s armed forces.
11:15 am: Dori Chamoun to ANB: If Hizbullah considers itself to be a political party, then it must abandon its military activity to the state’s benefit; Iranian arms are not developed and not useful for the Lebanese armed forces.
11:00 am: United Nations Security Council meets today to discuss Ban Ki-Moon’s report on implementation of UNSCR 1701.

 10:00 am: MP Butros Harb: Ghassan Kanaan surrendering himself up to police prevents others from using this incident politically as sadly some have done.
 8:40 am: MP Anwar al-Khalil to VDL: The basic issue with government appointments lies in providing the law with a “relative right."
 7:40am MP Ammar Houry to VDL: March 14 Forces are committed to calm and reconciliations.


Live Coverage 11-24-08
4:55pm Aoun said he would not be going to Syria to launch an investigation into the missing Lebanese citizens.
4:53pm Aoun said President Suleiman and Ex-President Lahoud know the number of missing Lebanese citizens in Syria.
4:50pm Aoun said he cannot imagine that four generals are involved in the Hariri crime, even by negligence.
4:46pm Aoun said his defense strategy blueprint calls on the army to train the people on resistance tactics.
4:45pm Aoun said the March 14 forces are scared of losing the majority in the forthcoming elections.
4:43pm Aoun said the March 14 forces looted the slogan and sold it to regional powers.
4:42pm Aoun said the Taef Accord is not a holy book and is subject to revision.
4:34pm Aoun said his bloc would propose a bill to recompensate public servants for pay raises since 1996.
4:33pm Change and Reform Bloc leader Michel Aoun addresses reporters at his resdence after a bloc meeting.
2:18 pm: Gen. Jamil Sayyed refrained for the 6th time from appearing before Judge Saqr Saqr looking into assassination of former PM Hariri; Saqr wanted to cross examine him with Ahmad Merhi.
2:15 pm: President Michel Suleiman met with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
1:35 pm: VDL: Incident at St. Joseph University in Beirut between Phalange and Hizbullah supporters, university suspends classes.
12:05 pm: Prime Minister Fouad Saniora meets with UNIFIL Commander Major General Claudio Grazionao at Grand Serail.
11:05 am: Iranian Foreign Minister Manushaher Mutaki receives President Suleiman at Tehran’s international airport.
11:00 am: President Michel Suleiman arrives at Tehran International Airport.
10:30 am: Jumblat: I understood America’s message in 2006 during my visit; at the time U.S. Secretary of State Rice told me the behavior of the Syrian regime must change.
10:15am Jumblat from Bkirki: If we failed to win enough parliamentary seats to rule, Rustum Ghazali will govern Lebanon from Damascus’ countryside.
9:40am MP Walid Jumblat meets Patriarch Nasrallah Sfeir in Bkirki.
9:00am The Council of the Catholic Patriarchs of the Orient will hold its 18th conference in Bkirki on Monday.

 8:35am President Michel Suleiman heads to Iran.
 7:35am Minister Mohammed Khalifeh to DVL: In light of Israel’s continuous threats, we see that Lebanon is in need for global and political support.
 7:00am U.S. envoy James Robert arrived in Beirut overnight. He will meet Lebanese officials on Monday.

Live Coverage 11-23-08
2:10pm Future TV: Sweeping victory for March 14 Forces in Dentists’ Union elections.
1:46pm Gemayel: We will not change our alliances. Their moderation is temporary and tactical while ours is strategic
1:43pm Gemayel: Illegal arms are not only used internally for political reasons but for economic motives.
1:38pm Gemayel: I call on the various Lebanese sides – allies and foes – to find a settlement to our differences through constitutional means.
1:35pm Gemayel: Doors to change are open on condition they be carried out peacefully and democratically; and we don’t fear military confrontations.
1:32pm Gemayel: What’s the use of looking into a defense strategy that will not lead to a radical solution.
1:21pm Gemayel: Hizbullah arms are rejected in the south, the Bekaa, the capital and entire Lebanon. Both Hizbullah and Palestinians’ arms as well as that of the extremist groups are required to be handed over.
1:20pm Gemayel: The path to unification is loyally to the nation and loyalty is achieved by detaching (ourselves) from foreign powers.
12:13pm Celebrations to mark the 2nd anniversary of the assassination of Pierre Gemayel began at Forum de Beyrouth with the arrival of Phalange Party leader Amin Gemayel.
11:50am VDL: MP Walid Jumblat, Minister Nassib Lahoud as well as other MPs from the ruling majority and economic officials were among those who arrived at Forum de Beyrouth.
11:22am VDL: Popular delegations began arriving at Forum de Beyrouth to take part in the Phalange party rally.
10:20am Minister Jean Ogassapian to Future TV: There is no objection to benefiting from Iranian capabilities to provide the Lebanese army with weapons.
9:20am VDL: Thousands of Phalangists gather outside the Khataeb headquarters in Zahle to take part in the ceremony to mark the 2nd anniversary of the assassination of minister Pierre Gemayel.
9:40am Justice Minister Ibrahim Najjar to VDL: There is serious cooperation this time with the Palestinians on the issue of wanted persons inside the camps.

Live Coverage 11-22-08
12:00 Noon: Absence of former President Emile Lahoud from Independence Day celebrations and congratulations at presidential palace was noted this year.
11:00 am: President Michel Suleiman, Speaker Berri and Prime Minister Saniora begin to receive congratulations at presidential palace on Independence Day.
10:50 am: Official figures continue to arrive at Baabda Presidential Palace to present congratulations on Independence Day.
10:15 am: Military parade concluded at Martyr’s Square in Beirut.
10:00 am: al-Arabiya TV: Secret Hizbullah military maneuvers in south Lebanon coincides with Lebanese army military parade on Independence Day.
9: 25 am: Gazelle helicopters fly over parade.
9:23 am: Participating units commenced military parade as helicopters fly in cedar formation.
9:22 am: Parade leader issues order for parade to officially begin.
9:16 am: Two Hawker Hunter aircrafts fly over parade location accompanied by a squadron of military helicopters.
9:15 am: President Suleiman places wreath at martyrs memorial in downtown Beirut.

 9:06 am: President Suleiman salutes the flag as 29 artillery shots fired.
 9:05 am: President Michel Suleiman arrives at military parade, national anthem played.
 9:00 am: Parliament Speaker nabih Berri arrives to military parade.
 8:56 am: Political and military figures continue to arrive to downtown Beirut to attend military parade.
 8:50 am: Prime Minister Fouad saniora arrives at military parade.
 8:45 am: Defense Minister Elias el-Murr arrives at military parade.
 8:40 am : Head of the Armed Foces General Jean Qahwaji arrives at military parade.
 8:35 am: General Shawqi al-Masri arrives at military Parade.
 8:30 am: Military parade celebrating independence day begins in downtown.
 7:50 am : All preparations complete for soon to be launched military parade celebrating independence day.
 7:35 am: al- Mustaqbal Movement leader MP Saad Hariri leaves to Riyadh on a private visit.
 7: 30 am: Lebanon celebrates it 65th Independence today.

Live Coverage 11-21-08
8:17 pm: Suleiman ends his address saying: Let’s move from the reality of power to that of the state.
8:16 pm: Suleiman: Independence is further strengthened by moving away from corruption, through environmental keenness and social involvement.
8:14 pm: Suleiman: Young people can question and hold us accountable; we are in a democratic system that allows this and allows those it trusts to serve its independence.
8:13 pm: Suleiman: Independence is not a passing revolution but rather a continued work of faith and struggle.
8:12 pm: Suleiman: Despite the fact that we are removed from the international financial crisis we must establish elements of internal calm that usher investments.
8:11 pm: Suleiman: Independence is not well established unless citizens are independent from poverty; this calls on government to pay attention to economic, educational and health issues.
8:09 pm: Suleiman: Independence has a security aspect in strengthening our military capabilities. This independence is only complete once the judiciary is independent, an institutional state is established, and corruption battled.
8:08 pm: Suleiman: During our foreign trips we sought to strengthening links between the Lebanese overseas, to regain their trust in the country and reinforce investments.
8:07 pm: Suleiman: We seek a just and comprehensive peace in the Middle East.
8:05 pm: Suleiman: We have worked on reactivating the national dialogue over the past months.

 7:40 pm: Defense Minister Elias el-Murr received U.S. State Department delegation headed by Nicole Chapman that heads Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and Egypt bureaus at the State Department.
 5:40 pm: French Prime Minister Francois Fillon left Beirut following a two day official visit.

4:30 pm: Lebanese Forces: We did not name nor did we adopt any candidate in Jozine, any decision in this regard will be issued by the executive authority at the appropriate time.
3:50 pm: French PM Fillon and accompanying delegation inspected the French battalion’s headquarters working under UNIFIL at Bint Jbeil.
3:00 pm:Awad Hiding at Jund al-Sham Headquarters Palestinian security forces carried out patrols across some districts of Ain el-Hilweh refugee camp including what is known as the “emergency quarter,” where Jund el-Sham’s headquarters is located. Media
2:35pm Former Phalange Party leader Karim Pakradouni from Rabiyeh: Aoun is the first Arab Christian leader.
2:30pm Berri announced he will hold a legislative session on Wednesday.
2:20pm Geagea: Unity of March 14 Forces is real.
1:15pm Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea meets a Phalange party delegation in Maarab.
1:00pm MP Saad Hariri conveyed a message to Phalange Party leader Amin Gemayel on the occasion of the anniversary of his son’s assassination: We promise the Lebanese to remain loyal to his martyrdom.
12:40pm Berri to students: Wrong he who believes that March 8 or March 14 forces will achieve a sweeping victory in the upcoming parliamentary elections. Winning is not going to be by a big margin.
12:30pm ANB: Fillon telephoned Maronite Patriarch Nasrallah Sfeir and invited him to visit France on behalf of President Nicolas Sarkozy.
12:10pm Berri meets students in Parliament.
12:05pm FPM leader Gen. Michel Aoun meets the President’s political advisor Nazem al-Khoury.
11:45am MP Saad Hariri to Future TV: Betting on a change in France’s policy is wrong.
11:18am Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri meets Fillon at his office in Nejmeh Square.
10:18am Fillon: Several agreements for cooperation on economy, culture and defense have been signed.
10:15am Fillon: Lebanon achieved a unique economic growth despite the global financial crisis.

 10:10am Fillon: Normalization of Lebanon-Syria ties is in the general interest and we hope embassies would be open before year’s end.
 10:06am Fillon: We are ready to provide technical assistance in the upcoming parliamentary elections if requested by the government.
 9:55am Saniora: Lebanon has made significant headway over the past four years.
 9:51am PM Fouad Saniora during a joint press conference with Fillon at the end of their meeting: France has always stood beside Lebanon, particularly in Paris 1 and 2 and 3.
 9:20am French PM Francois Fillon visited former Premier Rafik Hariri’s graveyard in downtown Beirut and placed a wreath on him tomb.
 9:15am Lebanese army command vows in a communique not to be lenient on security violators.
 8:15am NBN TV: Two killed and four wounded in Bab el-Tebanneh clashes.
 8:00am OTV: Clashes between Lebanese army troops and wanted persons in Tebanneh leave one wanted person killed and 11 wounded, 3 of them soldiers.
 7:45am Clashes between Lebanese troops and militants in Tripoli.
 7:40am The Lebanese army launches a raid in Tripoli’s Tebanneh neighborhood.

Live Coverage 11-20-08
8:05 pm: Fillon: I will move tomorrow to visit French forces deployed with UNIFIL, in affirmation of France’s commitment to international resolutions; these resolutions will remain.
8:00 pm: Fillon: We will present Lebanon with 125 million Euros to support medium and small enterprises that fell victim to the July 2006 war; this process will open to include new medium and small enterprises.
7:55 pm: Fillon: We are happy for Syrian-Lebanese relations, we await the opening of embassies in both countries prior to year’s end in addition to dealing with issue of missing Lebanese.
7:51 pm: Fillon following his meeting with Saniora at Grand Serail: I will meet Speaker Berri tomorrow and express France satisfaction that lebanon’s parliament has returned to work now.
7:50 pm: Fillon following his meeting with Saniora at Grand Serail: I met President Suleiman and presented France’s appreciation to him for leading national dialogue
7:05: pm: Prime Minister Saniora currently holding a meeting with visiting French PM Fillon at Grand Serail.
4:00 pm: Judge Saeed Mirza sent two complaints made by ministry of Justice against al Jadeed TV and ‘Corruption’ Program Director Ghada Eid for slander, defamation and libel.
3:45 pm: Free Patriotic Movement (FPM) answers MP Butros Harb regarding the Batroun incident calling it an individual incident; FPM called on Hard to end his media provocations only to promote himself.
3:33 pm: Land Transportation Unions carried out a sit-in today at the National Social Insurance Fund calling for a revision to their familial compensation conditions.
3:30 pm: President Michel Suleiman holds a wide meeting with French Prime Minister Francois Fillon , PM Saniora ,Minister of Defense Murr and Economy and Trade Minister Safadi were present at the meeting.
3:00pm Saudi Arabia donated $ 1 million for the U..N cluster bomb removal program.
2:48pm VDL: A fight at the Lebanese International University- Bekaa Campus inflicted casualties and forced a one-day closure of the university.
2:45pm French PM Francois Fillon arrived in Beirut on a two-day official visit.
2:15pm The delegation accompanying French PM Francois Fillon arrived in Beirut on a private French jet.
1:10pm MP Saad Hariri presides over al-Mustaqbal Movement meeting in Qoreitem.
11:15am Hariri: Our duty is to prevent political disputes from hindering the economic activity.
11:10am Hariri: Arab economy has a direct impact on Lebanon’s economy which pushes us to take collective action to counter the global financial crisis.
11:06am MP Saad Hariri addresses Friends of Lebanon Conference for Investment at Phoenicia Hotel.
10:32am Saniora: The government is working to fulfill privatization of the cellular networks and prepare an economic vision to activate regional economic growth that could reinforce a balanced development.
10:31am Saniora: The government will continue to activate investment enterprises and launch a drive to strengthen private sector initiatives.
10:30am Saniora: The government is determined to hold elections and continue implementing financial reforms.
10:29am Saniora: The government will benefit from reduction in oil prices to lower budget deficit.
10:26am Saniora: Lebanon was able of getting out of the global financial crisis as a result of adhering to strict measures and cooperation between the government and the Central Bank.
10:14am PM Fouad Saniora addresses Friends of Lebanon Conference for Investment at Phoenicia Hotel.

 8:35am VDL: Police raided the house of shooter of MP Butros Harb’s bodyguard.
 8:30am Nine people were wounded as two passenger buses collided head-on on Jal el-Dib highway, causing a huge traffic jam.
 7:45am MP Samir Franjieh to VDL: Miliband’s visit to Lebanon is important since he came from Syria and for giving huge significance to parliamentary elections.

Live Coverage 11-19-08
10:38 pm: Phalange leader Amin Gemayel to NBN: I call for maintaining secrecy of the investigation into my son Pierre’s assassination so as not to alert criminals and derail the investigation.
1030:pm: MP Kenaan to Mustaqbal TV News: Christians are regaining their role thanks to Aoun’s historic positions.
10:25 pm: Baroud to OTV: Forming a security follow up committee is necessary, for I did not go to Syria for a photo opportunity.
10:00 pm: Interior Minister Ziad Baroud to OTV: General Ashraf Rifi was under no legal responsibility when he telephoned a Fatah al-Islam member , as long as he informed the general prosecutors office of this; what he did was his job.
8:00 pm: UNIFIL Spokeperson Yasmine Bozian: 8 Israeli soldiers crossed the Blue Line; we protested this breach to Israel.
5:50 pm: Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea telephoned President Michel Suleiman and Interior Minister Ziad Baroud and discussed situation in the north.
5:15 pm: MP Streda Geagea arrived at Baabda Presidential Palace to meet President Michel Suleiman.
4:00 pm: New UAE ambassador to Lebanon Rahma al-Zouabi arrived today to begin his diplomatic mission.
3:15 pm: Administration and Justice Parliamentary Committee approved the principle of awarding Lebanese citizenship to Lebanese emigrants.
3:00 pm: March 14 Forces renew their call for Arab League to establish an investigative commission regarding Fatah al-Islam group.

2:45pm VDL: Cabinet to hold a meeting at Baabda Palace at 6pm Sunday.
2:40pm Bekaa Governor Antoine Suleiman said after the Lebanese-Syrian meeting in Chautar: Agreement has been reached to assign the technical committee to present a report on border smuggling points.
2:30pm Three Jawhar terror cell suspects were interrogated by Military Prosecutor Rashid Mizher who also issued arrest warrants.
2:15pm Police chief Ashraf Rifi discussed with Lebanese University President Zuheir Shukr mutual cooperation between the university and Internal Security Forces.
1:42pm Miliband: 2009 is the year of change globally because there is a new American president, there will be a new Israeli government, there will be elections in Lebanon and....in Iran as well."
1:40pm Miliband from Beirut Airport: I think 2009 is going to be a very important year.
12:17pm A Lebanese-Syrian meeting is underway at Park Hotel in Chtaura to discuss border issues.
12:14pm Miliband after meeting Saniora: We discussed the economic situation in Lebanon which was unshaken by the global financial crisis.
11:40am Byblos public taxi drivers did not abide by a sit-in called by the transportation sector outside the Social Security center.
11:15am Miliband meets PM Fouad Saniora.
11:10am Miliband from Baabda: The entire world is looking at the upcoming parliamentary elections.
11:05am Berri after meeting Emir of Qatar: Doha Agreement had been fully implemented. National dialogue and reconciliation efforts are “doing well.”
10:30am British FM David Miliband meets President Michel Suleiman at Baabda Palace.
10:25am Justice Minister Ibrahim Najjar to Future TV: The media should stay out of the issue of Fatah al-Islam because that hurts the investigation.
10:20am Quds Imam Sheikh Maher Hammoud to LBC: With all due respect to the Army, we cannot promptly turn the suspects over because priority goes to the camp’s protection which is what prevent us from forcefully handing over Awad.
10:15am Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri meets the Emir of Qatar after holding talks with Qatar’s deputy prime minister.

 8:30am President of the Lebanese-Palestinian Dialogue Committee Khalil Makkawi ruled out a military crackdown against Ain el-Hilweh in light of cooperation between Palestinians and the Lebanese army command.

Live Coverage 11-18-08
5:48 pm: Bassil: They prefer losing of the cellular sector rather than having the Free Patriotic Movement or its coalition succeed in anything.
5: 45pm: Bassil: We say to ‘celluar phone mafia’ we will fix this sector; and we affirm to the al-Anwar newspaper I say there was no middleman in the process; I challenge the paper to disclose one.
5:43 pm: Bassil: Alpha employees will continue working with the new administration run by the ministry.
5: 40 pm: Bassil: We will seek new proposals for finding an alternative to Alpha, as for MTC it will continue its operating under conditions it committed to.
5:32 pm: Bassil: PM Saniora did not object to ushering proposals for a new phone firm under new and clear conditions.
5:30 pm: Communications Minister Bassil at a press conference: We wanted to get away from politics at the ministry; the deal was to have a consensus agreement regarding contracts.
4:40 pm: Three Israeli aircrafts coming from the west fly over Tripoli, Zgharta, Bshari, and the cedars region up to Baalbak; aircrafts later flew out of the region over Lebanese waters.
4:35 pm: British Foreign Secretary in Damascus David Miliband praises Syrian measures regarding Lebanon.
4:34 pm: Security forces find an 81 mm shell inside a trash barrel in Tyre.
4:18 pm: General Society for Press Syndicate announced 9th of December date for electing its new board.

 3:31 pm: High Judicial Council approves Justice Minister’s request in accepting Judge Antoine Kheir’s resignation; accepting his honorary appointment as head of Court of Cassation.
 3:12 pm: PM’s office called on public administrations to oblige contractors to obtain building materials from licensed sources when taking projects.
 2:56 pm: President Michel Suleiman received a labor union delegation; they called on president to reinstate Economic Social Council.
 2:44 pm: Round table discussion to be held tomorrow by Mp Saad Hariri to discuss implications of world economic and financial crisis; former ministers of Economy and Finance Haddad and Azour and Governor of Central bank to attend.

2:05 pm: PM Saniora discusses contracting and social insurance law with a labor union delegation.
2:00pm Transportation workers announced they would be staging a protest sit-in outside the interior ministry on Wednesday and Thursday until their demands are met.
1:20pm Judge Saqr Saqr hears testimonies of three new witnesses in the Hariri murder case.
12:05pm Berri after meeting the Emir of Kuwait: A Syrian-Saudi rapprochement is essential, particularly under these circumstances. The Emir of Kuwait could play a key role in this issue.
12:00pm PM Fouad Saniora: Despite differences of opinion, every issue is being settled by Cabinet or by Constitutional institutions.
11:16am ISF statement urged the media to be objective and accurate in presenting news related to police activities.
11:15am Internal Security Forces issued a statement clarifying the circumstances behind the telephone conversation between Police chief Maj. Gen. Ashraf Rifi and detainee Ahmed Merhi.
11:00am Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri meets the Emir of Kuwait.
9:15am Education Minister Bahia Hariri to VDL: We cannot have a promising educational system without evaluating the performance of teachers.
8:30am Head of the Teachers’ Syndicate Nihmeh Mahfouz to VDL: The syndicate’s coordination committee will adopt other measures, including strikes, if our demands were not met.
8:15am MP Boutros Harb to VDL: We hope that the Batroun incident is not a sample of what Lebanon would witness in the coming months in an effort to create disorder and sabotage the parliamentary elections.
7:00am Private and public schools as well as the Lebanese University go on a one-day strike to demand pay raises and protest against the salary increase mechanism.

Live Coverage 11-17-08
8:00 pm: Phalange Party: Statements that power in Lebanon is not at the presidential palace in Baabda but rather at grand serail clearly harms the position of the presidency which we should all seek to protect.
7:40 pm: Amal’s Educational Bureau: We call on professors and teachers to effectively participate in tomorrow’s strike and sit-in at Riyad Solh Square in seeking a government revision to small wage increases.
7:30 pm: Students from Lebanon’s Communist Party: We call on Lebanese University president to go back on his decision barring student elections, to protect our rights and democracy.
6:10 pm: LBC: One individual wounded by fire arms during an incident in Batroun.
5:10 pm: OTV: Security incident at Batroun market, casualties reported.
4:57 pm: Aoun: Minister Bassil committed no violation, he could have signed the contract, however he wanted to (return the issue) back to the cabinet
4:52 pm: Aoun: If Syria did not begin exposing terrorist cells; we (in Lebanon) would be unable to expose them.
4:50 pm: Aoun: The issue of deputy prime minister’s powers has become a breaking point for the (parliamentary) majority, fearing loss.
4:45 pm: Aoun: The issue of missing Lebanese in Syria is in the hands of the president and the cabinet; however, if I can help with this issue I will.
4:42 pm: Aoun : FPM had one candidate to the Beirut Attorney’s Syndicate elections, he came first, this indicates who won these elections.

 4:33 pm: Aoun: It seesms that everyone has the agenda, subjects and issues to my upcoming visit to Syria except me.
 4:30 pm: MP Michel Aoun following meeting of Free Patriotic Movement (FPM): FPM members and president have the right to walk above the earth not on it.

4:00 pm: al-Mustaqbal Parliamentary Bloc MP Saad Hariri received Saudi Arabian Ambassador Abdul Aziz Khoja, discussions focused on developments in Lebanon, the region and bilateral relations.
3:10 pm: Army units execute wide security search in Saida in search of a wanted individual who earlier shot Mohammad Saleh wounding him in his legs.
3:00 pm: Lebanese Forces students: Decision by president pf Lebanese University to cancel student elections comes following successive victories at universities and syndicates and is due to pressure by March 8 and their allies.
2:30: Prime Minister Fouad Saniora telephoned Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and discussed developments made by Lebanese-Iraqi bilateral cabinet committee.
2:15 pm: Iranian Ambassador Reza Shibani following his meeting with President Suleiman: President Suleiman to visit Iran on November 24th.
2:00 pm: Judge Nabil Sari continues his investigations into Banking Street bombing questioning eight detainees.
1:53pm A Lebanese delegation took part in the International Media Fair in Tehran.
1:44pm Four Israeli warplanes flew over the Chouf Mountains, the Bekaa Valley and southern Lebanon.
1:20pm A Lebanese air force Hawker Hunter jet fighter roamed the Lebanese skies as part of a drill ahead of Independence Day.
1:13pm Minister Jean Ogassapian: Voicing reservations on the formation of a follow-up security committee with Syria is not aimed at hindering the process of restoring normal ties with Damascus … but at hastening establishment of diplomatic ties.

 11:04am Minister Wael Abu Faour to LBC: Investigations taking place in Lebanon proved that Syria supports Fatah al-Islam.
 10:55am Students of the Faculty of Information stage a sit-in outside the Lebanese University to demand action on their rights.
 10:16am VDL: President Michel Suleiman discussed in a telephone call with Maronite Patriarch Nasrallah Sfeir the latest developments in Lebanon.
 8:35am Arab League chief Amr Moussa will visit Beirut Nov. 26 for the opening of the League’s Center for Judicial and Legal Studies in Ashrafiyeh.
 8:15am Tourism Minister Elie Marouni to VDL: None of the ministers had reservations about Baroud’s visit to Syria which was exaggerated by the media.
 8:00am MP Marwan Hamadeh told VDL from Washington: Lebanon occupies a special place in American hearts. He ruled out a U.S. change of policy toward Lebanon.

Live Coverage 11-16-08
8:25pm Lebanese authorities arrested the person who helped Fatah al-Islam leader Shaker Abssi escape.
8:15pm The judiciary handed over a number of Fatah al-Islam detainees to the U.N. investigation committee into the assassination of former Premier Rafik Hariri.
5:40pm A money dispute sparked a gunfight in Baalbek between Yaseen and Wehbe families, prompting the intervention of Lebanese army troops.
5:30pm Pasting posters sparked a scuffle between Fadi al-Shalabi and Abdul Salam al-Safadi in Tripoli. Safadi shot and wounded Shalabi before running away.
2:50 pm: NBN TV: Opposition candidates Hussein Zbib and George Nakhle win in Bar Association elections.
2:30 pm: OTV: Attorney George Nakhle of the Free Patriotic Movement wins first post at Beirut’s Attorney’s Syndicate.
2:00 pm: March 14 Forces won 3 seats and Free Patriotic Movement won a seat at Beirut Attorney Syndicate elections.
1:30 pm: Head of Teachers Syndicate calls on private school teachers to strike on Tuesday.
1:12 pm: Lebanese Speaker of Parliament Nabih Berri in Kuwait meets Emir , Crown prince and Speaker of Parliament Jasem al-Khorafi.
1:10 pm: al-Mustaqbal News: Preliminary results of Attorny’s syndicate elections show March 14 Forces advancing.
1:00 pm: Cairo Criminal Court ordered media blackout on Susan Tamim Trial.
11:50 am: Syrian Minister of Information Muhsen Bilal receives Lebanese Information Tareq Mitri at Jedidet Yabous border point.
11:45 am: Beirut’s Attorneys Syndicate electoral process launched to elect four members.
10:00 am: Maronite Patriarch Sfeir at Sunday mass: Security situation is breached by evil doers in daylight ; schools are still in need of government support, we hope that someone would respond to this.

 9:00 am: Communications Minister Tareq Mitri left to Damascus to participate in Arab Communications Ministers Conference.
 8:30 am: MP Muhammad Hajjar to VDL: Any visit that supports Lebanese-Syrian relations is good; while any visit that only supports Syrian relations with a political party is rejected.
 8:15 am:MP Yussef: Cabinet has made right decision in refusing to sign proposed contracts made by minister of Communications, according to what I know he convinced cabinet that Alpha is not offering services as required and not to operate for 2 months.
 7:15 am: Beirut's attorneys syndicate to elect four new members today

Live Coverage 11-15-08
9:00pm Fatah Secretary in Lebanon Sultan Abul Ainein said Fatahal-Islam leader Abu Mohammed Awad is hiding in the refugee camp of Anel-Hilweh and efforts are underway to arrest him.
 5:55pm The Lebanese Government assigned the communications ministry to launch a limited tender to operate the two cellular networks.
5:45pm The Lebanese Government assigned a committee to prepare a bill in three months on security cooperation with Syria.
4:19pm Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri left for Kuwait on an official visit. He would later visit Qatar.
2:00pm Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea: Results of student elections gives a picture of what parliamentary elections are going to be like.
1:30pm Shooting among Shouman family members in Sareen al-Fawqa (or Upper Sareen) in a political dispute against the backdrop of upcoming parliamentary elections.
12:19pm Saudi Arabia handed over to Lebanon three Saudi detainees after grilling them on terrorist-related issues.
12:15pm Unidentified gunmen intercepted a money exchange dealer in the region of Bwar, robbed him and shot him in the shoulder and back before they sped away.
11:13am MP Michel Aoun: I hope I can help settle the issue of missing Lebanese in Syrian jails during my visit to Damascus.
10:45am Cabinet meeting underway at Baabda Palace.
9:45am MP Akram Shehayeb to VDL: The PSP is committed to the March 14 strategy and our main goal is winning parliamentary elections.
9:10m National Liberal Party leader Dory Chamoun to VDL: I am against national dialogue and I believe that any genuine dialogue should take place within constitutional institutions.
9:00am MP George Adwan to VOFL: Christian areas will decide where the parliamentary majority would be present throughout Lebanon.


Live Coverage 11-14-08
7:40pm : Communications Minister Bassil currently discussing cellular communications issue with PM Saniora.
6:30 pm: UN Representative to Lebanon Michael Williams following his meeting with PM Saniora: We discussed the implementation of UNSCR 1701 prior to issuing the UNSC report that will be put to the Security Council on 25 November.
6:20 pm: VDL: President Michel Suleiman meets with PM Saniora at Baabda presidential palace.
5:45 pm: Two Syrians hurt while playing with a bomb at their room, both are placed under guard in hospital pending testimony.
2:00 pm: MP Saad Hariri: the anti-Saudi campaign is carried out by Syria’s allies in Lebanon. This campaign won’t deter the Kingdom from helping Lebanon and its people.
1:50 pm: Australian ambassador affirms to LF leader Geagea her country’s commitment to supporting Lebanon and Lebanese.
1:35 pm: Minister of defense Elias el-Murr received Iranian Ambassador Shaibani at home; discussions focused on developing issues.
1:00 pm: al –Ahrar Party: We warn against sliding into the trap of bilateral committees with Syria. Bilateral relations must be discussed via temporary committees under cabinet approval.
12:50 pm: PM Saniora to reporters: Minister Baroud’s visit to Damascus was approved by cabinet.
12:40 pm: State security arrest an international banking piracy gang which admitted to withdrawing great sums of money and purchasing valuable items in Lebanon and overseas.
11:30 am: MP Ghazi Yussef to LBC: I have obtained a document presented by Communications Minister Jubran Bassil seeking approval for signing contract with Sofrecom.
11:20 am: Justice Minister Najjar to Mustaqbal: We do not want to rule out results of Interior Minister Baroud’s visit to Syria, we want to work as a unified cabinet team dealing with this.
11:10am Arab League delegate Hisham Youssef meets Premier Saniora at the latter's office.
8:15am MP Samir Franjieh said there is need for security coordination between Lebanon and Syria, but only within the proper channels.

 7:15am President Michel Suleiman returned home at dawn from a visit to the United Nations..

Live Coverage 11-13-08
10:47 pm:Franjieh to LBC: I told U.S. Ambassador Sisson I support Barack Obama.
10:46 pm: Franjieh to LBC: Every sect in Lebanon will elect in its own area.
10:45 pm: Franjieh to LBC: Syria has a 250 Km next to Lebanon; we either fight it or have normal relations with it.
10:39 pm: Franjieh to LBC: Syria played a role in weakening the Christians 15 years ago.
10:35 pm: Franjieh to LBC: Yes, Syria erred with General Michel Aoun in the past.
10:30 pm: Franjieh to LBC: Syria has no benefit in attempting to assassinate Defense Minister Elias el-Murr. he was always their ally.
10:20 pm: Franjieh to LBC: Widening participation to national dialogue is not a breach of Doha agreement. This agreement was built on consensus.
10:15 pm: Franjieh to LBC: Interior Minister Baroud went to Syria with a cabinet authorization; the attacks against the visit are unwarranted when one party in government approved the visit.
10:10 pm: Franjieh to LBC: When Saudi Arabia becomes Arab and Saudi like late King Faisal, then we will go and praise Saudi Arabia.
10:00 pm: Franjieh to LBC: I did not deliver Beirut to Syria.

 9:50 pm: Franjieh to LBC: I trust Lebanese Military Intelligence but not the Information Division.
 9:47 pm: Franjieh to LBC: MP Baheya Hariri herself admitted that she provided humanitarian aid to Fatah al-Islam; even MP Walid Jumblat stated Saad Hariri had earlier funded the group prior to turning against him.
 9:40 pm: Franjieh to LBC: Why does MP Saad Hariri want an Arab investigation commission to look into the confessions on Syrian TV, while he did not accept an Arab commission to look into his father’s assassination.
 9:39 pm: Franjieh to LBC: I don’t believe the Syrians are capable of lying when it comes to the televised confessions. If this was a lie, why did Lebanese security forces rush to arrest mentioned in the confessions.
 9:35 pm: Franjieh to LBC: Assassinating me or MP Aoun aims to opening Christian arena for the other side, and benefiting them.
 9:30 pm: Marada Leader Suleiman Franjieh to LBC: I still fear assassination.
 8:30 pm: MP Michel el-Murr received visiting Arab League official Hisham Yussef and presented him with a view on defensive strategy .

8:15 pm: Head of Higher Lebanese-Syrian Council Nasri Khoury to LBC: PM Saniora’s visit to Syria under discussion; its timing is up to the two states to decide on; news that Syria has rejected 4 names of proposed Lebanese ambassadors is not true.
7:14 pm: MP Michel Aoun to Manar TV: The term national dialogue table should be changed, for there is no dialogue only a table; my trip to Syria is coming soon, it aims at removing upcoming problems.
7:00 pm: Arab League Secretary-General’s Bureau Chief Hisham Yussef following his meeting with MP Hariri: We discussed the issue of forming an Arab investigative commission to look into Syrian claims of Fatah al-Islam funding.
5:40 pm: Director General of Internal Security Forces General Ashraf Rifi issues a directive calling on security forces and officers not to interfere in upcoming elections.
5:00 pm: Maronite Patriarch Sfeir received U.S. Ambassador Michele Sisson discussed bilateral relations.
4:30 pm: Egyptian Embassy: PM Saniora eager to discussing issue of Egyptian labor at cabinet meeting.
4:05 pm: Arab League Secretary-General’s Bureau Chief Hisham Yussef arrived to Beirut to participate in conference tomorrow for discussing a Lebanese defensive strategy.
3:05 pm: LBC: Fatah al-Islam leader Abdel Rahman Awad has been in hiding for a while, he is involved in many bomb attacks at Achrafiyeh, Allay and Verdun.
12:27pm LBC reported that military intelligence officers received from Palestinian factions in the Beddawi Camp an undisclosed quantity of explosives and timers based on testimonies by suspects.
11:35am MP Ghazi Youssef to DVL: Cabinet should hold the telecommunications minister accountable … otherwise we would hold a vote of confidence on the Cabinet.
11:15am MP Ghazi Youssef held a press conference that focused on “violations” committed by Telecommunications Minister Jebran Bassil.
11:10am PM Fouad Saniora holds a ministerial meeting in preparation for French PM Francois Fillion’s visit to Beirut next week.
10:15am MP Nabil de Freij to Future TV: Joint Lebanese-Syrian security committees cannot settle issues, particularly when one side is accused of terrorism.
8:30am Minister Khaled Qabbani to VDL: Baroud’s visit to Syria put matters on the right track.
7:35am MP Farid Khazen to VDL: Syria’s accusations to one Lebanese side that it was behind the (Damascus) bombings are to put pressure ahead of elections and to hinder the Christian reconciliation.

Live Coverage 11-12-08
5:00 pm: Army leader Gen. Jean Qahwaji received Special U.S. Envoy for the MANPADS Threat Reduction Ambassador Lincoln P. Bloomfield; Secretary-General of Higher Lebanese-Syrian Council Nasri Khoury and Egyptian Ambassador Ahmed Bediwi.
4:00 pm: Parliamentary Administrative and Justice Committee studied proposal for organizing academic councils at the Lebanese university, some committee members expressed their reservation concerning ordinance 2007/74 which, organizes higher institutions.
3:50 pm: Internal Security Forces in Nabatiyeh arrested two individuals 17 and 18 years of age in Yuhmur, following their confession of robbing al Husseini club.
3:05pm: LBC: Investigations revealed Jawhar is using a basement room in his home in Bibneen to train new recruits, preach extremist teachings against the Lebanese army; he is funded by Fatah al-Islam leader Abu Muhammad Awad to buy arms.
3:02 pm: LBC: Investigations with those arrested at Bidawi and Ain el-Hilweh Palestinian refugee camps indicate preparation of new Fatah al-Islam cells.
3:00 pm: MP Nayla Moawad delivered an invitation to Speaker Berri to participate in anniversary of Late President Moawad’s assassination.
2:35 pm: Lebanese Forces: We chose to go to courts to settle our dispute with Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation chairman Pierre Daher.
2:15 pm: Marada leader Suleiman Franjiyeh in a message to Lebanese expatriates in Brazil: We support Christian reconciliation following elections.
2:00pm The Loyalty to the Resistance Front: Underestimating the issue of the defense strategy is not a sign of seriousness.
1:18pm March 14 General Secretariat holds a meeting in Ashrafiyeh.

 1:00pm French PM Francois Fillon arrives in Lebanon Nov. 20 on a two-day official visit, the premier’s office announced.
12:05pm A meeting of the Finance and Budget Committee is underway at Nejmeh Square.
12:00pm MP Akram Shehayeb to VOFL: Baroud’s visit to Damascus should have taken place after the exchange of ambassadors between Lebanon and Syria and after border demarcation.
11:15am Fatah leader Sultan Abul Aynayn to LBC: Fatah will not allow some Palestinian factions to shun away their responsibility to arrest terrorist members in Ain el-Hilweh.
11:00 President Michel Suleiman arrived overnight in New York.
10:15am Islamic Grouping politburo member Asaad Harmoush to Future TV: The opposition’s demand for dialogue expansion is to please some allies and friends.

Live Coverage 11-11-08
8:15am Interior Minister Ziad Baroud said the follow up committee formed with Syria would only assume its responsibilities if approved by the Lebanese cabinet.
7:40am Al-Hayat daily said a confidential meeeting between Patriarch Sfeir, the Maronite League and Marada agreed on setting the stage for a visit to Bkirki by Marada leader Suleiman Franjieh.
7:30am Al-Akhbar daily said a joint military committee would probably be formed after army commander Gen. Jean Qahwaji's visit to Syria next week.
7:22am Ex U.S. President Jimmy Carter to visit Lebanon and Syria later this month.
7:20am British prime minister due in Beirut on Nov. 27.
7:18am Democratic Gathering leader Walid Jumblat arrived in Paris late Monday.

Live Coverage 11-10-08
 20:30 Mayor of Jdeideh -Boushriyeh told LBC: Any owner of private power generation equipment that raises the electricity charges will be legally pursued and will be badly mistreated
 20:23 Minister Baroud briefed PM Siniora on his trip to Syria
 20:20 The residents of Jouniyeh were scared when they heard a very loud sound and thought it was a bomb explosion. It turned out to be the noise caused by the bursting of a truck
 19:09 Marada Movement leader and Former minister Suleiman Franjieh to visit Bkirki this week
 18:40 Interior Minister Ziad Baroud visits President Michel Sleiman at Baabda Palace, and then briefs Prime Minister Fouad Siniora in the Grand Serail on today’s meetings with Syrian officials.
 18:35 David Eassa met with Geagea in Maarab to discuss the general situation and the upcoming elections
 17:15 Norway's deputy Foreign Minister arrived in Beirut to participate in the conference on landmines and cluster bombs
 17:11 PSP leader MP Walid Jumblatt denounced in his weekly column the Syrian television broadcast last Thursday, in which alleged Fatah al-Islam members confessed they received funding from the Future Movement, as “stories and lies.” He added : “Lebanon has played the role of Hanoi for a long time, and it is time to see stability and calm and enjoy economic and social growth, ” in reference to the defense strategy issue
 16:40 Change and Reform bloc leader General Michel Aoun said during a press conference: We request the security forces leader in Mount Lebanon be replaced. Perhaps he is like his commanders, for that is how they behaved in the Grand Serail - and I mean the prime minister specifically. The FPM Ministers will not resign from the government because we have agreed to stay in the government until after the elections. In defense of Syria's broadcast he said : We knew about the confessions broadcast by Syria a long time ago and the prominent journalist Seymour Hersh wrote about this.
 16:30 Hariri met the Iraqi parliament speaker to discuss bilateral relations and the situation in Lebanon and Iraq
 16:10 Harb responded to Aoun by saying : The dialogue is not a restricted private club but a meeting of responsible people who care about the destiny of their country and we should be keeping the public informed about what we are doing
 16:10 British daily The Evening Standard reports that Abu Qatada, a radical preacher once described as Osama bin Laden's right-hand man in Europe planned to escape to Lebanon, but he is back in custody in Britain
 15:46 Lebanese, Syrian interior ministers agree to joint committee “whose task is coordination in the fight against terrorism and crimes of all types, and the development of a joint mechanism to control the border.”
 15:45 US ambassador Sisson: The US policy towards Lebanon is unchanged and will continue to support stability and prosperity in the country
 15:17 MP Walid Jumblatt warns Lebanese ministers visiting Damascus against forming joint security committees to avoid “granting Syria the chance to interfere in Lebanese affairs again.”
 14:49 MP Saad Hariri has described the accusations made by alleged Fatah al-Islam accusations via Syrian TV as " fabrications and lies similar to the Abu Adas or Hussam Hussam films."
 14:37 AFP: Fatah al-Islam issued a statement denying involvement in Damascus bombing or in Syrian TV broadcasts. This confirms Hariri's statement that what the Syrians showed on TV was lies and fabrications
 13:51 Shiite cleric Sheikh Mohammad Hussein Fadlallah called on the US to abandon its occupational and aggressive policies . He emphasized the need for dialogue ..religious, political and economic and urged the US to take the dialogues seriously. He made the statements during a visit by a US delegation
 13:36 Chief Military Investigator Judge Rashid Mezher hears testimony from six suspected of being involved in Tripoli explosion.
 13:14 Judge Fahd took charge of investigating the assault against Minister Aoun’s bodyguards in Grand Serail
 12:55 Army Command confirms arrest of five people for “terrorist acts” in Tripoli, Beddawi and Ain al-Hilweh camps.
 12:15 Speaker Nabih Berri meets with his Iraqi counterpart Mahmud al-Mashhadani in Ain al-Tineh, along with MP Ali Bazzi.
 12:08 Administration and Justice Commission discusses in Nejmeh Square proposal to stop MPs serving in parliament and the cabinet at the same time.
 11:46 OTV : Wahhab said that the allegations broadcast on Syrian State Television on Thursday were 100% true . He also said he will be running for elections in Baabda . Wahab concluded “There is no guarantee that the May events will not be repeated,”
 11:14 A money-changer identified as Jaafar Mohammad Jawad al-Amin is found dead in his car in Kfar Dounin area in Sur.
 08:13 MP Alloush calls on Minister Ziad Baroud and his Syrian counterpart Bassam Abdul Majid to raise all controversial issues on an official level, and hoped that they would investigate last week’s Syrian television broadcast which accused Future of financing extremist group Fatah al-Islam. He also called on Syrian authorities to stop direct intervention in Lebanese internal issues

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Live Coverage 11-9-08
5:40 pm: Tensions at Ain el-Hilweh Palestinian refugee camp following kidnapping of Jun el-Sham member suspected of involvement in killing a Fatah member.
1:25 pm: Mustaqbal News TV: al-Mustaqbal candidate Muhammad Ali Saade wins in leading Dentists Syndicate in northern Lebanon .
1:19 pm: VDL: Meeting taking place currently in Baabda between President Sulieman and PM Saniora.
11:37 am: Syrian President Bashar al-Assad at the opening of the Arab Parliamentary Session in Damascus: We are pleased with the situation in Lebanon following the Doha agreement.
10:57 am: Social Affairs Minister Mario Aoun to Radio Free Lebanon: Syrian accusations broadcasted on Syrian television are a response to accusations by the March 14 Forces against Syria of standing behind the assassinations.
10:20 am: MP Jean Oghassabian to Mustaqbal News: We are surprised by the Syrian accusations on Syrian TV in timing the broadcast with the progress of the International Tribunal, this shows that the intention in dealing with Lebanon remains as in the past.
9:55 am: Tourism Minister Marouni to VDL: We congratulate Hizbullah, the Baath Party, and Free Patriotic Movement for Obama’s election to the White House. Placing the Shebaa Farms under international auspices is near.

Live Coverage 11-8-08
20:46 president Suleiman returned from his trip to Egypt where he met president Mubarak
 20:39 Iraqi speaker of the parliament Mahmoud al Mashhadani arrived in Beirut on a 2 day private visit
 20:13 Qabbani told future TV : The Future movement gave the cover to the army during the war with Fatah al Islam
 20:11 told OTV: I am insisting on an investigation of the attack incident against my bodyguards and will not be quiet about it
 18:41 PM Siniora discussed with the minster of displaced the subject of closing the ministry and the status of its employees
 18:12 Suleiman said in Cairo: The demarcation of the borders with Syria will start as soon as possible after the completion of the procedures required
 16:54 South Korean Minister of defense arrived in Beirut to inspect the Korean UNIFIL contingent
 15:50 Information minister Mitri told reporters after the cabinet meeting : PM Siniora reminded everybody of how much Lebanon suffered from “Fatah al-Islam” and said that the way the Syrian TV presented it is strange and it would have been better to discuss the matter through the channels between the two countries....We hope DPM Abu Jamra 's absence from the meeting was temporary and not a boycott....Baroud's visit to Damascus will not be postponed.
 15:45 Ministers Baroud and Bassil left the meeting along with Aoun to protest against the attack against his bodyguards who were beaten by the security of the Grand Serail
 15:45 Minister Aoun revealed that one of his bodyguards suffered a concussion and other suffered had a broken hand
 15:43 Minister Aoun left the cabinet meeting to protest against the attack against his bodyguards who were beaten by the security of the Grand Serail. The minister did not disclose why the bodyguards were attacked and what prompted the Internal Security Forces to use police dogs to search his car. When PM Siniora was informed about the incident he immediately called for an investigation. “PM Siniora assured the cabined that the incident will be thoroughly investigated" Minister Mitri said
 15:02 Abu Jamra boycotts the cabinet meeting because it did not have his job description on its agenda
 13:00 President Suleiman said during a press conference with President Mubarak in Cairo: What happened in the last elections in America is a great, historic achievement and this democracy of change should apply to the Middle East. Thanked Egypt for its support to Lebanon
 11:08 Future News: Defense Minister Elias al-Murr declines to comment on Syrian TV broadcast of alleged Fatah al-Islam confessions, instead saying he would discuss the issue during his visit to Syria.
 11:00 Sources: Cabinet has begun discussing means of responding to Syrian accusation that the Future Movement is funding Fatah al-Islam.
 10:42 The cabinet convenes in the Grand Serail.
 10:41 Justice Minister Ibrahim Najjar says Thursday’s Syrian TV broadcasts and accusations are “under study,” before heading to cabinet session.
 10:40 Prior to cabinet session, Labor Minister Mohammad Fneish says Thursday’s alleged Fatah al-Islam TV broadcast in Syria is a judicial and security issue, and not political.
 10:02 General Aoun told students at his residence in Rabiyeh: "Soon, we will pass the ( electoral) law, and all those who are 18 will have their rights ( to vote) . “You have to be a people of accountability,” he continued. “Where does accountability happen? At the ballot box. This is the first duty you have. Democracy is the practice of choice, through which you express your opinion.”
 10:00 President Michel Suleiman arrives to Cairo.
 09:41 The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Northern Command has conducted its second largest exercise since the July 2006 War


Live Coverage 11-7-08
4:00 pm: MP Fatfat to AFP: Syrian claims affirm Fatah al-Islam’s link to Syrian intelligence, if they have any facts let them present them to an Arab or an international commission.
3:00 pm: March 14 Forces: Syria’s allegations are an attempt to run away from their responsibility concerning the assassinations.
1:05 pm: MP Michel Aoun received Regional –Secretary of Baath Party Fayez Shukur considered his visit to Aoun to be public and not secret.
1:00 pm: Surprise visit by Spanish Crown Prince Felipe to inspect Spanish force in UNIFIL.
12:45 pm: Geagea from Bkirke: The terrorist network exposed in Damascus, could be a response by Syrian regime against Hariri’s charge that terrorism finds its source in Syria.
12:32 pm: OTV: Wanted Nader al-Ali and Khaled Jaber are with security committee at Bedawi refugee camp undergoing process of delivery to Lebanese army.
12:25 pm: OTV: Wanted Palestinian Saeed Rashed surrendered to Lebanese army by Palestinian Kifah at Bedawi refugee camp.
12:10 pm: Patriarch Sfeir receives Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea.
11:45 am: General Ashraf Rifi following his meeting with Patriarch Sfeir: Security situation perfect.
11:20am The two Palestinian terror suspects were identified as Abu Wael Jaber and Nader al-Ali.

 8:00am Saudi Ambassador Abdul Aziz Khoja denied that Riyadh had invited Israel to a U.N.-sponsored conference on dialogue between the various religions..

Live Coverage 11-6-08
11:14 pm: Mitri: Cabinet agreed that Deputy Prime Minister Issam Abu Jamra will head a committee to survey executed, under-way and future projects. The committee will propose a comprehensive development plan.
11:12 pm: Mitri: Cabinet decided to form a committee to study a plan made by the Council for Development and Construction. The committee is to be headed by Deputy Prime Minister Issam Abu Jamra.
11:11 pm: Mitri: President Suleiman informed ministers on his desire to reject the Law of Tax Measures that was approved by parliament.
11:10 pm: Information Minister Tareq Mitri announces results of cabinet meeting.
10:10 pm: Finance Minister Shatah to LBC: Lebanese cabinet could be preparing for a small conference to remove Lebanon from regional conflicts;to open a special track dealing with the Shebaa Farms, Palestinian and Hizbullah arms.
10:00 pm: LBC: Cabinet could authorize Deputy Prime Minister Issam Abu Jamra to head a cabinet committee.
9:53 pm: Syrian TV: Shows images of arms and explosives it claims were found with Fatah al-Islam group.
9:40pm: Syrian TV questioning detainee: Abssi’s disappearance meant the possibility that he was either in Iraq or Lebanon. However, he was probably arrested with his companions; we contacted Abssi’s deputy in Lebanon Abdel Rahman Awad.
9:33 pm: Syrian TV: Funding Fatah al-Islam at Nahr al-Bared refugee camp was made by Saudi businessmen prior to holding up banks by the group.
9:30 pm: Syrian TV: Wafaa el-Abssi: Financial transfers were made by the al-Mustaqbal Movement and my father Shaker Abssi did not trust the Mustaqbal movement.

 7:15 pm: Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Maollem affirmed to U.N. Special Coordinator for Lebanon Michael Williams, Syria’s keen interest in a stable Lebanon and called on the U.N. to force Israel to implementing resolution 1701.
 7:05 pm: Cabinet holds meeting at presidential palace headed by President Michel Suleiman to discuss presented projects by the Council for Development and Construction.
7:00 pm: Saudi Ambassador Khoja: The President of the UN General Assembly issued an invitation to Israel to attend the conference for religious dialogue, not the Kingdom; the accusations directed against the kingdom are suppositions.
6:43 pm: Mustaqbal TV News: State of tensions at Ain el-Hilweh refugee camp following the discovery of the body of a Fatah member in the camp.
6:20 pm: Council for the South distributes guidelines to citizens to take necessary precautions in case of a comprehensive war.
5:38 pm: Fatah Secretary-General in Lebanon Sultan Anul Ainain denies existence of any differences between Fatah and PLO representative office in Lebanon.
5:35 pm: Phalange Leader Amin Gemayel called on the Lebanese University officials to quickly work on taking the necessary measures against those creating problems, to remove the tense atmosphere and secure a healthy academic framework for education.
5:30 pm: Interior Minister Ziad Baroud replaced the term “bastard” with that of “New Born Infant Registration” when registering children of unknown parents at Lebanese identity records.
3:30 pm: Parliamentary Media and Communications Committee called on the government to compensate media institutions that were damaged during the July 2006 war.
3:18pm MP Michel Murr said Aoun's defense strategy blueprint includes important points but warned that popular resistance in all villages leads to chaos.
3:15pm Defense Minister Elias Murr received an invitation to visit Syria and said the cabinet would take a decision on it in its next meeting.
12:30pm Saniora receives Phalange Party leader Amin Gemayel.
11:50am Saniora said Lebanon is in need of reform, this reform mission we are launching is both easy and difficult, but there is nothing that cannot be achieved by will.
11:47am Instead of helping the state they used to erase its name and replace it with names of their parties or organizations, Saniora said.
11:43am Premier Fouad Saniora said the state is facing efforts to diminish its role.
11:42am Jumblat said he would propose to the forthcoming dialogue session a blueprint on the defense strategy and empowering the Lebanese Army.
11:40am He said the International Tribunal would be born soon and we are committed to national principles regarding sovereignty and border demarcation and I don't think any American president would be able to overpass these principles.
11:38am Jumblat said he would choose the proper time to establish contact with "the brethren in Hizbullah."
11:35am Jumblat said: We are not terrorists; the weapons issue is a domestic Lebanese topic and the issue of expanding participants in the dialogue conference is to be tackled by President Suleiman.

 11:30am Democratic Gathering leader Walid Jumblat told a press conference he hopes the winds of renovation would blow on the Middle East.
 10:20am MP Antoine Zahra said Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea is to present a defense strategy blueprint.
 10:00am Maronite Patriarch Nasrallah Sfeir discussed the Lebanon situation with Daoud Sayegh, political advisor to Mustaqbal Movement leader Saad Hariri.
 9:00am Mustaqbal Movement leader Saad Hariri arrived in Moscow on a visit to Russia.
 8:40am MP Michel Faraon said attempts are underway to block a discussion of the defense strategy.
 8:15am MP Michel Moussa said a demand by the Hizbullah-led opposition to expand the list of dialogue participants has collapsed and the process would focus on the 14 participants.
 8:00am A fanatic group in Nigeria said it has "rescued"Lebanese engineer Milad Nasari who was kidnapped last Monday.

Live Coverage 11-5-08
8:00am Change has Come, Says Obama After Winning U.S. Presidential Election

Live Coverage 11-4-08
6:25 pm: Senator Mccain casts his vote in Phoenix.
6:00pm : Singer George Wassouf returns to Beirut today following his release by Swedish authorities.
4:00 pm: Chief of Army General Qahwaji received an Italian defense delegation and Italian Ambassador Chichia; Qahwaji later received Minister of State Ali Qansou.
3:36 pm: Senator Obama casts his vote in Chicago

3:00 pm: President Suleiman receives Head of Italian Upper Parliament Gianpiero Carlo Cantoni and accompanying delegation with the presence of Italian Ambassador Gabriel Chichia.
2:44pm Premier Saniora announced that President Michel Suleiman would visit Turkey soon.
1:15pm Maronite Patriarch Nasrallah Sfeir described the situation as bad.
12:30pm Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah meets Hamas chief Khaled Meshaal.
12:00pm Voting started in the US presidential election when polls opened in the northeastern state of Vermont.
8:22am Minister of Tourism Elie Marouni said the March 14 unity demonstrated Monday shows that these forces would remain united.

Live Coverage 11-3-08
4:45pm Aoun said his forthcoming visit to Syria would be for acquaintance .
4:44pm Aoun said the invitation to visit Iran was received in 2006 "to honor me."
4:39pm Aoun said israel would commit suicide if it decided to strike at Hizbullah.
4:35pm Aoun said he hopes the cabinet would define powers of ministers without portfolios.
4:30pm Change and Reform Bloc leader Michel Aoun said members discussed the delay in issuing appointments in the judicial authority.
2:15 pm: Judge Abdul Rahim Hamoud issued a ruling barring the trial of Andre Bandali, Ibrahim Thuqan Abu Abbass, Adnan Abu Ayash and Muhammad Abdul Jalil Sabra in the United Credit Bank case for lack of evidence.
2:00 pm: AFP: Lebanese engineer kidnapped in the southern oil rich Delta Niger.
1:55 pm: Speaker Berri meets with Hamas leader Meshaal at Ain Al-Tineh
1:50 pm: PM Saniora left on an official visit to Turkey accompanied by Ministers of Interior Ziad Baroud, Finance, Mohammed Shatah and Health Mohammed Jawad Khalifeh.
1:40 pm: Judge Rashid Mizher began his investigation into the September bombing at Buhsas ;issuing arrest warrants against ten indicted persons.
12:50 pm: Parliamentary Finance and Budget Committee approved proposal for allowing government to promote members of Internal Security, State/General Security and Customs
12:48 pm: President Suleiman following cabinet session: Reconciliation is not against democracy, the process has moved leaps forward and we have to complete what we started.
12:40 pm: Results of cabinet session meeting, Minister of Information Mitri: We have fully studied the 2009 budget ; the cabinet has approved the Minister of Interior’s visit to Damascus within two weeks.
12:18 pm: MP Antoine Zahra to New TV: Christians from the opposition are receiving electoral funds from Hizbullah. Christian reconciliation is not impossible for those with the good will and we are not hindering it.
12:15 pm: Electricite du Liban announced a wide campaign for removing violations against the electric grid, saying it will legally prosecute violators.
12:10 pm: Maronite Patriarch Sfeir received two telephone calls from Mufti Mohammed Rashid Qabbani and Sheikh Abdul Amir Qabalan.

 11:00 am: Agriculture Minister Elias Skaff arrives in Damascus heading the Lebanese delegation to the Syrian-Lebanese Agricultural Committee's meetings.
 10:35 am: Israeli air force conducts mock raids over the south and the Bekaa.
10:30 am Cabinet convenes at presidential palace headed by President Michel Suleiman and PM Saniora to discuss 2009 budget. Suleiman and Saniora earlier held a closed meeting between them.
10:00am Saniora arrives at the presidential palace and meets with Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal.
9:40am Ministers begin arriving at Baabda Palace prior to the cabinet meeting.
8:35am A meeting is underway between Hamas chief Khaled Mashaal and President Michel Suleiman at Baabda Palace.
7:45am As-Safir daily: Speaker Nabih Berri telephoned PSP leader Walid Jumblat, MP Michel Aoun and the Hizbullah leadership to adopt a unified stand ahead of the Cabinet meeting.
7:20am Fares Soeid to VDL: March 14 (Forces) calls for commitment to the Doha accord and (demands) that national dialogue focus on Hizbullah arms issue. He criticized calls by the Hizbullah-led March 8 coalition to expand dialogue.
7:18am Cabinet will convene at 9 am Monday and three other sessions are expected to take place this week.
7:00am Maronite Patriarch Nasrallah Sfeir returned from Italy.

Live Coverage 11-2-08
4:00pm OTV reported that opposition representative Antoine Airout won the north Lebanon bar association elections.
3:00pm Mustaqbal Movement Leader Saad Hariri is holding a meeting with Speaker Nabih Berri at the latter’s residence.
11:30am MP Salim Aoun to OTV: Only coordination between two states can lead to controlling borders.
10:00am MP Marwan Hamadeh said March 14 Forces would adopt a unified stand on the issue of expanding participants in the Conference on National Dialogue before the Nov. 5 meeting.
9:45am FPM official Alain Aoun said conditions are not ripe yet for reconciliation between Marada Movement and Lebanese Forces.
8:15am The French premier is to visit Lebanon soon, the French embassy said.
8:00am Premier Fouad Saniora to embark on a visit to Turkey on Monday.

Live Coverage 11-1-08
4:00pm Arrest warrants have been issued against seven suspects in the deadly Tripoli Banks Street bombing.
3:15pm Marada Movement leader Suleiman Franjieh: The four detained generals are victims of injustice. They are held on suspicion of involvement in the Hariri murder.
2:00pm Speaker Nabih Berri meets President Michel Suleiman at Baabda Palace.
11:40: MP Michel Aoun to a student gathering: Neutrality is no virtue, those in authority are giving alms to poor citizens with money that is rightly theirs; this process is turning a thief into a charity giver and a citizen into a beggar.
11:30am A meeting is underway in Tripoli between Former PM Omar Karami and Marada Movement leader Suleiman Franjieh.
11:20pm The Lebanese army said its troops have arrested two persons with links to a terror and spy network involved in collaboration with the Israeli enemy.
11:10am MP Nabil Nicola to New TV: We are not against expanding the dialogue table on condition that Franjieh, Arslan and Karami join us.
9:50: Former PM Miqati to VDL: I don’t believe that President Suleiman wants to head a parliamentary bloc. However, he is calling for an unbiased bloc to end political bickering.

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