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World Council for the Cedars Revolution

Dec 04th
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Gemayel: I Have Some Information Relating the Assassination of my Son Pierre PDF Print E-mail
Written by Naharnet   
Tuesday, 04 November 2008

Abdul Ghani Jawhar
Abdul Ghani Jawhar

Jawhar Ring Linked to Pierre Gemayel's Assassination

Gemayel: I Have Some Information Relating the Assassination of my Son Pierre

The head of the Lebanese Phalange Party Amin Gemayel said," I have some information relating the assassination of my son Pierre Gemayel."

Following his meeting with Bishop Elias Audi, Gemayel stressed "The truth about Pierre's assassination benefits the country more than the family, despite the fact that it heals the feelings of his wife and mother."

Gemayel went on to consider the "discovery regarding the link between the terrorist group with Pierre's assassination will never bring him back. However, through their work, the security apparatus has provided citizens now with greater trust."

He hoped that the internal situation in the country would improve and the process of reconciliation would stem from patriotic basis. Gemayel Hoped that the Christian reconciliation won't be fragile.

The Phalange leader denied the intention of the March 14 Forces for holding any press conference saying," we have been meeting for sometime and we do discuss matters. However, what interests us is greater than our movement; it is the whole country."

The daily An-Nahar on Tuesday said that investigations have revealed those arrested in connection with the terrorist Jawhar network that had previously targeted the army, is also implicated in the assassination of former Minister of Industry Pierre Gemayel on 21 November 2006. 

Beirut, 04 Nov 08, 16:01



Jawhar Ring Linked to Pierre Gemayel's Assassination

Investigations with members of the so-called Jawhar terror ring revealed a possible link to the assassination on Nov. 21, 2006 of then Minister of Industry Pierre Gemayel.

The daily An-Nahar quoted informed sources as saying a wide search is underway by police and law enforcement agents for ring leader Abdul Ghani Jawhar and one of his aides who remain at large.

It said the unidentified Jawhar aide "appears to have played a pivotal role in several terrorist attacks."

Investigations with suspects have revealed a number of plans to carry out bomb attacks against police headquarters in addition to attempting to assassinate Army Commander Gen. Jean Qahwaji when he was brigade commander in north Lebanon.

Examining Magistrate Nabil Sari had issued arrest warrants in absentia for eight suspects in the Aug. 13 Tripoli bombing that targeted an army bus. He also maintained the arrest of six suspects in the case.

The General Prosecutor's office has indicted 34 suspects in the case, including 19 Lebanese citizens, 13 Palestinians, one Syrian and one Saudi.

Beirut, 04 Nov 08, 09:43


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