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World Council for the Cedars Revolution

Dec 05th
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Daily Timeline: Beirut October 2008 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Naharnet, NNA   
Saturday, 01 November 2008


Detailed timeline of events Beirut - updated for the Month of October  

Live Coverage 11-1-08
4:00pm Arrest warrants have been issued against seven suspects in the deadly Tripoli Banks Street bombing.
3:15pm Marada Movement leader Suleiman Franjieh: The four detained generals are victims of injustice. They are held on suspicion of involvement in the Hariri murder.
2:00pm Speaker Nabih Berri meets President Michel Suleiman at Baabda Palace.
11:40: MP Michel Aoun to a student gathering: Neutrality is no virtue, those in authority are giving alms to poor citizens with money that is rightly theirs; this process is turning a thief into a charity giver and a citizen into a beggar.
11:30am A meeting is underway in Tripoli between Former PM Omar Karami and Marada Movement leader Suleiman Franjieh.
11:20pm The Lebanese army said its troops have arrested two persons with links to a terror and spy network involved in collaboration with the Israeli enemy.
11:10am MP Nabil Nicola to New TV: We are not against expanding the dialogue table on condition that Franjieh, Arslan and Karami join us.
9:50: Former PM Miqati to VDL: I don’t believe that President Suleiman wants to head a parliamentary bloc. However, he is calling for an unbiased bloc to end political bickering.

Live Coverage 10-31-08
5:35pm Gen. Qahwaji said the army is beefing up its troops deployed along the borders to combat smuggling and the infiltration of individuals.
5:20pm President Suleiman discussed with the Pope bilateral relations between Lebanon and the church.
5:15pm Premier Fouad Saniora concludes a visit to Egypt by meeting chief of intelligence Gen. Omar Suleiman.
2:00pm Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea met Mustaqbal Movement chief Saad Hariri in Qoreitem Thursday night.
1:30pm Transportation Minister Ghazi Aridi set the new taxi charge at LL 1,750 instead of LL 2,000.
1:30pm Unknown assailants beat up a resident from Byblos after forcing him to set his own car ablaze.
12:00pm NNA: An 11-member Israeli force briefly crossed the barbed wire fence east of Mais el-Jabal .
11:15am Justice Minister Ibrahim Najjar to Future TV: No one knows the identity of the judges who will take part in the international tribunal.
11:00am Hizbullah adviser in charge of Arab relations to New TV: We support intra-Christian reconciliation and we stress the significance of the Nasrallah-Hariri meeting.
10:20am Cabinet Minister Talal Arslan returned to Beirut after signing a Sports deal with his Indonesian counterpart.
10:10am Israeli jets staged mock raids at medium altitude over Nabatiyeh, Iqlim Tuffah, Marjayoun, Khiam and Jezzine.
10:00am Premier Fouad Saniora is expected to travel to Turkey on Monday for meetings with his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan and other officials in Ankara and Istanbul.
9:00am Al-Liwaa: Several meetings were held Thursday night between majority forces to come up with a common stance on the issue of broadening participation in the national dialogue. An announcement is expected soon.

 8:15am MP Fouad al-Saad to VDL: There is no need for the dialogue table. Today, there is a national unity cabinet. Let’s hold talks within institutions.

Live Coverage 10-30-08
9:14 Voice of Lebanon radio said a blast echoed across the Ain al-Hilweh refugee camp.
4:15pm Mustaqbal TV reported that the Roumiyeh Jail riot was contained.
4:00pm LBC reported that Islamist prisoners are launching a riot at the Roumiyeh jail and guards are trying to control the situation.
2:30: VDL: Syrian customs carrying out strict measures at Masnaa border point as each truck is thoroughly inspected leading to a traffic jam.
1:48: LF leader Samir Geagea meets with a Maronite League delegation in Maarab.
1:45: Israeli reconnaissance aircraft flies over Nabatiyieh to Litani River.
1:40: Judge Ralf Riyashi resigns from the Higher Judicial Council in protest against the delay in judicial formations while 100 graduated judges remain idle.
1:30: MP Streda Geagea to Al-Osboa al-Arabi: Franjieh’s decision is in Syrian hands, Christian reconciliation is not dead and we are keen against bloodshed.
12:15: Cabinet meeting postponed to next Monday as it coincides with All Saints Day(Halloween)
11:15am Berri: Launching of the complex comes to follow the pattern of supporting the cultural system, establishing intellectual boundaries between the Resistance and terrorism and spreading awareness on Israeli greediness in Lebanese waters.
10:55: Najjar to LBC: The four generals or any others are subject to the Lebanese judiciary.
10:50: Justice Minister Ibrahim Najjar to LBC: I don't know when the witnesses or the four generals will be transfered to the Hague. Bellemare's mission in Lebanon will end in December 2008.

 10:20am Speaker Nabih Berri , Mufti Qabbani and Sheik Qabalan take part in the opening of Imam Sadeq Complex on the main Airport highway.
 7:15am MP Antoine Zahra told VDL that Marada Movement leader Suleiman Franjieh was not serious about reconciliation and accused him of "maneuvering."

Live Coverage 10-29-08
8:05pm Lebanese-Egyptian talks kick off in Cairo.
6:15pm President Michel Suleiman arrived in Rome on a two-day official visit.
6:5pm The French ambassador to Lebanon told Future TV that France’s PM will travel to Lebanon on a “political” visit accompanied by a group of French businessmen.
5:55pm MP Hagop Pakradounian: Our alliance with the Free Patriotic Movement is ultimate and we don’t stab our ally in the back.
5:40pm The interior ministry launched a campaign for the collection of donations for buying two fire extinguisher jets and other equipment.
5:00 The 32nd Conference for Arab police and security leaders ended in Beirut with a pledge to spread the culture of human rights and develop a culture of security.
3:00pm Investigation is underway with detainees suspected in the Tripoli, Banks Street Bombing.
2:40: Marada Movement leader Suleiman Franjieh said after meeting a delegation from the Maronite League that time is not ripe yet for intra-Christian reconciliation
2:35: Customs officers storm apartment of Syrian artifacts smuggler and seize 61 new items.
2:30: Head of Maronite League following meeting with Franjieh: The League is on-going with the reconciliation.
1:30pm MPS from Loyalty to Resistance, Democratic Gathering, Reform and Change blocs and independents proposed a draft law to amend article 21 of the constitution to lower the legal voting age to 18 years.
1:10pm The U.S. Embassy in Syria warned Americans in the country to remain alert and said it could close to the public after the deadly U.S. raid near the country's border with Iraq over the weekend.
1:00pm Lebanese President Michel Suleiman left Beirut on an official Visit to Rome and the Vatican.
11:30am Deputy Egyptian Intelligence Chief Omar Qinawi leaves Beirut for London.
11:15am Future news: ISF postponed destroying tons of Kannabis in Boudai valley after unknown assailants fired on them. No casualties were reported.
11:00am MP Robert Ghanem to LBCI: the Maronite leaders must realize that their role does not end at Lebanon’s borders, for the Christians’ role is essential in the whole region.
10:14am Phalange party leader Amin Gemayel receives Russian Ambassador Sergei Pukin.
7:30: MP Amar Houry to VDL: Following the Hariri-Nasrallah meeting, we did not use the term reconciliation but rather openness; we also agreed to follow up the meeting with a positive attitude as this will affect the national dialogue.

Live Coverage 10-28-08
3:45pm Al Jazeera TV reported that the Syrian cabinet has decided to suspend activities of the American Community School and American Cultural Center in Damascus.
2:18pm The judiciary sues 26 apprehended suspects in the so-called Jawhar terror network.
1:30: Sout el-Ghad Radio:MP Aoun following his meeting with Maronite League: reconciliation is necessary whether I am there or not, Gaegae is in a rush and he is part of the problem.
1:25: LF Head Gaegae received Deputy Head of Egyptian Intelligence Omar Qanawi.
1:20 Greek Orthodox Patriarch Aghnatious IV Hazim left to the U.S. : We hope that the path of reconciliation is continued.
1:15pm PLO representative in Beirut Abbas Zaki, Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, representative meet Egypt’s Deputy Intelligence Chief Omar Qinawi in the Egyptian Embassy compound in Beirut .
12:18: MP Fatfat to OTV: Visit made by Sheikh Qabalan to Tripoli proves that the city is open to all and not a city of terror. We also denounce any military strike against any Arab state.
11:30am Egypt’s Deputy Intelligence Chief Omar Qinawi holds a meeting with defense minister Elias el-Murr.
11:00am Kuwait’s Emir Sheik Sobah al-Ahmad al-Jaber al-Sobah received Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Saniora and the accompanying delegation.
10:45 Baroud proposed establishing an “ARPOL” organization similar to the “EUROPOl” to coordinate between the Arab countries on security and combating terror issues.
10:30am Interior Minister Ziad Barroud makes the opening speech at the 32nd conference for Arab police and security agencies’ chiefs in Royal Hotel in Dbaye.

Live Coverage 10-27-08
6:20pm Marada Movement leader Suleiman Franjieh receives U.S. Ambassador Michele Sison.
4:52pm We are the largest Christian parliamentary bloc and we have the right to choose candidates who are committed to a specific reform path.
4:49pm Aoun said he wants a document setting powers of the deputy premier.
4:47pm I have not set a schedule for my visit to Syria, Aoun said.
4:46pm We are pleased by the Nasrallah-Hariri meeting, Aoun said.
4:43pm Aoun said the opposition would win the forthcoming elections and emerge as a majority.
4:42pm He said: "Our allies should adhere to our reform path."
4:39pm Aoun said it is bad to maintain the same distance from the various factions.
4:37pm FPM leader Michel Aoun declared: We are against neutrality.
4:35pm President Suleiman called his Syrian counterpart Bashar Assad to relay condolences for victims of the U.S. raid.
1:02pm NBN: Nasrallah and Hariri stressed strengthening the dialogue in an effort to prevent discord regardless of political differences.
1:00pm Al-Manar TV: The Hariri-Nasrallah meeting was a revision of the past period for the sake of absorbing its consequences in an atmosphere of openness.
12:55pm Future TV: Hariri and Nasrallah stressed their commitment to the Taef accord and the implementation of the Doha agreement.
12:48pm Future TV: Mustaqbal Movement leader Saad Hariri met Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah overnight.
12:25pm FM Fawzi Salloukh considered the U.S. raid on Syria an unacceptable blatant violation of international law.
11:45am Former PM Miqati following his meeting with Gen. Qinawy: What is important is that those at the dialogue table agree, there is no need to expand the dialogue, it is not an issue of numbers but that of agreement among the Lebanese.
11:42am Lebanese Prime Minister’s Office: U.S. raid on Bou-Kamal, Syria, is a violation of Syrian sovereignty, an unaccepted aggression regardless of the excuses.
11:15am Deputy Head of Egyptian Intelligence Gen. Omar Qinawy met former Prime Ministers Miqati and Hoss.
11:10am US military said it had no information about a deadly raid reportedly carried out by American helicopters inside Syria on Sunday which left eight people dead.
11:00am MP Houry to New TV: Fears that the desire for expanding reconciliation dialogue aim to hinder its agenda.

 10:00am VDL: A mother and her three children are wounded in an vehicle accident at Doniyeh.
 8:30am The body of 45-year-old Khalil Hamoud was found at his glass factory at the Beddawi neighborhood in Tripoli.

Live Coverage 10-26-08
7:30pm Hizbullah said the Ouzai group was not armed and was released and not turned over to the party.
7:00pm PSP leader Walid Jumblat received the Egyptian delegation headed by director of intelligence al-Qinawi.
5:40pm Security forces confiscated 15 trucks loaded with Hashish in the central Bekaa Valley.
4:45pm ex-Premier Omar Karami received Qabalan and told reporters the visit is an historic event because it consolidates intra-Muslim unity.
1:pm Phalange Party leader Amin Gemayel met Egypt's intelligence chief Omar al-Qinawi at his home in Sin el-Fil.
11:53am Social affairs Minister Mario Aoun told NBN that FPM does not support broadening participation in the national dialogue.
11:44am Shiite Mufti Abdulamir Qabalan arrives in Tripoli to meet Tripoli Mufti Sheikh Malek Shaar.
11:22am FPM MP Nabil Nicolas said that MP Michel Aoun doesn’t need to visit Iran to raise funds for the political cash may yield reversed results.
11:10am MP George Adwan said the Lebanese Forces has not changed and will not change its stance towards the reconciliation with Marada Movement.
9:45am Najjar said that Prime Minister Fouad Saniora has asked Abou Jamra to oversee the implementation of the cabinet policy statement and review agreements reached with Syria in the past.
9:43am Justice Minister Ibrahim Najjar to VDL: The deputy prime minister has the right to demand more powers but amending the constitution is impossible.
9:18am MP Antoine Zahra to VDL: We will maintain our efforts to reach reconciliation with Marada Movement but if we didn't succeed this would not affect us.

Live Coverage 10-25-08
7:00pm Lebanese army troops stepped in to settle a dispute between residents of Tarik Jedideh’s Afif Tibeh neighborhood and a number of youths on bikes who came from the nearby Barbour district.
6:30pm Saniora meets Justice Minister Ibrahim Najjar.
5:25pm Police arrested a man wanted on criminal charges as part of a security campaign in east Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley.
3:00pm President Michel Suleiman: The situation is getting better on both the security and economic fronts; and reconciliations have made a great headway.
2:30pm Several people were arrested and three truckloads of hashish were confiscated in raids carried out at farms in Baalbek.
2:00pm PM Fouad Saniora meets U.S. ambassador Michele Sison at the Grand Serail.
1:45am Three Lebanese citizens and a Syrian were arrested in north Lebanon on charges of forging official documents.
11:20am FPM leader Michel Aoun told visiting students Iran, to us, is a very important regional power that has empowered us and participated in rebuilding Lebanon.
11:15am Israeli jetfighters flew apparent reconnaissance missions over south Lebanon, performing mock air raids.
10:05am Ex-MP Faris Souaid said Hizbullah is blocking state rise because we call for reactivating the armistice accord with Israel while it wants war with Israel.
9:15am A small bomb was found near al-Iman school in Sidon and an army sapper is setting the stage to detonate it.
8:30am MP Ghassan Mkhaiber said new alliances would emerge from the forthcoming elections and expressed hope that such alliances would facilitate state building.

Live Coverage 10-24-08
2:40pm U.S. ambassador Michele Sison said after meeting LF leader Samir Geagea: Efforts are underway to secure an Israeli withdrawal from the western side of Ghajar.
1:45pm Gratsiano: We are closely watching the situation in the south.
1:30pm The Lebanese army opened the Bahsas-Tripoli road, ending a security dragnet that was carried out following the bomb attack that targeted a military vehicle.
1:20pm President Suleiman discussed the situation with Abu Jamra and Saniora, Khoja and British ambassador Francis Mary Guy.
1:16pm PSP secretary Shareef Fayyad said from Ain el-Tineh: Contacts between AMAL and PSP have made progress. A meeting between Jumblat and Hizbullah will come at the appropriate time.
1:10pm Saniora: We are in dire need for calming tensions and not escalations. Deputy PM powers remain under considerations for cabinet discussion.
12:34pm Saniora meets Saudi ambassador Abdul Aziz Khoja at the Grand Serail.
12:29pm MP Antoine Zahra to OTV: The deputy premier is known to replace the prime minister during his absence.
11:45am A meeting is underway between AMAL Movement cadres and a delegation from Walid Jumblat’s PSP in Ain el-Tineh.
11:39am A meeting is underway between PM Fouad Saniora and his deputy Issam Abu Jamra in the presence of minister Ibrahim Shamseddine at the Grand Serail.

 10:30am Minister Ibrahim Shamseddine to Future News TV: I support a proposal made by the President regarding expanding dialogue. However, I call for representation of independent figures.
 8:30am MP Ghassan Mkhaiber to VDL: The way out of the deputy prime minister powers’ issue is to build effective constitutional institutions.

Live Coverage 10-23-08
 9:43pm Abu Jamra to LBC: My withdrawal from Tuesday's cabinet sessionwas an objection against an illegal act and not a boycott.
 8:15: Jund al Sham elements detained 3 persons from Fatah at Ain el-Hilweh camp. Intensive contacts underway to secure their release.
 8:15pm MP Saad Hariri returned to Lebanon after a private visit to Saudi Arabia.
 8:07pm LBC: The International Independent Investigation Commission will not include names of suspects in its new report.
 8:10pm Future TV: Chief U.N. investigator Daniel Bellemare is to receive the dossier on Hariri's assassination the beginning of the New Year.
 7:00 Saniora following his meeting with Suleiman: We have every intention of reaching a positive result. Abu Jamra is well valued. However, we cannot work against the constitution, anything under that is possible.
 6:00: PM Saniora arrives at the presidential palace to meet President Suleiman.
 5:47: Abu Jamra following meeting with Saniora: boycotting the cabinet is permanent, while withdrawing from cabinet meeting is temporary. My meeting with Saniora today is a beginning. There is more to come.
 5:15: special investigator into Hariri assassination received new documents including witnesses' testimonies
 5:45pm Abu Jamra said the meeting with Saniora was an introduction to further talks tomorrow.
 4:00: Gen. Issam Abu Jamra meets with PM Saniora to discuss powers of deputy PM.
 2:15: Court releases 3 suspects in Kfar Shouba pipes case on bail.
 1:30pm PSP leader Walid Jumblat received U.N. Envoy Michael Williams.
 12:16pm Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri urged Arab and Muslim leaders to protest against attacks targeting Iraq's Christians.
 11:30am Teams from the Civil Defense Directorate, Beirut Fire Brigade, the Lebanese Red Cross and some private hospitals underwent a maneuver on an emergency case at Beirut's Rafik Hariri Airport..
 10:13pm Phalange Party leader Amin Gemayel receives U.N. envoy Michael Williams.
 8:32am Shamseddine said that Deputy Prime Minister Issam Abou Jamra is showing cooperation.
 8:30am Cabinet Minister Ibrahim Shamseddine told VDL he was mediating to solve the issue of the deputy prime minister's powers. 

Live Coverage 10-22-08
2:30pm The administration and justice committee studied a proposed law concerning the powers of the Constitutional Council.
2:20pm FPM leader Michel Aoun received U.N. special coordinator for Lebanon Michael Williams.
1:16pm VDL: Military prosecutor Rashid Mizher is studying the possibility of sending confiscated pipes to French laboratories following their clearance of radioactive materials in Lebanon.
11:49 am Mario Aoun to LBC: The Change and Reform bloc is in solidarity with Abu Jamra and we will discuss boycotting cabinet meetings.
11:48am Social Affairs Minister Mario Aoun to LBC accused the prime minister and ministers of “procrastination and negligence” regarding the deputy premier’s powers.
8:30am Beirut roads flooded with rainwater following heavy rains and members of the Internal Security Forces struggled to keep roads open.

Live Coverage 10-21-08
6:30pm Saniora heads cabinet meeting.
4:05pm Premier Saniora said the Lebanese-Syrian relations should be based on the full respect for the sovereignty and freedom of both states.
4:00pm Ex-Premier Omar Karami rejected the apology made by Lebanese Forces Leader Samir Geagea.
3:35pm Grand Mufti Sheik Mohammed Rashid Qabbani contacted President Michel Suleiman to welcome him back from a visit to Canada.
2:55pm Druze MP Walid Jumblat briefed Arab League chief Amr Moussa in Cairo on measures undertaken to maintain calm.
2:45pm Saudi FM Saud al-Faisal hailed the establishment of Beirut-Damascus ties as a “step forward.”
2:16pm Parliament’s General Committee dropped the possibility of nominating 5 MPs to one person to the Constitutional Council’s membership.
2:15pm Parliament’s General Committee approved maintaining the age of 74 as a maximum age for judges at the Constitutional Council.
2:00pm Rice to BBC: The Middle East is much better under Bush.
1:45pm MP Saad Hariri left for Riyadh on a private visit.
1:30pm General Prosecutor Saeed Mirza discussed with Chief U.N. investigator Daniel Bellemare the progress of investigations into the Hariri assassination, and the dossiers referred to the International Tribunal and measures undertaken in this respect.
1:00pm President Michel Suleiman met a delegation from March 14’s Follow-up Committee as well as MPs Butros Harb and Michel Pharoun.
12:00pm A special parliamentary session is underway to consider endorsement of Constitutional Council law.
11:00am Parliament session ends following the filling of empty seats in parliamentary committees to replace MPs Ghazi Zaaiter, Bahia Hariri and Wael Abu Faour who were appointed cabinet ministers.
10:45am Parliament session is underway to elect two secretaries and three commissioners and parliamentary committee members.
10:14am Prime Minister Fouad Saniora is holding a meeting with Palestinian Liberation Organization’s representative in Beirut Abbas Zaki.

Live Coverage 10-20-08
4:44pm Aoun said his conflict is no more with the Lebanese Forces "we are facing a bigger game now."
4:42pm He said Israel is against the return of Palestinian refugees and the United States supports Israel's stand.
4:41pm Aoun said the United States would only give the Lebanese Army weapons to facilitate law enforcement.
4:46pm Aoun called for the formation of an international tribunal to look into crimes committed against Christians in Iraq.
4:35PM Aoun said the racial cleansing in Iraq should be halted.
4:32pm FPM leader Michel Aoun said his visit to Iran was aimed at meeting officials of the biggest regional power.
2:45: Walid Jumblat said after meeting President Mubarak in Cairo that March 14 Forces’ openness to Syria awaits the international tribunal and border demarcation
2:20pm Jumblat after meeting Mubarak said: Border demarcation with Syria remains technical, and the openness of March 14 Forces to Syria is underway via diplomatic relations.
1:00pm The Lebanese Forces urged the Arab League and the U.N. as well as the European Council and the International Community to “act quickly” to help thousands of Christians in Iraq.
11:39am The Public Works Committee discusses organizing landlord-tenant relationship as well as the issue of crisis administration authority.
11:38am The Justice and Administration Committee holds a meeting to study and amend a number of trade laws.
11:35am MP Walid Jumblat discusses the latest developments with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in Cairo.
10:30am MP Antoine Zahra to Future News TV: Calm is needed as we approach elections. We call on the Maronite League to continue its contacts for setting a meeting between the Lebanese Forces and Marada Movement the soonest possible.
10:00am NNA: Crowds gathered at Tebanneh in Tripoli protesting Lebanese army measures inside neighborhoods.
8:15am VDL: Lebanese authorities closed Abboudiyeh border crossing and redirected traffic to Arida crossing following a positive response by Syria to Lebanon regarding road rehabilitation.
7:15am VDL: 4 people were wounded in overnight shooting and dagger fighting in Beirut’s Borj Abu Haidar neighborhood between partisans of MP Saad Hariri’s Future Movement and Amal Movement supporters.

Live Coverage 10-19-08
1:15pm Premier Fouad Saniora called Iraqi President Jalal Talabani to declare solidarity with Iraq's Christians and urge their speedy return to their homes.
9:30am MP Marwan Hamadeh left for China on a one-week visit.
8:15am Cabinet Minister Ibrahim Shamseddine urged Iran to arm the Lebanese army instead of arming a local faction.

Live Coverage 10-18-08
10:25pm Geagea: Egypt and Saudi Arabia are political allies, while Iran is a political foe. Syria, however, was more than a foe. It was an old enemy, pending what the new phase is bringing.
10:23pm Geagea: Iran isn’t in favor of the International Tribunal because it is aware that it will be hurting its regional ally, Syria. Iran doesn’t wish to weaken its regional position.
10:20pm Geagea: There is no link between my visit to Cairo and Aoun’s visit to Tehran.
10:18pm Geagea: Mubarak supports a free, sovereign and independent Lebanon.
10:14pm Geagea: After recovering Shebaa Farms, we could normalize the situation in Lebanon such as Hizbullah arms will not remain.
10:11pm LF leader Samir Geagea on al-Jazeera TV: My talks with Egyptian President Mubarak focused on Shebaa Farms.
7:50pm UNIFIL political advisor to al-Manar TV: UNIFIL is in constant contact with the Lebanese army which is in charge of safeguarding the peacekeepers and their positions. We are not to interfere in the interrogation with the Kfar Shouba terror cell.
7:29pm VDL: Shots were heard as residents of the Bekaa Valley towns of Hizzirta and Qaa al-Rim fought with fists and sticks before Lebanese army troops intervened to restore order.
5:00pm The National Liberal Party of Dory Chamoun holds a mass at Mar Mtanios Church in Sodico to commemorate the killing of Danny Chamoun and his family.
1:15pm Security forces defused a hand grenade found at a garbage dump in Wadi Nahle street in the northern Palestinian Refugee camp of Baddawi.
12:47am Al-Mustaqbal Movement leader Saad Hariri said he would do his best to unify the Lebanese.
12:25am Jerusalem and Palestine Mufti Mohammed Hussein delivers his speech.
11:30am Shiite Mufti Abdulamir Kabalan delivers a speech at the inauguration.
11:03am Grand Mufti Mohammed Rashid Qabbani : Muslims are sure that national coexistence is the key to Lebanon’s survival
10:30am MP Nabil Nicolas to al-Manar: Aoun’s visit to Iran strengthened the Christians in Lebanon and the region.
10:25am FPM official Alain Aoun said that Aoun’s visit to Iran was to bolster relations with Tehran.
10:21am Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri and Al-Mustaqbal Movement leader MP Saad Hariri arrive at al-Amin Mosque.
10:20am Inauguration ceremonies of Rafik Hariri Hall in Mohammed al-Amin Mosque begin.
9:30am MP Samir Franjieh said to VDL that the next parliamentary elections would not produce a bloc loyal to Syria
9:30am State Minister Jean Oghassabian to FL radio station: The state, the army and the institutions are the sole protectors of the Christians' rights and not parties or individuals.

Live Coverage 10-17-08
5:00pm Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea’s press office denied in a statement a report published by as-Safir newspaper on Friday in which he reportedly said that his forces are capable of defeating FPM leader Michel Aoun’s partisans within hours.
1:32pm U.S. Undersecretary of Defense for Policy Eric Edelman flew into Beirut.
11:56 The inauguration ceremony of Mohammed al-Amin Mosque is launched.
11:35am Jordan welcomed the setting up of diplomatic ties between Syria and Lebanon.
11:30am The dead body of Lebanese citizen Mohammed Ahmed Gandour was found in the trunk of his car in the Bekaa Valley.
11:15am US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Washington would never permit Syria to intervene militarily in Lebanon.
10:18am Marada Movement's Political Relations official Saadeh said contacts are underway to arrange a meeting between his leader Franjieh and Lebanese Forces chief Geagea that would not be attended by Phalange Party leader Gemayel.
8:45am MP Ahmad Fatfat said the setting up of ties between Syria and Lebanon should have been achieved long ago because it is tantamount to Syria's recognition of Lebanon's independence.
8:35am Choking traffic jam reported at entrances to Beirut as police blocked certain streets to traffic due to the inauguration later in the day of the Mohammed al-Amin Mosque in the city center.

Live Coverage 10-16-08
6:18pm Shibani said Saniora is always welcome in Iran and discussions are underway to set the stage for President Michel Suleiman's visit to Tehran.
6:15pm Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea returned home from a three-day visit to Cairo.
6:00pm Interior Minister Baroud presided over a meeting to discuss launching a fund raising campaign to finance the purchase of planes for fire fighting.
5:50pm The Central News Agency said Syrian President Bashar Assad is to visit Lebanon before end of the year and would inaugurate the Syrian embassy in Beirut.
5:30pm Prime Minister Fouad Saniora is meeting the Iranian ambassador in Beirut Mohammed Riza Shibani at the Grand Serail.
12:05pm Egypt welcomed the establishment of Beirut-Damascus ties, provided further measures, including border demarcation, are carried out.
11:45am Hashem: Aoun restored the Christians’ key role in political life.
11:30am MP Abbas Hashem to ANB TV: He who criticizes Gen. Michel Aoun’s visit to Iran will rush to request appointments with Iranian officials.
10:55am Minister Jean Oghassabian to New TV: All agreements between Lebanon and Syria, including the Higher Syrian-Lebanese Council, will be reexamined after diplomatic ties were established between the 2 countries.
10:45am NBN TV: Speaker Nabih Berri called for two parliament sessions on Tuesday – one to elect parliamentary committees and the other to endorse new law on Constitutional Council.
10:00am President Suleiman traveled to Canada where he will address the Francophone summit on Friday.
8:35am Justice Minister Ibrahim Najjar to VDL: It is important to reexamine the role of the Higher Syrian-Lebanese Council if it was agreed to keep it.
8:30am VDL radio station: Abdul Ghani Jawhar carries forged passports, among them Palestinian and another that claims he comes from south Lebanon.

Live Coverage 10-15-08
8:17pm Hariri meets Saniora at the latter's office.
8:15pm UN Secretary General Ban ki-Moon welcomed the setting up of ties between Lebanon and Syria.
6:40pm March 14 said the setting up of diplomatic ties with Syria is "victory for the Cedar Revolution."
6:20pm Mustaqbal Movement leader Saad Hariri is meeting President Suleiman at the Baabda Palace.
5:30pm The Central News Agency said Syria has chosen an apartment in the Beirut district of Ein Mraisseh to host its embassy.
5:25pm Premier Saniora meets President Suleiman at Baabda Palace.
4:15pm Amy commander Gen. Jean Qahwaji briefed President Michel Suleiman on latest security developments.
4:00pm Hizbullah's Parliamentary bloc said it is in the party's interest to cooperate in backing the army to consolidate stability.
12:54pm A Hizbullah delegation visited MP Michel Murr to discuss the significant developments.
12:52pm Berri said that Saudi-Iranian relations are “at their best” and hoped that inter-Lebanese relations “would be good.”
12:48pm Berri: What is required is the implementation of what has been agreed upon regarding the Palestinian issue and not through any new decisions.
12:46pm Berri: Reconciliations were achieved via the meeting of individuals.
12:45pm Berri after meeting Suleiman: Diplomatic relations with Syria are a natural step between neighboring state.
12:10pm A meeting is underway at Baabda Palace between President Michel Suleiman and Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri.
11:10am Salloukh and Muallem signed a document on the establishment of diplomatic ties between the 2 countries starting Oct. 15.
10:30am Salloukh after meeting Assad: The Syrian president could visit Lebanon any time and my visit to Damascus was aimed at discussing establishment of ties between the 2 countries. The issue of missing Lebanese was not discussed.

 9:20am Salloukh is meeting with Syrian President Bashar Assad in the presence of FM Walid Muallem and advisor Buthaina Shaaban at the People’s Palace.
 9:00am Foreign Minister Fawzi Salloukh arrived at the Lebanese-Syrian border.
 8:10am MP Marwan Hamadeh to VDL: The decree on exchange of embassies will lead to border demarcation, recognizing the Lebanese identity of Shebaa and returning the missing.
 8:05am Security source to VDL: Abdul Ghani Jawhar’s hideout has been discovered and measures were taken to prevent his escape from Beddawi to Ain el-Hilweh.
 8:00am Civil Defense Department source to VDL: All wood fires in the Chouf Mountains have been extinguished.

Live Coverage 10-14-08
4:15pm President Michel Suleiman expressed his relief over the announcement by Assad that he will establish an embassy in Beirut, hoping the decision would restore the “bright” relations between the two countries.
2:35pm Pope Benedict XVI wil receive President Michel Suleiman for the first time in Vatican Oct. 30.
3:12pm Miniter Baroud declared fire-stricken areas of Dibbiyeh and nearby towns a disaster zone.
1:32pm Mustaqbal Movement leader Saad Hariri flew back to Beirut at midday.
1:30pm MP Walid Jumblat hailed Assad’s announcement establishing diplomatic ties and said he hoped border demarcation would be soon finalized.
1:22pm A Lebanese army soldier and a Civil Defense rescue worker were wounded as they battled to put out the Dibbiyeh blaze.
1:20pm A Lebanese army helicopter was brought in to help put out forest fires in Iqlim Kharroub. Lebanon also requested help from Cyprus.
1:00pm Geagea from Cairo said he discussed with Mubarak the issues of Shabaa Farms and Syrian troop buildup which is a “moral pressure” on the residents of northern Lebanon with elections nearing.
12:52pm A cluster bomb was found between the Western Bekaa towns of Manara and Sultan Yaqoub.
12:50 Israeli warplanes flew at medium altitude over the western and central sectors of south Lebanon. Jets also flew low over Tyre.
12:30pm U.N. Special Coordinator for Lebanon Michael Williams presents his letter of appointment to FM Fawzi Salloukh.
12:14pm Foreign Minister Fawzi Salloukh will visit Damascus on Wednesday to issue a joint statement setting a date for an exchange of ambassadors
12:12pm Minister of Social Affairs Mario Aoun to OTV: We don’t mind getting Iranian financial support if March 14 Forces continued to obtain financial Saudi backing.

 11:45am A meeting is underway between Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea and Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in Cairo.
 11:40am Future News TV: Forest fires are still raging in Dibbiyeh-Sarjbal area, surrounding houses. Most of the residents, however, have been evacuated.
 11:30am Aoun visits the National Museum of Iran.
 11:00am MP Amin Sherri to Manar TV: We call on Christians of the Orient to support Aoun’s visit to Iran since he is the strongest Christian force.
 10:45am Syrian President Bashar al-Assad issued a decree establishing diplomatic ties between Lebanon and Syria.
 9:45am MP Jawad Boulos to VDL radio station: You cannot expect the party which possesses weapons to hand them over willingly.
 9:30am Saudi ambassador to Lebanon told Future News TV that Saudi-Lebanon ties “shall remain steadfast” and reiterated that Riyadh “is at an equal distance from everybody.”

8:00am A huge fire erupted in the forests of Dibei-Sarjbal villages and the Lebanese army and civil defense are trying to extinguish it
7:15am Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea arrived in Cairo on Monday night in a previously unannounced official visit.

Live Coverage 10-13-08
7:40pm President Suleiman and the accompanying delegation returned home for a two-day visit to Saudi Arabia.
9:00pm a stick of dynamite exploded in the southern Palestinian refugee camp of Rashidyeh, results of which couldn't be immediately determined.
4:55pm Islamist Movements issued a statement in Tripoli reiterating adherence to joint coexistence and pledging to sue whoever charges them with backing terror.
4:20pm Police confiscated 200 scooters in Tripoli for lacking registration documents.
4:00pm The Central Security Council is meeting under Interior Minister Ziad Baroud.
3:20pm Premier Saniora paid tribute to the security forces for arresting the terrorist cell in north Lebanon.
3:14pm Cabinet Minister Ghazi Aridi said the talks with Saudi Arabia dealt with the Kingdom's stand on combating terrorism, backing the army and dialogue among the Lebanese factions.
3:10pm Foreign Minister Fawzi Salloukh said the Lebanese-Saudi talks did boost bilateral relations.
2:45pm The Justice and administration parliamentary committee abrogated the 2006 constitutional council law.
2:00pm UN Special Coordinator for Lebanon Michael Williams says ESCWA would remain based in Lebanon.
12:02pm Israeli warplanes flew over Rashaya, the Bekaa and South Lebanon.
11:15am The justice and administration parliamentary committee is discussing bills related to the re-establishment of the constitutional council.
11:00am ANB TV network: An explosive device planted near a post for mainstream Palestinian Fatah faction in Ein al-Hilwe refugee camp was dismantled.
10:00am MP Mustapha Alloush said to VOL that a meeting between al-Mustaqbal Movement leader MP Saad Hariri and Hizbullah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah would be held after Hariri returns from abroad.
9:54am There is no misunderstanding between Lebanon's Christians and Iran's Muslims, Aoun stressed.
9:51am Aoun said that Iran never supported a Lebanese party against another and never gave assistance to Lebanon's enemies.
9:50am Aoun said that Iran is helping Lebanon solve its problems and the Lebanese people in achieving national unity.
9:46am Mottaki said Iranian-Lebanese relations are based on mutual concerns and interests.
9:45 Mottaki: The (reconciliatory) steps taken in Lebanon were good and highly appreciated.
9:40am Aoun and Mottaki hold a joint press conference following their meeting in Tehran.
9:05am A meeting is underway between Free Patriotic Movement leader Michel Aoun and Iran’s Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki in Tehran.

Live Coverage 10-12-08
9:40pm Interior Minister Ziad Baroud telephoned Premier Fouad Saniora, Army Commander jean Kahwaji and ISF director general Ashraf Rifi.
9:34pm UN's Special coordinator for Lebanon Michel Williams arrives in Beirut to assume his responsibilities.
9:25pm The central security council will hold an extra ordinary session following the arrest of the terrorist cell implicated in Tripoli explosions, NNA reported.
9:07 Hizbullah MP Mohammed Raad to NTV: The meeting between al-Mustaqbal Movement leader MP Saad Hariri and Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah would surely be held pending the return of the first from abroad.
7:51pm Al-Mustaqbal news network: The terrorist cell is connected to Fatah al-Islam group.
7:19pm Army command announced it had arrested members of a terrorist cell involved in planning and executing the Tripoli explosions.
6:30pm President Michel Suleiman arrives at Jedda.
5:45pm Vol: A Lebanese citizen in Majdal Anjar hurled four hand grenades on Lebanese troops while searching his house injuring two of them.
1:40pm President Michel Suleiman left for Saudi Arabia on a two-day visit.
1:15pm Syrian Premier Mohammed Naji Otari said Premier Fouad Saniora of Lebanon does not need an invitation to visit Damascus.
12:14pm Amin Gemayel heads extraordinary meeting at Phalange Party Batroun branch.
11:50AM Foreign Minister Fawzi Salloukh received a call from his Jordanian counterpart thanking Lebanon for efforts exerted to find Jordanian mother and three daughters who went missing in Beirut 10 days ago.
11:44am Aoun told reporters at Beirut Airport his visit to Iran aims at establishing friendship.
11:43am Free Patriotic Movement leader Michel Aoun flew to Tehran on an official visit.
10:00am Hizbullah media official Hussein Rahhal said FPM leader Michel Aoun's visit to Iran is a normal development because Tehran is not Tel Aviv.

Live Coverage 10-11-08
5:21pm Aoun: Our view toward reform should be comprehensive and the manner of carrying out this reform certainly goes through parliamentary elections.
5:20pm Aoun: Had the ruling majority moved toward a settlement from the beginning we would have spared ourselves two years of conflict and bloodshed.
5:19pm Aoun warned there will be no reforms without a conscious majority that will combat corruption and bring the majority to account those who commit wrongdoings.
5:15pm Aoun: May 7 events were the result of provocative decisions taken against the resistance.
5:13pm Aoun accused March 14 Forces of crippling the government and its institutions so they could monopolize power.
5:08pm Aoun: The Syrians withdrew (in 2005), but dependence on Americans and Saudis continued.
5:05pm Aoun said in his speech to mark the 18th anniversary of the October 1990 war: Taef Accord put Lebanon in a Syrian-Saudi condominium.
4:40pm The Free Patriotic Movement holds a rally to commemorate members killed in the Syrian-led military offensive that ousted Gen. Michel Aoun from power Oct. 13, 1990 after he fought an abortive “war of liberation” against Syrian forces.
2:53pm Sheikh Qabalan called on the Lebanese to build a cohesive and fair community away from corruption.
2:47pm Police chief Maj. Gen. Ashraf Rifi met with the new head of the INTERPOL.

 2:10pm Foreign Minister Fawzi Salloukh said the ministry is raising the issue of Israeli threats against Lebanon with international authorities.
 1:15pm Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak discussed the Lebanon situation and regional issues with French FM Kouchner, who is visiting Cairo.

12:08pm Iranian ambassador to Lebanon Mohammed Riza shibani said from Rabiyeh that Tehran holds Gen Aoun in high regard.
10:45am MP Mustapha Alloush to LBCI: We demand an apology from Hizbullah. A meeting between MP Saad Hariri and Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah would calm the situation.
10:00am Minister Elie Marouni to LBCI: Syria doesn’t want reconciliation among Christians. A new page will open with the Syrians only when they stress their commitment to Lebanon’s independence and sovereignty.
8:15am Minister Talal Arslan to VDL: Reconciliations should persist. The political rhetoric must return to normal as the country’s interest is above anything else.

Live Coverage 10-10-08
8:40pm A young man shot dead a woman then killed himself in Beirut's Ashrafiyeh district.
8:30pm One person was wounded in a clash with daggers and pistols in Tariq Jedideh's Arab neighborhood.
6:30pm Cabinet meeting underway at Baabda Palace.
4:00pm At least one person was wounded in a hand grenade explosion in the southern refugee camp of Ain al-Hilweh.
3:45pm A quarrel broke out between partisans of AMAL and Hizbullah in the southern village of Zibqin.
2:40pm MP Musbah Ahdab said the problem in Tripoli is that the army cannot deploy beyond alleged red lines.
2:35pm Military Examinig Magistrate Rashid Mizher interrogated suspects in the Bsarma clash and ordered the arrest of three suspects.
2:30pm Premier Saniora meets representatives of March 14 forces.
2:10pm An Israeli infantry patrol crossed the technical fence in the Abbad region of south Lebanon and carried out a search operation without crossing the Blue Line into Lebanon. It withdraw after 30 minutes.
2:00pm An Israeli jet flew repeated reconnaissance missions at medium altitude over Nabatiyeh in southern Lebanon.
1:45pm Al Arabiya TV carried this alert warning on its homepage: If attacks on Shia WebSites Continue, none of your WebSites Will be SAFE.
1:45pm Al Arabiya TV says its website is being hacked.
1:15pm Al Arabiya TV: An Israeli force penetrated the border line in south Lebanon only to withdraw shortly afterwards.
1:00pm President Michel Suleiman met separately with Army Commander Gen. Jean Qahwaji and Justice Minister Ibrahim Najjar.
11:56am MP Hadi Hobeish to New TV: Syria is interfering in the next parliamentary elections through contacts with people who maintain good relations with Damascus.
11:44am Palestinian commander Munir Maqdah to New TV: There is no link between Ain al-Hilweh’s incidents and clashes in Yarmuk south of Damascus.
11:05am AFP: Two American journalists detained in Syria after going missing in Lebanon said they had been kidnapped and smuggled across the border against their will.
8:30am MP Boutros Harb to VDL: The efforts of the Maronite League to achieve reconciliation among Christians are continuing.
7:45am MP Ahmad Fatfat cited the lack of clear boundary demarcation as reason for continued smuggling along the northern border despite the deployment of security forces at the crossings.

Live Coverage 10-9-08
7:52pm President Michel Suleiman is meeting Premier Fouad Saniora in Baabda.
4:30pm U.S. State Department 'greatly relieved' that the two Americans are safe in Syria.
3:25pm President Michel Suleiman received a thank-you telegram from his Syrian counterpart Bashar al-Asaad. It came in response to a congratulation telegram by Suleiman on the anniversary of the Tishreen War.
3:10pm LBC: Cabinet to discuss Syrian troop buildup in Friday’s session.
2:45pm The Syrian foreign ministry announced it had detained two American journalists for entering its territory illegally.
2:35pm Prosecutor General Saeed Mirza has been officially informed by the U.S. embassy in Lebanon that the American journalists are in Syria.
2:30pm VDL radio station: The U.S. embassy in Damascus has been informed by official Syrian authorities about the whereabouts of the two American journalists and measures are underway for the handover.
2:15pm Judge Saqr Saqr took the statements of two witnesses in the assassination of former Premier Rafik Hariri.
2:00pm Saniora presided over a meeting to discuss the rebuilding of Nahr al-Bared.
1:30pm The U.S. embassy in Damascus said it has not been informed by Syrian authorities about the disappearance of two American journalists.
1:00pm Al-Jazeera TV: The two American journalists feared missing were detained in Syria for allegedly entering Syrian territory without permission.
12:00pm Judge Nabil Sari has been appointed examining magistrate for the probe into the Tripoli explosion.

11:15am The U.S. embassy asked the Lebanese public prosecution office to look for two American citizens who have not been heard from since leaving a Beirut hotel Oct. 1.
11:00am LBC: The American journalist last used his mobile phone from Batroun Square at 6pm on Oct.1.
10:50pm Khoury: Reconciliations, in my opinion, should not just take place across Lebanon while Zghorta is being left out.
10:15am Ex-MP Ghattas Khoury said no real political "barriers" prevent a meeting between Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah and Mustaqbal leader Saad Hariri.
8:15am Justice Minister Ibrahim Najjar said the disappearance of the two American citizens hurts Lebanon's image.
7:30am A hand grenade exploded overnight in Tripoli's Syria street that separates the districts of Baal Mohsen and Bab Tabbaneh. No casualties were reported.
7:15am A bomb exploded overnight in the Ain al-Hilweh Palestinian refugee camp causing damage, but no casualties were reported.

Live Coverage 10-8-08
9:50pm Franjieh said it is unlikely that the Syrian Army would move into Lebanon this time, because it would be an occupation army and the move would embarrass Syria's allies.
9:36pm Franjieh said the real reconciliation should defuse any conflict.
9:15pm Marada Movement leader Suleiman Franjieh told Orange TV FPM leader Aoun is eligible to sponsor the reconciliation between us and the Lebanese Forces and we don't mind participation by Phalange Party leader Amin Gemayel.
9:00pm Cabinet Minister Marwan Hamadeh said the visit to France by March 14 team was successful and the change in France's behavior towards Syria would not affect its friendship with Lebanon.
8:30pm The Lebanese Forces Party reopened its office in Bsarma that was closed on Sept. 16 after the clash with Marada Movement.
6:30pm The U.S. Embassy seeks information on two American citizens who haven't been heard from since leaving their Beirut hotel on Oct. 1.
6:00pm Lebanese security source confirms that two U.S. Journalists have been missing in Lebanon for a week.
4:30pm Defense Minister Elias Murr met a Hizbulllah delegation headed by MP Ali Ammar.
4:00pm Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea said any delay in concluding the reconciliation with Franjieh would escalate the situation. 3:35pm Army commander Gen. Jean Qahwaji said the regular force would not succumb to devisers of evil schemes against the nation.
2:45pm President Michel Suleiman presided over a meeting in preparation for his trip to Saudi Arabia. He received Defense Minister Elias Murr.
2:15pm Parliament session to be adjourned till 6pm Wednesday.
12:50pm Absent from the Parliament session were MPs Walid Jumblat, Michel Aoun and Saad Hariri.
12:40pm Saniora: Parliament is the right place to bring the government to account; and we should keep away from political disputes.
11:55am Israeli warplanes flew over Central Bekaa at medium altitude for more than 10 minutes.
11:30pm U.S. State Department official David Hale left Lebanon.
10:45am Parliament resumed its session under Speaker Nabih Berri to adopt decisions from the previous session’s agenda.
10:40am An Israeli force has crossed a “technical fence” between the southern border towns of Blida and Aytaroun without crossing the Blue Line
10:05am MP Samir al-Jisr to Future News: The Syrian deployment off Lebanon’s border is a type of political pressure or an attempt to influence political life in the country ahead of the elections.
10:00am Premier Fouad Saniora met with Saudi Ambassador Abdul Aziz Khoja at the Grand Serail.
8:15am MP Robert Ghanem to VDL radio station: I have agreed with the justice minister on adopting a proposal of amendment to the constitutional council law and I expect Parliament to vote today on the new bill.
7:30am Unidentified assailants threw a hand grenade near the area between Qobbe and Bab al-Tabbaneh. No casualties were reported.
7:15am A masked gunman shot and killed a 25-year-old man in the Ain el-Hilweh Palestinian refugee camp overnight.

10:00am EST
Iranian fighter jets have forced a U.S. aircraft to land in Iran after it entered its air space without permission, the Fars news agency said.
The plane had five soldiers and three civilians on board who were subjected to questioning, Fars added.
Iran allowed the airjet to take off after it emerged that the aircraft did not enter Iran intentionally and it was allowed to leave for Afghanistan.
The United States has no reports that any of its aircraft are missing, a Pentagon spokesman said Tuesday, denying an Iranian report that a U.S. warplane was forced to land in Iran.

Live Coverage 10-7-08
2:25pm MP Raad said from Rabiyeh that Hizbullah is in keen on having “unified readings” with the FPM.
1:20pm Hale said after meeting Saniora: We reiterated U.S.’ support for the Lebanese government and the national dialogue.
12:45pm Military Prosecutor Rashid Mizher is just starting to examine the dossier of the Bsarma shooting incident after receiving it.
12:20pm U.S. Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs Mary Beth Long left Beirut after signing three deals worth $63 million in U.S. grants to the Lebanese army.
12:18pm A meeting is underway between Free Patriotic Movement leader Michel Aoun and a Hizbullah delegation headed by MP Mohammed Raad.
12:15pm Hale meets Prime Minister Fouad Saniora at the Grand Serail.
11:50am Workshop on the “Role of Political Parties in Supporting National Dialogue” launched in Parliament under Speaker Nabih Berri.
11:40am A meeting is underway between Hale and President Michel Suleiman at Baabda Palace.
11:15am Fares Souaid, member of March 14 General Secretariat, to Future News TV: We have sensed -- during our Paris visit – that France is interested in the international tribunal issue and tolerates no comprises.
10:37am U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs David Hale is meeting MP Michel Murr.
10:35am MP Mustafa Alloush to Future News TV: The dispute with Hizbullah involves issues of multiple authorities in a single state and the priority on economic measures over politics.

 8:30am Former Finance Minister Jihad Azour to VDL radio station: The global financial crisis will have a very slight impact on the Lebanese money markets..

Live Coverage 10-6-08
7:00pm Assisstant secretary of state Hale met officials in the Phalange party, reaffirming his countries’ support for the national dialogue and fair elections.
4:53pm Aoun said he would not boycott dialogue and "I might just watch them."
4:53pm Aoun said if any side objected to my presence within the framework of reconciliation it means he has bad intentions.
4:52pm Aoun said the security situation is not good and many cells are planted in north Lebanon and they express themselves by carrying out bomb attacks.
4:38pm Aoun said he wants intra-Christian reconciliation on a sound base.
4:36pm Change and Reform Bloc leader Michel Aoun said he doesn't oppose modernizing the army's equipment, but doesn't believe that weapons are available for the army.
4:00pm President Suleiman said dialogue would lead to the national strategy.
3:20pm Court drops charges against Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea in the charge of ordering executions during the civil war.
3:00pm MPs Walid Jumblat and Saad Hariri discussed by telephone domestic and regional developments.
2:00pm Military Examining Magistrate Rashid Mizher reviewed with a judicial team from Spain the investigation into the 2006 attack against UNIFIL's Spanish contingent.

1:25pm A meeting is underway at UNIFIL headquarters in Naqoura between Lebanese and Israeli army officers.
12:40pm Beirut Maronite Bishop Boulos Matar reviewed efforts to achieve intra-Christian reconciliation with Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea at the latter's residence.
11:15am Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri called for launching an international campaign to condemn Israel's use of cluster bombs against Lebanon.
10:15am Minister of Agriculture Elias Skaff banned the import of milk from China.
9:15am Marada Movement spokesman Suleiman Franjieh to VDL: Reconciliation between the Lebanese Forces and Marada will take place in the next few days. Therefore, if Franjieh’s conditions were not met, there will be no reunion at Baabda Palace.
8:15am MP Antoine Zahra to VDL radio station: The meeting between Samir Geagea and Suleiman Franjieh is likely to take place in the coming few days; and despite the Patriarch’s absence his angels are present.

Live Coverage 10-5-08
7:30pm The Israeli forces informed UNIFIL that it had arrested a Lebanese citizen for smuggling narcotics into the palestinian territories.
5:30pm Al-Mustaqbal Movement leader MP Saad Hariri meets Maronite Patriarch Nasrallah Sfeir in Rome.
2:15pm Phalange Party leader Amin Gemayel expressed readiness to take part in any Christian meeting that would contribute to achieving inter-Christian reconciliation.
2:00pm U.S. deputy Assistant Secretary of State David Hale meets former deputy Parliament Speaker Elie Firzli.
1:45pm An Israeli gunboat penetrated Lebanese territorial waters early Sunday, a Lebanese army communiqué said.
1:30pm NNA: Lebanese citizen, Ahmad Mohammed Mustafa, has disappeared from the border village of Wazzani and residents said they heard shots of gunfire coming from the nearby Israeli-occupied village of Ghajar.
1:00pm Hizbullah MP Mohammed Raad said: Lebanon’s security is part of Syria’s security and undermining both countries’ security is in the interest of Israel.
12:30pm MP Ibrahim Kanaan to OTV: Agreement had been reached to reconcile between the Lebanese Forces and Marada Movement, pending detailed mechanism.
12:15pm MP Antoine Zahra to Future News TV: Trying to indicate that there are hurdles facing a meeting between Samir Geagea and former cabinet minister Suleiman Franjieh are not serious and inaccurate.
10:30am Lebanese Forces official Eddy Abi Lamaa to New TV: We insist that the Christian reconciliation take place under the auspices of Patriarch Nasrallah Sfeir
10:15am Deputy Maronite League President Abdullah Abu Habib to LBC: The location for Geagea-Franjieh reconciliation has not yet been determined.
8:00am A hand grenade was tossed overnight near a military vehicle in Mallouleh in the northern city of Tripoli.

Live Coverage 10-4-08
8:40pm Fatfat to Future News TV: Why does Gen. Aoun take part in a government headed by Saniora when he has no confidence in him.
7:10pm Geagea said after meeting Hale: The US will not tolerate any foreign intervention or violation of Lebanon’s sovereignty or the intervention of any foreign force.
6:30pm Cabinet Minister Talal Arslan said after meeting Jumblat in Moukhtara: We Hope we could continue reconciliations on the same path, the path we had kicked off in the Mountains.
5:10pm Hale meets Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea at his residence in Maarab.
4:25pm State Prosecutor Saeed Mirza was briefed by the military Prosecutor Jean Fahd on progress of investigation into the Bsarma incident in north Lebanon.
4:15pm VDL radio station: The Lebanese army denied the report carried by the German news agency, DPA, about a massive military operation against Baddawi.
2:45pm U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State David Hale flew into Beirut.
11:10am He accused Bkirki of following a biased policy.
11:05am The Marada Movement's Media official Suleiman Franjieh said bilateral reconciliation is rejected and we prefer to manage differences with the Lebanese Forces along the lines of our relations with the Phalange Party,
9:14am Cabinet Minister Nassib Lahoud told Voice of Lebanon Radio civil war events should not be used to agitate political differences.
8:45am Cabinet Minister Ibrahim Shamseddine told Free Lebanon Radio the ongling reconciliation efforts are serious, but not deeply rooted.

Live Coverage 10-3-08
7:30pm Speaker Nabih Berri made a surprise visit to Baabda to meet President Michel Suleiman.
7:06pm Couchepin after meeting Suleiman: We support efforts undertaken by the president to launch dialogue and we want to provide additional assistance.
7:05pm Former Premier Najib Mikati: Parliament is the natural place to hold the government accountable. Gen. Aoun is head of a huge parliamentary bloc and he can make observations (about MPs) in Parliament.
7:00pm Tyre policemen arrested the man who killed citizen Youssef Fadel Jahmi in Borj al-Shamali. He was identified as Mustafa Mohammed Manah.
6:30pm The German press agency DPA: A Lebanese security source expected a massive operation in the northern refugee camp of Baddawi.
4:20pm Our reconciliation with the Lebanese Forces took place when I visited Geagea in prison. We either reach an understanding or compete through democratic means.
4:10pm Aoun: I challenge Saniora to submit to financial audit
4:11pm Aoun: Saniora is a sectarian man and is ruining the state.
4:09pm Aoun: The Hariri Foundation, not the Higher Relief Council, pays compensation to Bekaa farmers.
4:07pm Aoun: The Higher Relief Council pays money to asphalt roads in Kesrouan and does not compensate to farmers whose crops were damaged during the (2006) war.
4:06pm Aoun: The Higher Relief Council is a relief agency working for parliamentary candidates backed by Saniora.
4:03pm Aoun: This article which was published by Ali Hamadeh in An Nahar hurts the army, the President and the people.
4:03pm Aoun: I would like to draw the Prosecution’s attention on an article about a deal to smuggle Syrian nationals belonging to Fatah al-Islam during Nahr al-Bared fighting.
3:59pm Aoun: Their talk against Syria is part of bickering over elections and Syria has the right to take measures along its border and Lebanon has to do the same.

 3:54pm Aoun: the clashes starting from Dinniyeh all the way to Nahr al-Bard as well as the Tripoli explosion attacks are terrorist acts.
 3:52pm Aoun: Patriarch Sfeir had announced from Baabda that his previous reconciliation efforts had been rejected. We did not run off and we had accepted the Honor Agreement and Bkirki’s fundamentals unconditionally.
 3:49pm Aoun: I don’t mind reconciling with MP Nayla Moawad, but in return I want an apology from her over accusations that I was an accomplice in the assassination of President Rene Moawad. And if she didn't apologize, she will be forgiven.
 3:48pm Aoun: Regarding reconciliation, the Free Patriotic Movement has no problem with anybody.
 3:47pm Aoun: We hope that no new law regarding municipalities would be adopted in 2013..
3:40pm Aoun: How do they say that military personnel are a germ and are not allowed to vote?
3:40pm Aoun holds a press conference.
3:35pm Couchepin arrived at Baabda Palace for a meeting with President Michel Suleiman.
3:00pm President of the Swiss Confederation Pascal Couchepin arrived at Beirut ariport.
2:57pm He said any reconciliation should be based on Maronite principles.
2:55pm he said the league is in contact with the Marada Movement which called for reconciling Lebanese Forces.
2:50pm he said a unanimous agreement has been reached on achieving intra-Christian reconciliation.
2:47pm Maronite League chairman Joseph Tarabeih said after the meeting we would start with the pressing issue, which is reconciliation between the Lebanese Forces and Marada Movement.
2:45pm MP George Adwan said the Lebanese Forces is headed towards reconciliation with the Marada Movement.

2:25pm A row developed during the meeting between MPs Nayla Mouawad and Ibrahim Kanaan.
2:22pm Maronite MPs end meeting, a statement would be released summing up the outcome.
1:15pm The meeting by Maronite MPs is underway and a statement would be released after the deliberations.
12:01pm Maronite MPs started arriving at the Maronite League's office for their meeting.
9:45am Cabinet Minister Elie Marouni said Patriarch Sfeir should sponsor all intra-Christian reconciliation efforts and said he backs setting up diplomatic ties between the states of Lebanon and Syria.
8:00am Maronite League Chairman Joseph Tarabey said FPM leader Michel Aoun would not take part in the meeting by Maronite MPs.
7:20am MP Salim Salhab said FPM leader Michel Aoun would not take part in the meeting by Maronite MPs, but most members of his bloc would participate.
7:15am Sfeir told reporters at Beirut Airport he hopes the forthcoming parliamentary elections would be held as scheduled.
7:00am Maronite Patriarch Nasrallah Sfeir left for the Vatican.

Live Coverage 10-2-08
10:54pm Baroud said the 60-day period set by law to control candidates spendings on election campaigns is not sufficient.
10:31pm Baroud said he would apply the election law although he does not support it.
10:24pm Baroud said an independent authority, not the interior ministry, should be responsible for organizing elections.
10:17pm Baroud said the ISF command is handling the issue of the department's intelligence branch in line with its bylaw.
10:13pm He said the government should tackle the issue of individual weapons with a consensus approach.
10:09pm Baroud said he coordinates with Hizbullah, when coordination is needed.
10:08pm He said all the Lebanese factions are keen on protecting the resistance.
10:07pm Baroud said the smuggling of weapons from Syria to Hizbullah should be tackled during the Conference on National Dialogue.
10:05pm Baroud said security in Lebanon is not a police task only, it is linked to political decisions as well.
9:55pm He said security agencies have upgraded monitoring of suspecious elements in lebanon.
9:53pm Baroud said he would be ready to visit Damascus to pursue any topics under the headline of safeguarding Lebanon's sovereignty.
9:50pm Baroud said controlling the Lebanese-Syrian borders was discussed during the Suleiman-Assad summit and followed up during meetings by security officials in lebanon.
9:48pm Baroud refused to answer questions related to the ongoing investigations into the Tripoli bombing.
9:44pm Baroud said directors of security agencies under the ministry's jurisdiction report to the minister and not to political factions supporting them.
9:30pm Baroud said he is ready back a demand for separating cabinet posts from house membership.
9:20pm Interior Minister Ziad Baroud starts interview with LBC.

11:40am MP Walid Khoury to anb TV: Aoun told me that he had not been invited by the Maronite League for the meeting of Maronite MPs to be held on Friday.
11:15am MP Nassib Lahoud from Bkirki: Priority goes to reconciliation between long-time civil war rivals whose disputes continue.
11:10am One person was killed and another wounded in a family quarrel in Borj al-Shamali in the southern city of Tyre.
11:05am MP Butros Harb to Future News TV: No Christian reconciliation can take place outside Bkirki. There are wounds that need to be treated through personal and political reunion.
11:00am National News Agency: An unidentified assailant tossed a hand grenade early Thursday into an empty lot on Syria Street in Bab al-Tabbaneh and no casualties were reported.
8:00am AFP: One person was wounded at dawn Thursday in a grenade blast in the northern city of Tripoli

Live Coverage 10-1-08
2:45pm: Strida Geagea said after meeting Murr that discussion concerning parliamentary elections will not take place before February.
12:45pm A meeting is underway between Lebanese Forces MPs Strida Geagea and Elie Kayrouz as well as LF official Eddy Abi Lamaa at the office of MP Michel Murr in Zalqa.
11:36am Bishops’ statement: The general atmosphere prevailing in Lebanon is not one of cooperation among the various parties in order to get the country out of its ordeal.
11:35am Maronite Bishops’ statement: The latest bomb attack in Tripoli is evidence that those looking for evil for Lebanon are still active.
10:20am VOL: Syrian soldiers crossed into Lebanese territory in Al-Arma district in north Lebanon’s Akkar province and captured Lebanese shepherd Abdul Karim Zakaria along with his cows, only to release Zakaria shortly afterwards while keeping his cows
10:18am VDL: The Maronite League invited Maronite MPs to a meeting at noon Friday as part of preparations for inter-Christian reconciliation.
10:15am VDL: A gunfight between brothers Jamal and Imad Sanjad over inheritance in Hammana left Imad dead.
9:15am Maronite Bishops began their monthly meeting in Bkirki under Patriarch Nasrallah Sfeir

Live Coverage 9-30-08
12:38pm Sfeir: We have undertaken several initiatives in the past but when we reached a vital point everybody disavowed.
12:35 Sfeir: We hope Christians would sit together because other sects have achieved reconciliation although agreement among all the Lebanese is impossible.
12:32pm Sfeir: We did not give up efforts to reach Christian reconciliation and we will take action at the appropriate time.
12:30pm Sfeir after meeting Suleiman: We hope that reconciliations are achieved and that efforts are exerted toward reunion among all factions.
11:45am Sfeir headed to the Presidential Palace for a meeting with President Michel Suleiman.
11:40am VOL: Maronite Patriarch Nasrallah Sfeir left Bkirki unexpectedly along with his secretary.

Live Coverage 9-29-08
Live Coverage 3:45pm Syria denounced the Tripoli blast and declared solidarity with "brotherly" Lebanon.
3:10pm Speaker Berri adjourns the parliamentary session till 8pm.
2:26pm VOL: Casualties reported from the exchange of gunfire between two cars on Riaq highway in east Lebanon.
1:20pm Parliament voted on a clause related to the media which binds the official media to maintain a policy of neutrality while the private media to refrain from publishing inaccurate information.
1:18pm Jordan’s kind Abdullah II condemned the Tripoli bombing, stressing his support to Lebanon.
1:16pm Judicial sources to VOL: Investigators record statements of the owner of the Renault who turned out to be a Lebanese army soldier who had left his car parked at the explosion site.
1:15pm French President Nicolas Sarkozy condemned the Tripoli blast and declared solidarity with Lebanon as well as security authorities in their war against terror.
12:15pm Authorities arrest the owner of the Renault car that was used in the Tripoli bombing.
11:15am Parliament approved election spending and determined a fixed amount of LL 150 million that MPs can spend on election campaigns.
10:32am Parliament resumed session to vote on several bills.
10:30am Future News TV: A meeting is underway between Interior Minister Ziad Baroud and Defense Minister Elias Murr at the latter's house in Rabiyeh.
9:50am Military prosecutor Jean Fahd inspects the blast site.
9:15am The interior minister called for an extraordinary meeting of the Central Security Council Monday afternoon.

8:48am Voice of Lebanon radio station: Among the victims was adjutant Fouad Qadaweh who was taken to al-Haikaliya hospital.
8:45am LBC: The bus, which can carry up to 24 people, was hurled a long distance.
8:38am AFP: At least six people were killed and a dozen injured in the blast.
8:23am National News Agency: Five people were killed and 17 wounded in the Bahsas bombing.
8:14am Ash Sharq Radio station: At least 10 people were killed or wounded in the explosion.
8:10am LBC: A car bomb targeted a Lebanese army bus, wounding a number of soldiers.
7:45am The bomb ripped through a bus carrying Lebanese army soldiers, inflicting a number of casualties.
7:44am An explosion was heard near a Lebanese army post in Bahsas in northern Lebanon..


Live Coverage 9-27-08
3:20pm Speaker Berri adjourned election law discussions in Parliament until 8pm.
12:15pm A row developed at parliament between MPs Ali Khreis and Nayla Mouawad over the latter's reference to parliament closure for nearly two years.
10:50am Lebanon's Parliament convenes to tackle election law bill amidst sharp differences between the majority and FPM leader Michel Aoun.
9:36am The report said the car was rigged with 200 kilograms of explosives.
9:35am Syrian state TV reports 17 people killed 14 wounded in car bomb explosion at Sidi Qaddad neighborhood on the road leading to Damascus Airport.
9:30am A powerful explosion was reported at a Syrian security facility in Sidi Qaddad neighborhood south of Damascus.

Live Coverage 9-25-08
8:04pm Berri said Israel is launching an intelligence war against Lebanon to block reconciliation.
8:01pm Berri declared Support for the agreement with Mustaqbal leader Hariri on removing posters and meeting of local committees.
7:53pm Speaker Berri addresses an Iftar Banquet hosted by AMAL Movement.
4:40pm Saniora said Syria had informed Lebanon in advance of its military deployment off Lebanon's northern borders to combat smuggling.
4:32pm Premier Fouad Saniora told the cabinet differences should be tackled through state institutions and not in the streets.
3:42pm Hariri declared after meeting Berri that agreement has been reached on removing posters and banners from Beirut in three days.
3:40pm Hariri said he discussed with Speaker Berri implementing the security chapter of the Doha Accord.
2:20pm Al-Mustaqbal Movement leader Saad Hariri arrived in Ain el-Tineh for a meeting with Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri .
12:00 A meeting is underway in Rabiyeh between FPM leader Michel Aoun and a Maronite League delegation.
11:00am The cabinet began its weekly meeting at the Grand Serail under Premier Fouad Saniora.
10:40amThe Cabinet's Secretariat called on both public and private institutions to shut down on the first and second day of Eid el-Fitr.
10:00am The Maronite League visited Phalange Party leader Amin Gemayel as part of efforts to arrange intra-Christian reconciliation.

2:20pm Al-Mustaqbal Movement leader Saad Hariri arrived in Ein el-Tineh for a meeting with Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri .
12:00 A meeting is underway in Rabiyeh between FPM leader Michel Aoun and a Maronite League delegation.
11:00am The cabinet began its weekly meeting at the Grand Serail under Premier Fouad Saniora.
10:40amThe Cabinet's Secretariat called on both public and private institutions to shut down on the first and second day of Eid el-Fitr.
10:00am The Maronite League visited Phalange Party leader Amin Gemayel as part of efforts to arrange intra-Christian reconciliation.

Live Coverage 9-24-08
7:45pm Mustaqbal leader Hariri said after meeting Hizbullah team Beirut would not remain a hostage of weapons, but should be under state-army control.
5:47 Raad said the Nasrallah-Hariri meeting would be very soon.
5:45pm Hizbullah MP Mohammed Raad said his talks with Hariri were marked by Frankness.
4:35pm Mustaqbal Movement leader Saad Hariri received a delegation from Hizbullah at his residence in Beirut.
1:40pm Speaker Nabih Berri called for a parliamentary session on Saturday, Sept. 27 to ratify the elections law.

Live Coverage 9-23-08
2:40pm A bomb exploded at the southern refugee camp of Ain el-Hilweh, killing one Palestinian and wounding another

Live Coverage 9-22-08
4:45pm Aoun said 17.000 people are missing in Lebanon.
4:45pm Aoun said Geagea should have apoligized to three main personalities.
4:45pm He said deployment of Syrian troops in Syria is none of our business.
4:42pm Aoun said any reonciliation should be based on a ban on agitation.
4:44pm Aoun charged that a network of organized crime controls the country.
4:42pm Aoun said he might withdraw from the Conference on National Dialogue if the existing situation persists.
4:40pm Aoun said the election law proposed by the majority sets the stage for election fraud.
4:35pm Mp Michel Aoun addresses reporters at Rabiyeh following the weekly meeting of his Change and Reform Bloc.
2:00pm MP Robert Ghanem, head of the Adminitration and Justice Parliamentary Committee, said the election law bill would be ready by Thursday.
12:24pm Franjieh said the ballot boxes in the upcoming elections will determine who has the Christians' support.
12:19pm Franjieh called on Maronite Patriarch Nasrallah Sfeir to be a fair arbitrator among the Christians.
12:17pm What Geagea has done was escaping inter-Christian entente, Franjieh added.
12:10pm Franjieh said he would deal positively with the apology and it is accepted.
12:05pm Franjieh said he doesn't consider Geagea's apology addressed to him and his family.
12:00 Al-Marada Movement leader Suleiman Franjieh starts his press conference.

Live Coverage 9-21-08
2:57pm Geagea ends his address.
2L52pm Geagea to Hizbullah: As long as you maintain your arms the state institutions will never be capable.
2:51pm Geagea: The main points of the defense strategy are defined in the cabinet policy statement and the Doha agreement.
2:47pm Geagea called on the Arab countries to set a unified strategy to face Israel .
2:43pm March 14 Movement was the only real and civil revolution and resistance in Lebanon since the forties of the last century, Geagea added.
2:40pm Geagea addressing the Christians: Lebanon’s fate is in your hands during the next parliamentary elections.
2:30pm Geagea: I apologize for every unjustified wound, harm, damage that we inflicted during the civil war.
2:25pm Geagea said: We made mistakes in the past, some were horrible and harmful and if we could have avoided them we would never have committed them.
2:20 Geagea to his partisans: Some Lebanese reject you and do not want to recognize you or your martyrdom and label you criminals.
2:18pm Lebanese Forces Leader Samir Geagea starts his speech.

 12:20pm Army Command representative arrives at Jounieh Stadium.
 12:16pm FLR: Thousands of LF partisans and allied parties' supporters attend the memorial mass in Jounieh.
 12:13pm Free Lebanon Radio Station: President Suleiman telephoned Geagea and sent a wreath.
 12:10pm Phalange Party leader Amin Gemayel arrives at the festival venue.
 12:00pm Al-Mustaqbal Movement large convoy arrives along with MP Mustapha Alloush at Jounieh Stadium to attend the martyrs' mass.
 11:45am MPs Boutros Harb, Atef Majdalani, Naila Mouawad participate in the mass.
 11:35am MPs Marwan Hamadeh, Akram Shehayeb, Nehme Toeme and Abdullah Farhat arrive at Jounieh to represent the Progressive Socialist Party in the mass.
 11:27am Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea and his wife MP Strida Geagea arrive at the stadium.
 11:26am MP Solange Gemayel arrives at the Jounieh stadium.
 11:15am President Michel Suleiman left Beirut for New York to participate in the United Nations General Assembly.
 9:05am Hundreds are gathering at the Fouad Shehab stadium in Jounieh to attend the Lebanese Forces martyrs’ memorial mass.

Live Coverage 9-19-08
5:40pm Premier Saniora meets President Suleiman at Baabda Palace.
4:00pm Head of the international commission probing the Hariri Crime Daniele Bellmare meets President Suleiman.
3:30pm Vol. George Wehbeh was assigned to help in the nongoing investigation into the Bsarma killings.
12:35pm Berri after meeting Suleiman: I will call for a parliamentary meeting to ratify the elections draft law before the end of this month.
12:00pm President Michel Suleiman meets Speaker Nabih Berri at Baabda Palace.

Live Coverage 9-18-08
9:16pm VOL: Army intelligence arrested a man identified by his initials M.M. who confessed he had tossed a grenade into a military position in Chtaura.
8:00pm LBC: Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Jeffrey Feltman has been in Israel for the past two days to discuss issues concerning Lebanon which could be brought up during President Michel Suleiman's visit to Washington.
5:22pm Mitri: The Cabinet discussed the security situation as well as a number of security and judicial measures.
5:20pm Mitri: Differences in positions are a necessity. It is not acceptable, however, to turn these differences into acts outside the law.
5:15pm Cabinet meeting over.
10:30am Cabinet meets under Premier Saniora.

Live Coverage 9-17-08
   Lebanon Developments
5:12pm Geagea called for self restraint and wisdon.
5:11pm Geagea said he called government and security officials and proposed banning gathering by all partisans.
5:07pm Geagea starts Press Conference.
4:30am President Suleiman presiding over a meerting at the Baabda Palace grouping Army Commander, director of military intelligence and commander of security forces.
2:15pm Geagea will hold a press conference at 4:30pm to clarify Bsarma incident circumstances.
12:51pm Franjieh: I hold the Lebanese Forces responsible for provoking the shooting incident and MP Farid Habibi direct responsibility; and let the judiciary decide.
12:50pm Franjieh: What a coincidence that Youssef Franjieh was killed in the shooting attack, only two months after he announced on O.T.V. that he had opened fire on Samir Geagea during the Ehden Massacre.
12:45pm Marada Movement leader Suleiman Franjieh gave the government a 15-day to 1-month ultimatum to reveal the truth behind the shooting incident in Bsarma-Koura
8:00am Marada sources: This action was a deliberate provocation aimed at “dragging our members into a fight so the assassination of (Marada) official Youssef Franjieh could be carried out.”
8:00am Marada sources: Lebanese Forces members provoked the fight with Youssef Franjieh when they tried to put up banners near Marada’s office in Bsarma.
7:18am Security forces raided the house of Syrian Social Nationalist Party member Ghassan Ghazi -- suspected of causing the Bsarma clashes – and arrested him. The security forces also confiscated weapons from his house.
7:15am The victims were identified as Pierre Ishaq and head of Marada in Bsarma known as Abu Joe. The 3 wounded were members of the Lebanese Forces
7:05am Press reports said the clashes took place after midnight when Marada supporters in Bsarma began tearing down banners belonging to the Lebanese Forces. When LF members came back to replace the banners they were taken by surprise by the shooting.
7:00am 2 people were killed and 3 wounded in clashes between the Lebanese Forces and Marada Movement and the Syrian Social Nationalist Party in Koura.

Live Coverage 9-16-08 Dialogue Day 1
   Lebanon Developments
8:28pm We do not want to obstruct the National Dialogue but we want it to succeed, Nasrallah stressed.
8:23pm Nasrallah said Hizbullah insists on broadening the participation in the National Dialogue.
8:20pm Nasrallah said Hizbullah is serious about the dialogue.
8:10pm Saleh Aridi’s assassination aimed at creating a conflict between the Resistance and other parties, Nasrallah said.
8:00pm We should cooperate to strengthen the state’s authority and to protect the people and the nation, Nasrallah said.
7:55pm Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah starts his speech at an iftar by the Islamic Resistance Support Association.
5:22pm The Cabinet will hold a meeting at the Grand Serail next Thursday.
4:25pm The second session of National Dialogue was set on the fifth of November, NNA reported.
3:02pm LBC: Geagea and Aoun did not shake hands or engage in any type of friendly chit-chat during the dialogue session.
3:00pm LBC: The second round of national dialogue is not likely to take place before mid-October.
2:25pm The first round of National Dialogue concludes at the Baabda Palace.
2:10pm The Taalabaya-Saadnayel road was repoed to traffic.
1:59pm Wiam Wahab's bodyguards shot and wounded Lebanese Citizen Adnan Ismail Qassem in the Dahr al-Baydar area.
1:45pm Heavy exchange of gunfire in Taalabaya during funeral of Monday's victim blocks traffic along the international highway.
11:55am Dialogue resumes behind closed doors after Suleiman's address.
11:52am Suleiman ends address.
11:52am He said Lebanon survives on dialogue and should maintain this trend.
11:51am Suleiman urged the media to back dialogue and facilitate entente and national unity.
11:50am he said the Aridi crime was carried out by enemies of Lebanon, whom we should confront.
11:50am Suleiman said Saleh Aridi was assassinated to block dialogue.
11:49am The dialogue atmosphere would promote the speedy adoption of election law, Suleiman said.
11:48am Suleiman said the summit he had with Syrian President Bashar Assad provides positive developments that facilitates dialogue.
11:47am I am confident that we can adopt a strategy to defend Lebanon based on benefitting from the capabilities of the resistance, Suleiman said.
11:47am He said Israel persists with its occupation of Lebanese territories.

 11:46am Discussing the defense strategy is a long process, Suleiman said.
 11:45 He paid tribute to the efforts exerted by the Arab league and Qatar.
 11:44am Suleiman said the small state of Lebanon has no other option but to be united to face challenges targeting the region.
 11:43am he called for sacrifices and concessions in favor of Lebanon and its dignity.
 11:43am Suleiman said frankness and reconciliation lead to the building of a strong state.
 11:42 Suleiman said the meeting opens a window to calm dialogue, discussions and respect of opinions.
 11:40am Suleiman launches National Dialogue 42 minutes behind schedule.
 11:30am Moussa and Saniora meet prior to the dialogue conference.
 11:27am President Michel Suleiman sponsoring meeting at his office grouping Hariri, Jumblat, Berri and Raad in an apparent effort to set the stage for launching the dialogue.
 11:12am All the 14 participants in the Conference on National Dialogue have arrived at the Baabda Palace.
 10:45am Participants in the National Dialogue start arriving at Baabda Palace.
 9:45am Premier Saniora meeting Foreign Minister of Spain Miguel Angel Moratinos.

Live Coverage 9-15-08
6:21pm He said the two sides have agreed to resort only to political activity and to the state to sort out differences.
6:20pm Abu Faour said a scholastic year is to be launched and no one wants to send his children to a scholastic confrontation.
6:19pm Abu Faour said the meeting with Hizbullah does not mean that we have abandoned our allies.
6:17pm Abu Faour said the Beirut topic was thoroughly discussed and agreement has been reached on rejecting attacks on dignities of citizens.
6:15pm Abu Faour said agreement has been reached between the PSP and Hizbullah on establishing a "safety net" to safeguard the social fabric.
6:14pm He said dialogue should be the channel to settle political disputes.
6:12pm Cabinet Minister Wael Abu Faour said political differences are normal, but only the state should decide on them.
6:10pm Fneish said more meetings would be held and normal relations would be regained.
6:09pm Fneish said contacts were underway to overcome obstacles facing a possible meeting between Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah and Mustaqbal Movement leader Saad Hariri.
6:05pm Fneish said the reconciliatory meeting aims at facilitating the proposed national dialogue.

 6:02pm Cabinet Minister Fneish paid tribute to Arslan for seeking to re-link two political factions.
 5:58pm He said such meetings do not replace the dialogue conference that president Suleiman would launch on Tuesday at the Baabda Palace.
 5:52pm Arslan said the reconciliatory meeting he hosted between the PSP and Hizbullah was a serious first step to be followed by meetings between the two sides at the field level.
 5:18pm Moussa said launching the national dialogue under President Suleiman is "encouraging," noting that expanding the list of participants or adding topics to the agenda is up to the Lebanese participants.

5:15pm Moussa told reporters after talks with President Suleiman at the Baabda Palace that he pays tribute to efforts that achieved the tripoli reconciliation.
5:10pm Clashes broke out between Fatah and Jund al-Sham in the southern refugee camp of Ain al-Hilweh after the killing of a militant.
4:48pm Aoun said the proposed national dialogue should determine if the resistance is necessary and who should pull the trigger.
4:40pm Aoun said culprits in the Aridi crime are linked to foreign authorities.
4:36pm We support Arslan's reconciliation effort between the PSP and Hizbullah.
4:35pm Aoun: Hajj Abu Zainab gave us the key and we have sent it to the biship.
4:25pm Hizbullah's Political Council Member Ghaleb Abu Zainad handed over the key to Lassa's old church to FPM leader Aoun.
4:15pm A reconciliation meeting is underway at the residence of LDP leader Talal Arslan between representatives of the Progressive Socialist Party and Hizbullah.
3:33pm FPM leader Michel Aoun said after meeting LDP leader Talal Arslan we are trying to consolidate stability in the mountain.
2:50pm Moussa said inter-Arab relations raise concerns. The Arab League's role in Lebanon is to narrow the gap between the various factions.
2:40pm Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa arrives in Beirut to attend the National Dialogue session tomorrow at Baabda Palace.
1:30pm A meeting between Hizbullah delegation headed by Minister Mohammed Fneish and a PSP delegation is expected to take place at 4pm at Democratic party leader Talal Arslan’s residence in Khalde.
11:45am MP Michel el-Murr arrives in Beirut to participate in the National Dialogue session tomorrow.
7:15am Six makeshift bombs exploded in Beirut's Cornishe al-Mazraa district overnight, causing damage but no casualties.

Live Coverage 9-14-08
5:35pm Gemayel: Palestinian arms inside and outside the refugee camps are a constant threat to Lebanon.
5:32pm Arms not controlled by the state are not allowed anymore, Gemayel said.
5:30pm Nadim Bashir Gemayel starts his speech.
4:00pm A memorial mass on the 26th anniversary of the assassination of then President-elect Bashir Gemayel begins in Ashrafiyeh.
1:18pm Security forces arrested Rabih Sablouh, a member of the Islamic Tawheed Movement, for allegedly shooting at a citizen on Saturday in Tripoli.
1:15pm VOL: The Lebanese army confiscated weapons belonging to the “Islamic Tawheed Movement – Hashem Minkara Wing” at a random checkpoint in Tripoli.
10:55am Maronite Patriarch Nasrallah Sfeir: We pray for next week’s dialogue and hope that the Lebanese will forget their differences.

Live Coverage 9-12-08
   Lebanon Developments
1:14 Cabinet Minister Aridi ends address.
1:12 Minister Aridi said Baisour is committed to the march of reconciliation launched by Arslan and Jumblat.
1:11pm He called for referring the crime to the judiciary council so that justice could be served.
1:10pm He said the assassination of Aridi targeted the Doha Accord, to which we are committed.
1:09pm He said Aridi fell in defense of the mountain's unity.
1:07pm He recalled that the victim had played a major role in confronting Israeli troops in Baisour.
1:05pm MP Ghazi Aridi starts address.
1:02pm Arslan ends address.
1:01pm Arslan vowed that the mountain would lead the march to reconciliation and unity.
1:00pm He said the mountain's role is to protect the resistance.
12:59pm Arslan said Lebanon has one enemy that is Israel.

 12:57pm Arslan pledged that we would be stronger than the crime.
 12:56pm Arslan said the criminal does not distinguish between the majority and opposition.
 12:55pm Arslan said assassinations are half crimes, they aim at vengeanance.
 12:54pm Arslan pledged to proceed with what he had started in May with Nasrallah and jumblat.
 12:53pm Arslan praised Aridi for his strategic relations with Syria and the resistance, as well as with Jumblat.
 12:52pm He said Aridi fell in defense of the Arab belonging of the mountain.
 12:51pm Arslan said Aridi, the mountain eagle, fell, but the mountain would not fall.
 12:49pm Arslan pays tribute to Syrian President Bashar Assad, Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah, Jumblat and other leaders.
 12:45pm Arslan starts address.
 12:43pm Jumblat ends address.
12:41pm Jumblat paid special tribute to the participation in the funeral by AMAL movement and Hizbullah.
12:40pm Jumblat said only the 1949 armistice accord could protect Lebanon and the state should protect all its citizens.
12:39pm Jumblat stressed on president Suleiman's call for national dialogue.
12:39pm Jumblat said a scheme to fragment the region launched by israel is still in its initial stages.
12:38pm Jumblat said the message has been received, the loss is huge and can only be compensated by commitment to unity.
12:37pm Jumblat addresses Aridi mourners.
12:30pm A delegation representing Mustaqbal Movements arrives in Baisour for the funeral.
12:20pm A Hizbullah delegation arrived in Baisour for Aridi's funeral.
12:15pm PSP leader Walid Jumblat joins Democratic Party leader Talal Arslan for the Aridi funeral in Baisour.

Live Coverage 9-11-08
   Lebanon Developments
12:35pm Lebanese army helicopters take part in efforts to put out a fire that engulfed a boat off Ibrahim River.
12:18pm Druze spiritual leader Sheikh Naim Hassan meets Premier Fouad Saniora at the Grand Serail.
12:15pm PSP leader Walid Jumblat said after talks with an AMAL Movement delegation in Clemenceau that he will hold a meeting with Arslan to take a “unified stand” regarding Aridi’s assassination.
11:32am Arslan said he will refer the assassination to the judicial council, Lebanon’s highest court.
11:31am Arslan: Aridi’s assassination was aimed at sowing discord and destroying the mountain and its unity.
11:30am Arslan: While political differences are legitimate, unrest and divide are forbidden.
11:20am Arslan: Unity in the mountains which we started hand-in-hand with Walid Jumblat and the Resistance master (Nasrallah) shall continue.
11:18am Arslan to the late Aridi: What we have started together on May 7 shall continue for the sake of the mountains and the nation.
11:15am Arslan from Baisour: The message has arrived to the entire (people of the) mountains and to the Lebanese Democratic Party.
10:18am The U.S. condemned the assassination of Saleh Aridi.

 9:00am Foreign Minister Fawzi Salloukh left for Geneva to take part in a summit on Armed Violence and Development.
 8:25am An explosion in a pickup truck on the Lebanese-Syrian border in the east killed a Lebanese man and 4 Syrian nationals.

Live Coverage 9-10-08
   Lebanon Developments
 9:50pmA car bomb explosion killed Saleh al-Aridi, a ranking official of Arslan’s Democratic Party, and wounded six people in the town of Baisour.
 8:03pm Hariri end address.
 8:02pm We are at an historic cross-road, Hariri said.
 8:01pm Hariri pledged to take part in the national dialogue with an olive branch to defend civil order.
 8:00pm Hariri urged citizens of the Bekaa to safeguard the state.
 7:59pm Hariri said he would follow the path of his slain father to confront the scheme targeting stability.
 7:56pm Hariri addressed citizens of Tripoli saying the reconciliation is vlauable and should not be penetrated.
 7:55pm Hariri expressed gratitude to all those who supported Beirut and the Mustaqbal Movement.
 7:54pm Hariri said Wounded Beirut did not succumb.
 7:53pm Hariri addresses Iftar in Bekaa.

2:00pm The army command announced that committees have started assessing damage inflicted during the Tripoli violennce.
1:15pm A meeting is underway between Karami and Assad in Damascus.
12:00pm Patriarch Nasrallah Sfeir meets with U.S. ambassador Michele Sison.
10:30am Former Prime Minister Omar Karami headed to Damascus for a meeting with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Live Coverage 9-9-08
   Lebanon Developments
8:35pm President Michel Suleiman set Tuesday, Sept. 16 as the date for launching the national dialogue.
7:05pm Shatah: The cabinet approved a proposal to raise the monthly salary by LL 200,000 retroactive to May 2008.
6:54pm Information Minister Tareq Mitri: President Suleiman briefed the cabinet on his talks with Assad about Israeli-Syrian negotiations and Israeli threats against Lebanon.
6:50pm Cabinet session over.
5:55pm Hariri said about a possible meeting with Hizbullah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah that the doors to Qoreitem are open for everybody.
5:35pm LBC: Shootout is reported between Abdul Hadi Hassoun and Oussama Shabaan in Tripoli's Abi Samra neighborhood.
4:55pm MP Saad Hariri arrived in Bkirki and went straight into a meeting with Maronite Patriarch Nasrallah Sfeir.
1:25pm Defense Minister Elias Murr appointed Brig. Edmond Fadel director of military intelligence.
12:30pm Employees of the power authority carried out a warning strike at their offices to protest against attacks on employees.
12:15pm Examining Magistrate Rashid Mizher issued an arrest warrant for Hizbullah operative Mustafa Moqaddem on charges of shooting at the army helicopter and killing Capt. Samer Hanna.
11:10am Government meeting underway at Baabda Palace presided over by President Michel Suleiman.

Live Coverage 9-8-08
10:49pm representatives of the various factions sign the Tripoli Reconciliation documment.
10:48pm Hariri said there is no difference between Muslim and Muslim as well as between Muslim and non-Muslim.
10:47pm Hariri said the state would exert all possible efforts to provide violence victims with all their needs before the end of ramadan.
10:45pm Hariri paid tribute to all leaders who facilitated the Tripoli reconciliation.
10:39pm Saniora said Hariri poledged to finance reconstruction efforts in Tripoli.
10:37pm Saniora said Tripoli's security is an integral part of Lebanon's security.
10:32pm Sanioa pledged that the state would carry out its role in enforcing law and order. Any trouble maker is an enemy of Tripoli and all its citizens.
10:30pm Saniora said the reconciliation document is a binding commitment and should be respected by all factions.
10:25pm Saniora said regional developments should encourage us to safeguard our country and avoid sliding into internal dispute.
10:23pm Saniora said hariri reconciliatory efforts brought good news for the future of Tripoli.

 10:19pm Saniora said Tripoli should be a demilitarized city free of gunmen and military manifestations.
 10:15pm Saniora said no one can ignore Tripoli's role in Lebanon's independence.
 10:12pm Saniora makes a statement prior to declaring the reconciliation document.
 9:00pm Saniora said the government has ordered the security forces and army to enforce law and order in Tripoli. Even sticks would be banned.
 8:50pm Karami said the reconciliation would end the Tripoli crisis.
 8:45pm Karami said Tripoli should be a demilitarized.
 8:38pm Saniora said the state should protect Tripoli citizens.
 8:30pm Saniora and ex-Premier Omar Karami hold joint press conference.
 5:10pm Aoun said only President Michel Suleiman should respond to comments made by Syrian President Assad on Lebanon.
 4:45pm Aoun complained against what he termed "media prostitution."

4:35pm FPM leader Michel Aoun Welcomes the reconciliation in Tripoli.
1:15pm Military prosecutor Rashid Mezher will interrogate Tuesday the person who shot at the Lebanese army helicopter that killed Capt. Samer Hanna.
1:00pm A personal quarrel in the town of Ali al-Nahri in east Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley developed into a knife fight that left one person killed and 3 wounded.
12:45pm Foreign Minister Fawzi Salloukh left for Cairo to take part in a meeting of foreign ministers from the Arab League.
12:40pm A meeting is underway between Premier Fouad Saniora and chief U.N. investigator Daniel Bellemare.
11:20am Bahraini Interior Minister Sheikh Rashed bin Abdullah al-Khalifa arrived in Beirut.
11:15am A meeting is underway among representatives of political journalists of media outlets to discuss the items in a new electoral draft law presented by the Administration and Justice Committee concerning the media sector.
11:00am The Administration and Justice Committee is meeting at Parliament to discuss the new electoral law.

Live Coverage 9-6-08
   Lebanon Developments
4:30pm MP Mustapha Alloush: Hariri’s Visit to Tripoli is vital following Assad’s dubious campaign.
3:33pm MP Elie Kairouz: We are still at the heart of the crisis and the Lebanese Forces shall continue its struggle.
11:45am Ex-Premier Omar Karami returned home from a visit to Iran.
11:35am israeli warplanes fly reconnaissance missions over south Lebanon.
11:30am Mustaqbal Movement leader Saad hariri arrives in Tripoli.

Live Coverage 9-5-08
2:45pm Saniora says tentative agreement has been reached on a pay raise that would be discussed by the cabinet in its forthcoming meeting.
12:05pm Parliament’s justice and administrative committee will convene on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to discuss a bill to amend the current elections law.
12:00pm Israeli jetfighters flew reconnaissance flights over the northern areas of Batroun, Shekka, Tripoli and Diman.
10:20am Voice of Lebanon: The government will hold its weekly session next Tuesday.
7:15am Huge traffic was reported during morning rush our near Beirut’s Pierre Gemayel Boulevard which was closed after a main water pipe blew up. Traffic was diverted to secondary roads.

Live Coverage 9-4-08
9:50pm Saniora: We don’t accept the use of weapons as a means to change and we welcome dialogue through constitutional institutions.
9:48pm Saniora: Tripoli is not a city for terrorism as it is accused by some (people). The conflict is mainly deliberate and (it involves) external parties.
9:45pm PM Saniora said during an Iftar dinner that the government will tackle the pay raise issue next week.
9:36pm Nasrallah ends his speech.
9:35pm Nasrallah: The families of the martyrs – both from the resistance and the army – want justice and I hope that the holy month of Ramadan will be a month of forgiveness, repentance and justice.
9:33pm Nasrallah: I pardon the group charged with plotting to assassinate me.
9:30pm Nasrallah: There is a national unity government and it should bear the responsibility of recovering martyrs’ bodies from Israel.
9:28pm Nasrallah: I officially announce today that there are no Lebanese prisoners alive in Israeli jails and the dossier of brother Yehya Skaff remains to be solved.
9:25pm Nasrallah: We don’t believe that the dossier of (resistance) bodies is closed.
9:12pm Nasrallah: The person who opened fire on the helicopter was the one who asked to be turned over to the military judiciary. We do not turn over anyone by force.
9:18pm Nasrallah: Some analyses said that the incident was intentional and that Hizbullah was drawing red lines on the state. These analyses bear a grudge. Are they instigating hatred? Are they turning the army against the resistance?
9:19pm Nasrallah paid condolences to the family of airman Samer Hanna.
9:10pm Nasrallah: The helicopter was not downed but was flying over the area and some brethren got suspicious and opened fire.
9:09pm Nasrallah: The Lebanese army command, the intelligence and the prime minister dealt responsibly with the helicopter issue in Sujud.
9:07pm May 7 events proved that others, too, possess weapons and no one can prevent them from resisting and fighting (Israeli troops).
9:00pm Nasrallah: Decision of war and peace is in the hands of Israel and America.
8:59pm Nasrallah: Israel is the one who is threatening (Lebanon with war), while we are the ones who say ‘we will protect our territory and we will destroy the enemy.’
8:48pm Nasrallah: We are still in the heart of the battle and in the heart of confrontation.
8:50pm Nasrallah to Israel: The five (Israeli) brigades will be destroyed in the south, Western Bekaa and everywhere.
8:40pm Nasrallah: The resistance knew its enemy from the beginning and knew what it wants – liberate the land and the people.
8:35pm Nasrallah: The resistance in Lebanon, Palestine and Iraq is an embodiment of the will of the occupied people.
8:20pm Nasrallah begins his speech.
5:00pm Manar TV: Hizbullah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah will deliver a speech at 8 pm today during an Iftar dinner.
3:58pm Future News TV: Israel will evacuate the northern part of Ghajar in three months.
2:10pm A delegation from Hizbullah visited Gen. Jean Qahwaji to congratulate him for his new post.
2:00pm The Army Command: The military abides by legislative decisions and doesn’t take sides.
1:15pm Families of those arrested after the Sheikh Lar clashes in Akkar tried to cut the Bireh-Qobayyat-Bekaa road to protest the arrests. But mediation in cooperation with security forces stopped their actions.
12:00pm Israeli warplanes overflew Nabatiyeh and its surroundings.
11:25am Sarkozy: We back all of Lebanon and not just one side.
11:24am Sarkozy: We stress the independence and sovereignty of Lebanon and peace in it.
11:18am French President Sarkozy: We are happy that Qatar succeeded in its mission. What Assad did in Lebanon brought back trust between Lebanon and Syria.
11:14am The Syrian president said that the Lebanese should solve their main problems through dialogue. A principle element of the positive developments was Suleiman’s visit to Damascus.

 10:15am Qatari Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani: Lebanon has gone through an ordeal. It is only now that the security situation started to stabilize despite the Tripoli events.
 10:00am Syrian President Bashar Assad at the quadripartite summit: The situation in Lebanon is still fragile. We are worried about what is happening in the north. We are awaiting the end of legal procedures to appoint ambassadors.

Live Coverage 9-3-08
9:45pm Al-Mustaqbal movement leader MP Saad Hariri said he is ready to support and sponsor all reconciliation efforts in Tripoli and the North.
8:05pm Sarkozy said he discussed with Assad the special tribunal for Lebanon.
8:02pm Saniora said after meeting President Suleiman in Baabda the cabinet would not hold its weekly meeting on Thursday, noting that the pay raise would be discussed next week.
7:55pm Sarkozy stressed in a joint press conference with Assad in Damascus the importance of a sovereign and independent Lebanon.
7:00pm Premier Saniora telephoned his Belgian counterpart to extend condolences over the death of a Belgian UNIFIL sapper in south Lebanon.
6:00pm VOL: The cabinet will not hold its weekly meeting on Thursday.
2:01pm Bishops’ statement: Loyalty to the nation is a national obligation.
2:00pm Bishops statement called for thorough reconciliation, stating that serving foreign states is tantamount to high treason.
1:58pm Bishops statement: It’s a pity that our country still witnesses some insulting speeches at the official level while government institutes are disunited.
1:55pm Bishops statement: There is a sharp divide among political groups in Lebanon and there is an urgent need for March 14 and March 8 to get along now that the national unity government has been formed.

 1:50pm Maronite Bishops statement “highly cherished” efforts exerted by the President, the government and parliament to return the situation to normal and hoped that a new electoral law would soon be adopted.
 12:45pm Heavy Israeli overflights are reported over Marjayoun, Khiam, Nabatiyeh and Iqlim al-Tuffah.
 12:40pm Suleiman meets Speaker Nabih Berri at Baabda Palace.
 11:00am President Suleiman told visitors there would be no dialogue without reconciliation and no reconciliation without dialogue.
 9:30am Maronite Bishops hold their monthly meeting at Diman.

Live Coverage 9-2-08
2:35pm Egypt's public prosecutor charged Egyptian tycoon Hisham Talaat Mustafa with involvement in the brutal killing of Lebanese singer Suzanne Tamim in Dubai.
200pm The Administration and Justice Committee holds a meeting at Parliament.
11:45am Saniora is meeting with heads of municipalities and syndicates in Tripoli and will later hold talks with other officials and journalists from the northern city.
10:55am Army commander Gen. Jean Qahwaji in his first Order of the Day: Keep your eyes (focused) on the south to reclaim the occupied land and on the domestic situation to consolidate security.
10:50am Saniora meets Muslim and Christian spiritual leaders from Tripoli.
10:45am Premier Saniora to Tripoli representatives: Nothing could justify negligence in providing your city with security.
10:15am Saniora meets Tripoli cabinet ministers and MPs.
10:00am Miqati after meeting Saniora at the Grand Serail: The fundamental solution is settling the security situation in Tripoli.
9:30am PM Fouad Saniora launched consultations to resolve several issues regarding the northern city of Tripoli, and is meeting former PM Najib Miqati.
7:20am VOL: Unknown assailants tossed a hand grenade into a crowd in east Lebanon’s Taalbaya district at dawn Tuesday, wounding five people.

Live Coverage 9-1-08
   Lebanon Developments
2:10pm Army Commander Gen. Qahwaji assumed his new post at the defense ministry.
2:00pm President Michel Suleiman left for Qatar on an official visit.
12:15pm Premier Saniora discussed the security situation with ISF commander Gen. Ashraf Rifi.
11:10am Israeli troops carry out war games around their outposts in the occupied Shebaa Farms region. Thuds of explosions echo across southern villages.
10:25am Seven MPs presented a memo to President Suleiman proposing a constitutional amendment banning the naturalization of Palestinians.
10:22am Unidentified assailants started fire in a car belonging to customs official Akram Rhayyem at the Masnaa border crossing to Syria.

Live Coverage 8-30-08
   Lebanon Developments
8:00pm KSA announced that Ramadan starts on the first of September.
2:10pm Interior Minister Baroud Meets Patriarch Sfeir in Diman.
2:00pm A major car accident blocks traffic near the Nahr al-Kalb Tunnel on the northern highway leading to Tripoli. Rescuers are evacuating casualties.
12:20pm The new Army Commander Brig. Gen. Jean Qahwaji was promoted to the rank of General at the Baabda Palace where he met president Michel Suleiman.
11:40am FPM leader Michel Aoun leaves for Europe on a private visit.

Live Coverage 8-29-08
1:40pm Hizbullah said it will cooperate with the Lebanese army and judicial authorities to find out the truth about the attack on the military helicopter in the south.
12:15pm Maj. Gen Shawki Masri and Maj. Gen. Saeed Eid informed PM Fouad Saniora about the ongoing investigation into the shooting on the army helicopter.
11:15am Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas met with Phalange party leader Amin Gemayel who stressed his rejection to naturalize Palestinians in Lebanon.
11:00am Media reports: The shooting attack in Tripoli targeted the home and office of ex-PM Omar Karami’s brother
9:48am Buildings housing apartments and offices belonging to politicians in Tripoli’s Maarad street came under fire.
9:45am Batroun residents thronged the streets to welcome the body of slain 1st Lieutenant Samer Hanna, who will be buried at his hometown in Tannourine.

Live Coverage 8-28-08
7:45pm Abbas arrives at Grand Serail and goes into immediate meeting with Saniora.
7:20pm Palestinian President Abbas called after meeting Berri for wise and firm handling of tension in Lebanon’s Palestinian refugee camps to avoid a repeat of the Nahr al-Bared tragedy.
7:10pm Army units moved in to contain clashes between rival gunmen in the northern village of Sheikh Lar.
6:30pm Abbas meets Berri at Ain el-Tineh.
4:00pm An extraordinary session is to be held at Baabda Palace Friday the evening.
3:15pm Abbas and the accompanying delegation left the Baabda Palace where a meeting is currently underway between President Suleiman and Speaker Berri.
2:30pm A state banquet is thrown for Abbas in the presence of Berri, Saniora and several Lebanese dignitaries.
1:30pm Abbas after meeting Suleiman: We are against naturalization of Palestinians in Lebanon. Palestinians in Lebanon are under the law … We agree with Lebanon on the issue of Palestinian weapons.
1:15pm Lebanese army command: Military helicopter came under gunfire attack by armed members, forcing it to make an emergency landing in Iqlim al-Tuffah. 1st lt. Samer Hanna was killed in the attack.
12:14pm Intense Israeli overflights over Jezzine in south Lebanon.
12:12pm AFP: Gunmen opened fire on a Lebanese army helicopter flying over a southern village, killing an officer.
12:10pm A formal reception was given to Abbas at Baabda Palace.
12:00pm OTV: A Lebanese army helicopter was forced to land in Arab Salim and four crew members were wounded.
11:47am Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas arrived at Beirut airport.
11:46am Reports that a Lebanese army officer was killed in the helicopter shooting.
11:40am A Lebanese army helicopter was hit by gunfire from unidentified gunmen over Sojod hills in south Lebanon.

 7:45am Unknown gunmen opened fire overnight on Lebanese army troops in Qobbeh district in the northern city of Tripoli.
 7:20am Lebanese authorities foiled an attempt to smuggle a huge quantity of cocaine through Beirut airport.

Live Coverage 8-27-08
   Lebanon Developments
5:35pm Abulgheit meets Phalange Party leader Amin Gemayel.
3:55pm Defense Minister Elias el-Murr met Hale and U.S. ambassador to Lebanon Michelle Sesson to discuss U.S. aid to Lebanese Army
3:05pm LBC: One person wounded in the clashes at Ain el-Hilweh.
1:30pm Clashes erupted between the mainstream Fatah faction and extremists from Jund al-Sham in south Lebanon’s Palestinian refugee camp of Ain el-Hilweh
1:10pm Abulgheit meets Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri.
12:14pm Abulgheit meets former Prime Minister Najib Mikati.
12:02pm Future TV: Israeli troops comb the surroundings of their positions in the occupied-Shebaa Farms amid helicopter overflights.
11:02am U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State David Hale meets President Michel Suleiman at Baabda Palace.
10:20am Abulgheit: Egypt is prepared to build the Lebanese army capabilities so it could shoulder its responsibilities .
10:15am The Parliamentary Administration and Justice Committee is holding a meeting under MP Robert Ghanem to discuss the proposed law on electoral divisions and related reforms.
10:10am Abulgheit meets Prime Minister Fouad Saniora at the Grand Serail.
9:44am Abulgheit said he is worried about the situation in Lebanon, particularly in Tripoli.
9:41am Abulgheit said after meeting President Michel Suleiman: The president is always welcome to visit Egypt.
8:40am VOL: A Lebanese citizen was wounded early Wednesday by gunfire in the eastern town of Taalbaya in a quarrel over hanging posters of Imam Moussa Sadr.

Live Coverage 8-26-08
   Lebanon Developments
4:00pm Communications minister Jibran Bassil said March 14 Forces are responsible for postponing the adoption of the electoral constituencies’ bill.
3:40pm Future TV: The proposed electoral constituencies' law was referred to the parliamentary administration and justice committee
1:25pm Speaker Nabih Berri said he would form a parliamentary committee to investigate into alleged bugging of telephone communication.
1:20pm Israeli warplanes carried out mock air raids over the central and eastern sectors of south Lebanon.
1:15pm Parliament has been in session since 10:30am and has adopted 17 laws out of 31 listed bills.
4:15pm Belgian Defense minister arrived in Beirut to inspect his country’s contingent in UNIFIL and to meet Lebanese officials.

Live Coverage 8-25-08
   Lebanon Developments
10:10pm Sporadic disturbances between AMAL and Mustaqbal Movement in Beirut’s Ras al-Nabaa and Hamra districts.
4:55pm Aoun said, following his bloc's weekly meeting, that reforms had been proposed due to pressures by the opposition and electoral constituencies should be adopted tomorrow.
4:50pm FPM leader Michel Aoun said his bloc would propose a bill to parliament defining powers of the deputy prime minister.
2:10pm Kouchner arrived in Damascus for talks with Syrian officials.
12:23 Kouchner said he will convey a message to Syria about general willingness to live in a stable Lebanon.
12:22pm Kouchner: The situation is complicated in Lebanon. Let us not add more complications to it.
12:20pm Kouchner at Beirut airport: France is Lebanon’s friend. We came to express our support for the Doha accord.
12:10pm VDL: Kouchner discussed with Berri about the Shebaa Farms issue.
11:40am Kouchner is meeting with Berri in Ain el-Tineh.
10:20am The army command: Israeli warplanes flew over southern Lebanon and Beirut on Sunday night.
10:18am Kouchner arrived for a meeting with PM Fouad Saniora at the Grand Serail.
10:05am Two people were killed and 5 wounded of the same family when their car slipped on the old Akkar road in north Lebanon.
10:00am Kouchner after meeting Suleiman: Our openness to Damascus is related to steps made by Syria in favor of Lebanon.
9:00am French FM Bernard Kouchner arrived at Baabda Palace and went into talks with President Michel Suleiman.

Live Coverage 8-24-08
   Lebanon Developments
8:00pm French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner arrives in Beirut for talks with Lebanese officials.
6:40pm Aoun adresses his partisans at a rally in Jezzine.
6:00pm Aoun arrives at Jezzine's main square.
3:38pm Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah said during the annual Imam al Mahdi Scouts’ celebration that Hizbullah takes the Israeli threats seriously. Israel in exaggerating for internal political reasons.
3:24pm Aoun will wrap up his southern tour in Jezzine where thousands of his supporters are gathering to greet him.
3:20pm Aoun is having lunch at al-Tiri village.
1:14pm Aoun relayed to the crowds salutes from the mountain.
1:12pm Aoun told a rally in Bint Jbeil the defense strategy should protect our homeland and we are ready for that.
12:50pm MP Ali Bazzi, speaking on behalf of Amal Movement, welcomed Aoun in the name of "all southerners."
12:42pm Cabinet Minister Mario Aoun said Patriarch Sfeir can declare his opinion as "a citizen" from Lebanon and stated that he is against intervention by clergymen in politics.
12:40pm Aoun arrives at Bint Jbeil.
11:55am Hizbullah MP Ali Ammar told OTV he is proud of Aoun's visit to south Lebanon, declaring that contacts with the FPM started in the 1990s.
11:18am Aoun tells supporters in Rmeich the martyrs of the army and Hizbullah resistance have merged to defend the nation.
10:45am Aoun arrives at Rmeich to a greeting by partisans.
10:05a, Maronite Patriarch Nasrallah Sfeir warned against the persisting splits in viewpoints and called for uniting views and hearts to safeguard the nation.
9:45am Aoun lays a wreath at the Qana Martyrs graveyard and leaves for Rmeich.

Live Coverage 8-23-08
   Lebanon Developments
12:45pm Mustaqbal MP Ammar Houri: We will not accept Punishment while others go untouched.
12:00pm Lebanese army command responds to Mustaqbal MP Mustafa Alloush: The military was not and will not take sides in any internal conflict.
11:30am State Minister Nassib Lahoud headed to the United States where he would take part in a Democratic Party conference.
10:00am Foreign Minister Fawzi Salloukh heads to Equatorial Guinea as part of efforts to upgrade political and economic relations.
7:30am Al Liwaa: An Israeli force made up of 8 soldiers made a brief penetration overnight into Mais al-Jabal before pulling out.
7:15am Five people were wounded in an overnight clash in Beirut’s Tarik Jedideh neighborhood.

Live Coverage 8-21-08
   Lebanon Developments
5:30pm Cabinet convenes.
5:25pm Defense Minister Elias Murr confirmed upon arrival at Baabda that the appointment of Lebanon’s new army commander will not be made during today’s cabinet session.
5:20pm A closed-door meeting is underway between President Michel Suleiman and Premier Fouad Saniora ahead of the cabinet meeting.
3:43pm French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner rescheduled his visit to Lebanon until next Sunday.
1:50pm The Higher Judicial Council appointed judge George Rizq Examining Magistrate in the Zahle Crime.
1:40pm Lebanese troops seal off Sheik Bilal Shaaban's residence in Tripoli to check a suspicious object found deserted in the neighborhood. It turned out to be a garbage bag.
12:00pm Relatives of apprehended Fatah al-Islam suspects stage a sit-in near the Beirut Justice Palace amidst strict security measures.
10:00am Israeli jetfighters flew apparent reconnaissance missions over south Lebanon.
9:15am A precautionary security dragnet was set up at the Beirut Justice Palace prior to a scheduled sit-in by relatives of apprehended Fatah al-Islam suspects.
9:00am Security sources reported that unidentified assailants hurled a hand grenade near an army post in Tripoli overnight. No casualties were reported.

Live Coverage 8-19-08
1:45pm Police sappers found no explosives in a suspicious ‘Renault 12’ vehicle parked near ex-Premier Najib Mikati’s residence in Tripoli.
1:15pm The Lebanese army erected a barbed wire between Baal al-Darawish, which straddles Bab al-Tabbaneh, and Jabal Mohsen neighborhoods to stop security breaches.
1:00pm Police sappers are checking a suspicious car near Ex-Premier Najib Mikati’s residence in Tripoli.
12:15pm Several Parliamentary committees held meetings in parliament in the first day of the extraordinary legislative session.
12:00pm The Lebanese army arrested a man called Abdulrahman Mahmoud Mohammed, who admitted that he threw a bomb at Tripoli’s Bab al-Tabbaneh neighborhood.
11:48am Premier Fouad Saniora is meeting at the Grand Serail with Canadian MP of Lebanese origin Maria Mourani.
11:00am Israeli fighter jets are flying over Jbeil and Marjayoun.
10:15am PSP spokesman Rami Rayess: Suicide bombers, who are pretending to be tourists, are heading to Lebanon.

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