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World Council for the Cedars Revolution

Dec 05th
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Written by Now, Naharnet, Dailystar, CRNews   
Monday, 15 September 2008


Nadim Gemayel Says it's Time to Heal Wounds and End Divisions

26th Anniversary Mass for the Late Sheikh Bachir Gemayel

Nadim Gemayel fears for Lebanon and its identity, but is not afraid of Hezbollah’s weapons
September 14, 2008

Nadim Gemayel, son of late President Bachir Gemayel, said that the worries held by Christians in the Middle East regarding their existence, identity, and future must be resolved. Speaking at the Sunday afternoon memorial service, which commemorated the 26th anniversary of his father’s assassination, Nadim Gemayel said that Lebanon had two choices: either to persist with hatred, or turn the page and resort to forgiveness.

“It is time to end divisions, it is time to stop emigration and it is time to resolve all issues. It is time to learn from the past in order not to repeat our mistakes. We want to end fighting because we love life,” said Gemayel.

Gemayel noted that it was time to end the agonies of the past, and that anyone who tried to build his own leadership on the basis of Christian division would fail. “As long as Christians are strong, Muslims will also be united. Lebanon is the land of liberal Christians and Muslims,” he said.

“For years we have been warning about illegitimate weapons, held by both Palestinians and Lebanese,” said Gemayel.  He added that that it was unacceptable for any illegitimate weapons to remain, irrespective of the banner under which they are held. Gemayel said that Hezbollah had invaded Beirut, threatened peace, and undermined the role of the Lebanese Army.

Gemayel said that last month’s attack on a Lebanese army helicopter by Hezbollah gunmen, during which Captain Samer Hanna was killed, proved the illegitimacy of their weapons. He added that the declarations by Iranian leaders demonstrated that Hezbollah’s weapons are not purely national.

“We are not afraid of Hezbollah’s weapons. We have never been afraid of any weapons, but we are afraid for our country and its identity. It is unacceptable to have security zones and states within the state,” he said.

Gemayel responded to claims that Hezbollah is the only resistance in Lebanon. “They ask us: who are you and where did you resist? We tell them, we are the fathers of the resistance. We resisted in all Lebanon to prevent the naturalization of the Palestinians and we resisted Syrian occupation. They ask us: what did you liberate? We tell them, Lebanon’s liberation started in Achrafieh in 1972, and since then we have liberated Lebanon and the human being,” said Gemayel.

Gemayel added that he supported unconditioned dialogue, and was ready to reconcile with all parties. “What matters to us is Lebanon. We will build one Lebanon not two, one state not two, and one army not two,” he said.

“We have been through harder times in the past, and emerged victorious. The Cedar Revolution recently united us and we forced the Syrian army to withdraw from Lebanon, although some are attempting to return. We tell them there is no return to the past. We have two choices: preserving Lebanon, its culture and life, or returning to conflict,” said Gemayel. “Let us unite, Lebanon needs us all.”

-NOW Staff



Bachir Gemayel Lebanon - Achrafieh - lbci report - Joseph al Khawly - 14/09/2008


Lebanon - Achrafieh - 14/09/2008 Part II


Lebanon - Achrafieh - 14/09/2008 Part III




Nadim Gemayel Says it's Time to Heal Wounds and End Divisions

On the 26th anniversary of his father's assassination, Nadim Gemayel, urged Lebanon's Christians to put an end to divisions in order to build a sovereign state.

Speaking during a memorial service commemorating the anniversary of President Bashir Gemayel's killing at the Lazarite Church in Ashrafiyeh, the young Gemayel said Sunday: "It is time to heal national and Christian wounds. It is time to end divisions."

He also stressed that only the Lebanese armed forces should carry weapons.

"Palestinian arms inside and outside of refugee camps constitute a constant threat to the security of the nation and Lebanon," Gemayel said.

Nadim Gemayel

On Hizbullah's arms, he said: "The death of Captain Samer Hanna confirms the illegitimacy of Hizbullah's weapons."

Hanna was killed last month when his military helicopter was shot in the southern region of Sujud. Hizbullah handed over the culprit to military police.

"We were never afraid of arms but fear for the nation, the system, the structure and Lebanon's identity," Gemayel said.

Two days before the scheduled national dialogue at Baabda Palace, Gemayel said: "We are with dialogue without any preconditions…What we care for are Lebanon's people and the future of its youth."

The national dialogue is set to begin on Tuesday and will tackle the country's defense strategy.

Gemayel also asked the audience to consolidate efforts to build a capable Lebanese state. 

Beirut, 15 Sep 08, 07:22



Bachir Gemayel Lebanon - Achrafieh - lbci report - 14/09/2008


Bachir Gemayel Lebanon - Achrafieh - lbci report - 14/09/2008


Bachir Gemayel Lebanon - Achrafieh - lbci report - 14/09/2008



Phalange stresses 'illegitimacy' of Hizbullah's arms
Weapons are 'threat to civil peace'
By Elias Sakr
Special to The Daily Star
Monday, September 15, 2008

BEIRUT: Nadim Gemayel, son of President Bachir Gemayel, urged Christians on Sunday to learn from past mistakes and put an end to divisions "if we want to contribute in building a sovereign state." Speaking during a memorial service commemorating the 26th anniversary of his father's assassination at the Lazarite Church in Achrafieh, Gemayel stressed that weapons must be restricted to the state, adding that Palestinian arms inside and outside of the country's refugee camps constitute a "constant threat to Lebanon."

In addition to the Gemayel family, representatives of the three top officials, as well as Interior Minister Ziyad Baroud and Lebanese Forces boss Samir Geagea attended the memorial. 

Gemayel called for the disarmament of Hizbullah, accusing the party of "occupying Beirut" during the May 7 events and representing a "threat to civil peace."

Violence in May erupted when the government moved to curtail elements of Hizbullah's private communications infrastructure. Street fighting between rival camps ensued, resulting in Hizbullah taking control of large swathes of mostly Muslim West Beirut. At least 65 people were killed in the fighting.

"The death of First Lieutenant Samer Hanna confirms the illegitimacy of Hizbullah's weapons, which serve the interests of the Islamic Republic of Iran," Gemayel said.

Hanna was killed in late August when his military helicopter was shot at in the southern region of Sejod, a Hizbullah stronghold. 

Gemayel's comments came less than a week before a renewed national dialogue that aims to reconcile the government and the opposition in the wake of the May clashes.

The national dialogue set to begin on Tuesday will focus on forming a "national defence strategy" in which the relationship between armed groups and the army in defending the country is to be defined. A primary focus will be the arsenal of Hizbullah.

"We [the Phalanges] were never afraid of weapons but fear for the country's future and its identity," Gemayel said, adding that security zones must not exist within the state.

Gemayel also hailed all "Phalange and Lebanese Forces martyrs" and urged political leaders to bring an end to "massive" emigration."

"A central Christian national role preserves Muslims unity," he added.

Gemayel said his father was killed "for opposing foreign hegemony and intervention in Lebanese political affairs."

"We are the Lebanese resistance; we resisted the naturalization of Palestinians and the Syrian occupation," he added.

However, Gemayel welcomed unconditional dialogue and ensured his support to reconciliation efforts.

Concluding his speech, he asked the audience to maintain hope and "consolidate efforts to build a capable Lebanese state.

Former President Bashir Gemayel was assassinated, along with 25 others, on September 14, 1982, nine days before he was due to take office, in an explosion at the Phalange party headquarters in Achrafieh.

Gemayel headed, following the death of William Hawi in 1976 the Lebanese Forces, the armed wing of the Phalange.

Amine Gemayel, brother of Bachir and also former president of the Republic, currently heads the Phalange.

Bachir Gemayel's 18-month-old daughter Maya was assassinated on February 23, 1980, and more recently, his nephew former Industry Minister and MP Pierre Amine Gemayel was killed on November 21, 2006.



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