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World Council for the Cedars Revolution

Mar 03rd
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Don't test power of IDF, Barak warns Hizbullah PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jpost, AP, Naharnet   
Sunday, 07 September 2008


Report: Israeli Army Better Prepared for Another War

Don't test power of IDF, Barak warns Hizbullah
Sep. 5, 2008

Defense Minister Ehud Barak issued a stark warning to Hizbullah against testing the might of the IDF on Friday, and said Israel was closely monitoring the Lebanese group's efforts to acquire new weapons.

"Hizbullah continues to rearm and gain strength in spite of UN Security Council Resolution 1701, which is not being implemented," Barak said at a meeting with heads of Labor branches at the party's headquarters in Tel Aviv. "Israel is monitoring the situation all the time."

The IDF was training with an intensity not seen since 2001 and Israel was strong and determined to defend itself against any enemy, he said. "I would not advise anyone, any enemy, to test us."

Regarding the prospects of peace with Syria in the wake of Thursday's four-way summit in Damascus attended by Syrian President Bashar Assad, French President Nicolas Sarkozy, Qatari Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani and Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Barak said the only way to make real progress was to start direct, secret talks.

"The Syrian declarations from the last few days prove to me that a breakthrough will only come when we have direct talks with Syria, far away from the public eye at the beginning, and in public at a later stage," Barak said. "The Syrians know that Israel is prepared to go very far. For both sides, it is a matter of defending vital interests. Courage is needed to make decisions and strength is required to carry them out so that we can reach a real agreement."

Referring to Justice Minister Daniel Friedmann's proposals to curb the powers of the Supreme Court and to divide the authority of the attorney-general, Barak said Labor "opposes and will continue to oppose any harm to the Supreme Court and to the law enforcement authorities and we will therefore, at this time, oppose the series of new proposals minister Friedmann plans to submit [to the cabinet] on Sunday."

In contrast, Barak hailed the evacuation-compensation plan for settlers in Judea and Samaria set to be discussed by the cabinet, saying the plan was Labor's long-term project for facilitating a peace agreement with the Palestinians.

"It is a step in the right direction and Sunday's cabinet discussion will go ahead with our support," he said.

Regarding the government's "complex situation" ahead of the September 17 Kadima primary and Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's planned resignation, Barak said, "Labor will conduct itself responsibly and professionally regarding everything on the government's agenda."

This article can also be read at http://www.jpost.com /servlet/Satellite?cid=1220526717724&pagename=JPost%2FJPArticle%2FShowFull


Report: Israeli Army Better Prepared for Another War

Senior Israeli army officers have rejected criticism that the military is not ready for future challenges, asserting that training programs are preparing troops for the possibility of another war with Lebanon, Haaretz daily reported.

"Tremendous work has been done to repair shortcomings revealed during the last war. The preparedness, fitness of the units, equipment…a radical improvement has been made in all of this," sources in the general staff told the newspaper.

The officers were responding to comments by Major General Moshe Ivri-Sukenik, who resigned as commander of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Northern Corps earlier this year.

Sukenik had found flaws in the way the Israeli army is training.

His criticism was legitimate but the real condition of the army was much better than he had described it, the sources told Haaretz.

"We are not training enough," Sukenik, who led an IDF in-house probe after the 2006 war with Hizbullah, said Thursday. 

Beirut, 08 Sep 08, 04:58

Last Updated ( Monday, 08 September 2008 )
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