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World Council for the Cedars Revolution

Mar 04th
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Deployment of armadas in ME is routine operation: US official PDF Print E-mail
Written by Khaleej Times   
Thursday, 14 August 2008


A US official refused to link the deployment and redeployment of armadas by America and its allies in the Arabian Gulf with the beginning of war on Iran but called it routine operations in the region.

Spokeswoman of the US Naval Forces Central Command Jane Campell told Khaleej Times yesterday that although US Fifth Fleet doesn't talk about its future military operations, the arrival of international forces couldn't only be a sign of a war but ordinary activities.

"There had been pressure and speculations for weeks as four month ago two American aircraft were in the region for three hours. Although such incidents generate assumptions they couldn't be always linked with military actions," Campell said.

In regards to news that Kuwait has activated its emergency war plan because of the arrival of armadas in the region, she said that the US Fleet couldn't discuss the internal affairs of countries and Kuwait could take any measure to protect its security and well-being of its people.

According to a report in the Middle East Times, the Kuwait's activation of its emergency plan is in connection with Operation Brimstone just a week ago that saw US, British and French naval forces participate in war games in the Atlantic Ocean, the object of which was to practice enforcing an eventual blockade on Iran, the joint task force is now headed for the Gulf and what could easily turn into a major confrontation with Iran. Once the naval force arrives in the Gulf region it will be joining two other US naval battle groups already on site, the report highlighted. It also emphasised that the object of the naval deployment would be to enforce an eventual blockade on Iran, if as expected by many observers, current negotiations with the Islamic republic over its insistence to pursue enrichment of uranium, allowing it, eventually, to produce nuclear weapons yields no results.

When she was asked if Bahrain plans to take similar emergency measures, Campell said that US Fleet wasn't aware of such plan, while highlighting cooperation with the Bahrain defence forces.

"We share good rapport with the defence forces here as we are engaging with many common activities and the visit of Crown Prince and Deputy Commander of Bahrain Defence Force Shaikh Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa to the American Military Base this Monday was the best example.”

During the visit, the Crown Prince said in a statement published by Bahrain News Agency that United States plays an important role in preserving stability and security in the Gulf region.

"The international coalition led by the US plays a key role in maintaining stability and security along the maritime borders and international waters.”

Shaikh Salman praised the level of international military and security coordination in the region and said this reflects the strategic importance of the area and realisation that peace is essential for growth, development, and prosperity.

"The visit came to reinforce ties between the two countries as the Crown Prince showed interest to move relations to a higher level when he called for the return of the families of the US military staff that left for America for security reasons," she said while highlighting that such decision could only be implemented upon approval from the bodies concerned in Washington DC.


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