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World Council for the Cedars Revolution

Aug 08th
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Written by Naharnet   
Tuesday, 12 August 2008

MPs will give their final comment on the government policy statement
MPs will give their final comment on the government policy statement

The Saniora cabinet won parliamentary confidence by 100 votes

Lebanon to hold confidence vote in cabinet
Confidence vote in new national unity government will allow the 30-member cabinet to start work.
BEIRUT - Lebanon's parliament is set to hold a confidence vote on Tuesday in the new national unity government following a heated debate centred largely on the thorny issue of Hezbollah weapons.

MPs from rival factions have been locking horns during days of debate over the arsenal of the Shiite militant movement Hezbollah, which insists on the right to resist Israel.

The vote will allow the 30-member cabinet to start work and follows the government's adoption of a manifesto which also insists on "the right of Lebanon, its people, its army and its resistance to liberate its land."

Parliament speaker Nabih Berri said Tuesday's vote in the 128-seat parliament will follow final comments by MPs on the government policy statement and an address by Prime Minister Fuad Siniora.


Live Coverage - August 12, 2008

Live Coverage   Lebanon Developments
 7:45pm Syrian FM Farouq al-Sharaa to Manar TV: The issue of missing Lebanese should not remain a gap in Lebanese-Syrian ties.
 7:18pm Speaker Berri visits Husseini to discuss the reasons behind his resignation.
 7:15pm Saniora: Cabinet’s first session could or could not witness new security appointments.
 7:00pm Premier Saniora visits President Suleiman at Baabda Palace.
 4:55pm March 14 press conference was postponed till 3pm Wednesday to include its position regarding former Speaker Hussein Husseini’s resignation from Parliament.
4:40pm March 14 Forces will hold a press conference at 5pm to declare its position regarding Lebanese-Syrian relations.
 1:50pm The Saniora cabinet won parliamentary confidence by 100 votes, five MPs voted no confidence and two abstained.
1:44pm MPs vote on the cabinet's policy statement.
1:37pm a verbal quarrel develops between MPs Musbah Ahdab, Ayoub Homaied and Ali Hassan Khalil.
1:33pm Saniora concludes his address.
1:33pm Saniora said the forthcoming era is full of threats at the regional level and Lebanon should know how to safeguard its existence.
1:30pm Saniora declared Tripoli a city in distress.
1:26pm Saniora said modernizing state institutions would help in rationalizing expenditure.
1:25pm Saniora said pledges made by the cabinet can only be achieved by reconciliation and persisting efforts to back the state and its institutions.
1:23pm He pledged assisstance to the northern city of Tripoli and north Lebanon.
1:22pm Saniora pledged efforts to sponsor preemptive measures guarding against forest fires.
1:19pm Saniora said the cabinet would seek Arab and international assisstance to cope with economic hardships, mainly the soaring oil prices.
1:17pm The cabinet would seek to achieve stability and settle economic problems, Saniora pledged.
1:16pm Saniora said the cabinet would save no effort to reclaim occupied territories.
1:13pm Saniora pledged that the cabinet would exert efforts to organize free-democratic-transparent elections.
1:10pm Saniora said the cabinet would work for reconciliation.
1:05pm Saniora said the cabinet does not place bets on any foreign powers, and favors the best relations with Arabs, but does not want Lebanon to be linked to regional allegiances.
1:04pm Saniora said the cabinet would operate to safeguard the concept of Lebanon as a homeland and not an arena for regional and international disputes.
1:01pm Saniora said democracy should always be based on a ruling majority and a minority that practices opposition.

 12:58pm However, we are determined on overcoming our differences democratically, Saniora added. 
 12:58pm Our differences would not be over in a minute, Saniora said.
 12:57pm Saniora called for a commitment to avoid violence.

12:54pm Saniora said despite sharp criticism, the cabinet is determined on acting to patch up differences.
12:53pm Saniora replies to remarks made by MPs.
12:49pm Premier Saniora desribed Husseini's resignation as an Alarm to all of us.
12:47pm Husseini declared his resignation from parliament.
12:45pm Husseini said he did not observe in 50 years of political practice such contraditions included in a policy statement.
12:40pm Husseini said the 48 sheets that make up the policy statement lack any meaning.
12:39pm Husseini criticized the Doha Accord for banning ministers from resigning, which is a non-constitutional practice.
12:37pm Husseini said the Doha Accord and the cabinet are the result of an agreement between four factions.
11:58am MP Hussein Husseini addresses the house.
11:57am Harb said the cabinet's sole mission is to organize elections, for which he granted his confidence.
11:56am He said the cabinet should enforce law on the media.
11:53am Harb called for declaring Lebanon's neutrality regarding world disputes.
11:49am Harb urged President Suleiman to propose a constitutional amendment stating that accepting the naturalization of Palestinians should be adopted by unanimous parliamentary vote.
11:43am Harb urged President Suleiman to work for setting up diplomatic relations with Syria, and revealing the whereabouts of Lebanese citizens missing in Syria.
11:36am If the resistance is not absorbed by the state, every faction would set up its own resistance, Harb said.
11:35am Harb said the resistance should operate in harmony with the state and should not be a separate entity.
11:30am Harb said the Lebanese factions do not disagree on the principle of liberating occupied territory, but on how to liberate this territory.
11:28am Harb said only unity of the Lebanese People can protect Lebanon.

 11:16am No one has the right to prevent legislators from expressing their views, Harb said.
 11:15am Harb said such attempts to restrict the freedom of speech is tantamount to police oppression.
 11:14am Harb criticized attempts by some factions to prevent MPs from expressing their views.
 11:10am Harb criticized changing the house into an arena to settle conflicts.
 11:08am MP Butros Harb addresses the house.
 11:07am Tabbara refused to grant the cabinet a vote of confidence.
 11:07am He said the cabinet would not be able to reunite the Lebanese People.
 11:03am Tabbara asked the cabinet if the ministry of communications has been bugging telephone calls.
 10:54am Tabbara pleaded with all factions to leave the assassination of ex-Premier Rafik Hariri to the judiciary.
 10:44am Tabbara said the cabinet should apply measures to reunite the Lebanese People.
 10:43am Tabbara said the Lebanese community is deeply split and avoiding mentioning this split would not help in overcoming it.
 10:40am Tabbara urged President Suleiman to invite independent personalities to national dialogue that he would sponsor.
 10:31am MP Bahij Tabbara addresses the house.
 10:30am Parliament convenes and resumes deliberations of the cabinet's policy statement.

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 12 August 2008 )
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