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World Council for the Cedars Revolution

Aug 08th
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Written by Naharnet, LBCi   
Monday, 11 August 2008

A Syrian soldier walks past the Masnaa border point between Lebanon and Syria, 2005. The establishment of diplomatic ties and the opening of embassies will top the agenda of this week's Damascus summit between the Lebanese and Syrian presidents. (AFP/Joseph Barrak)
A Syrian soldier walks past the Masnaa border point between Lebanon and Syria, 2005. The establishment of diplomatic ties and the opening of embassies will top the agenda of this week's Damascus summit between the Lebanese and Syrian presidents. (AFP/Joseph Barrak)

Daily Update/Timeline Beirut, Lebanon.

Live Coverage 11 August 2008
Live Coverage   Cabinet Policy Statement Dicussions
 9:01pm Berri adjourned the session to Tuesday 10:30 am for further deliberations and a vote on confidence.
 9:00pm Raad said Hizbullah is ready for dialogue over the defense strategy.
 8:59pm Raad said Lebanon's relations with Syria should be "distinguished."
 8:56pm Raad said there is no justification to negotiate over the resistance weapons.
 8:55pm Raad called for integration between the state and the resistance.
 8:54pm Our national duty is to support the resistance, Raad said.
 8:51pm Believing in friendship with the United States is a losing illusion, Raad added.
 8:50pm the Zionist threat is not a mere border threat, it is a threat to our being, Raad said.
 8:48pm Raad said Lebanon is the homeland of co-exostance.
 8:47pm Raad said consensus in Lebanon is a must and its backs democracy.
 8:44pm He said all factions should adhere to their commitment to cooperate in favor of regaining confidence in each other.
 8:40pm Raad said Hizbullah does not want to hurt anyone in Beirut or Tripoli or anywhere else.
 8:38pm Raad said he wants any reference to the invasion of Beirut omitted from the minutes of the session.
 8:37pm Raad said the resistance defended Beirut in the 2006 war with Israel.
 8:35pm Raad said that the Israelis have failed to achieve others wouldn't be allowed to achieve.
 8:33pm Raad said the Resistance is now mightier than ever to defend Lebanon and confront any zionist adventure.
 8:30pm MP Mohammed Raad of Hizbullah addresses the house.
 8:11pm Aoun criticized the cabinet for not adopting the understanding between Hizbullah and the Free Patriotic Movement.
 8:00pm MP Salim Aoun addresses the house.
 7:55pm Mouawad said the difference is over the use by Hizbullah and its regional allies of Lebanon as an arena to settle regional disputes in which Lebanon has no interest.
 7:52pm Mouawad expressed concern that Hizbullah would proceed with the mini-state track.
 7:50pm Mouawad started by pledging confidence in the cabinet although it is merely a body to manage differences.
 7:45pm MP Nayla Mouawad addresses the house.
 7:25pm MP Marwan Hamade addresses the house.
 7:02pm MP Walid Khoury addresses the house.
 7:00pm Hizbullah MP Ali Ammar starts a verbal quarrel with Fatfat.
 6:49pm Fatfat said the problem facing the Lebanese factions is one of trust.
 6:43pm Fatfat said he predicts differences among the cabinet ministers.
 6:40pm Fatfat said using arms in domestic differences would torpedo the state.
 6:31pm MP Ahmad Fatfat addresses the house.
 6:02pm MP Pierre Dakkash addresses the house.
6:00pm Parliament resumes debate of the cabinet's policy statement.
4:10pm Lebanese citizen Fouad Atris, 22, was found dead in his bedroom in Beirut's Zokat Bilat District.
 4:00pm Future News said unconfirmed reports claim the alleged assassin of singer Susane Tamim has committed suicide in jail.
 2:31pm Speaker Nabih Berri adjourned the session until 6pm Monday.
 2:30pm MP Farid al-Khazen: The government will receive a vote of confidence but it should work hard and take into consideration latest changes in Lebanon.
 2:15pm Ahdab granted vote of confidence to the government.
 2:08pm Ahdab: Tripoli and its security are a testing ground for this government and its national unity.
 2:03pm Ahdab: Tripoli’s fate cannot be decided behind its representatives’ backs.
 1:59pm MP Mosbah Ahdab said Lebanon will continue to suffer and Tripoli is still bleeding.
 1:34pm Fattoush said the Doha agreement came at the expense of the constitution, law and justice.
 1:32pm Fattoush: The most dangerous part of the policy statement is a vow by ministers not to resign. This violates the constitution.
 1:08pm Itani granted vote of confidence to the new government.
 1:06pm Itani called for building new schools in Beirut and for exempting public school students from fees.
 12:58pm MP Mohammed Amin Itani: Weapons should be taken out of Beirut streets to reassure the Lebanese.
 12:35pm MP Michel Moussa: Because we are heading to national dialogue, we won’t ask for miracles from the government. We will urge it to fully implement laws.
 12:05pm Mukhaiber: As we backed an international probe into Hariri’s murder, we demand the International Criminal Court to investigate Israeli war crimes.
 11:58am MP Ghassan Mukhaiber: The citizen needs security as he faces local and Israeli threats. That’s why national dialogue should start as soon as possible.
 11:51am Adwan: The Lebanese Forces grant vote of confidence to the new government.
 11:37am Adwan: The biggest problem is the future of arms. The policy statement solved part of the problem but did not tackle the issue of weapons possession.

11:24am Adwan said that all of us found out that arms do not solve problems but create more crises.
11:20am MP George Adwan: We hope that this government would not be a cabinet of elections
11:07am Mozaya granted vote of confidence to new government.
10:57am MP Shamel Mozaya: The former government punished our people in Jbeil because they are followers of Aoun’s FPM.
10:40am Zahra called for increasing the number of judges and urged improvement of prison conditions in Lebanon.
10:38am MP Antoine Zahra called for the formation of an international committee to follow-up on the issue of missing Lebanese.
10:30am Parliament resumes debate on the cabinet policy statement.

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Senior Military, Administrative Reshuffling to Take Place at 1st Cabinet Meeting

The government is expected to reshuffle the military institution during its first session after getting parliament's vote of confidence.

The daily An-Nahar on Monday said that the various political groups were conducting "clandestine contacts" regarding senior military, security as well as administrative appointments.

It said the cabinet will tackle the urgent appointments of senior army jobs such as that of the army commander and heads of security authorities, particularly intelligence and police chiefs.

Other appointments that require urgency include assigning four deputies to Lebanon's Central Bank governor, the foreign ministry's general secretariat and heads of departments at the various cabinet ministries, An Nahar said.

The names proposed for Lebanon's new army commander were Brig. Gen. George Khoury, who enjoys full support from Patriarch Nasrallah Sfeir, head of the Syrian-Lebanese military coordination office Brig. Gen. Marwan Bitar, Commander of the 12th Brigade Brig. Gen. Jean Qahwaji, and deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics Brig. Gen. George Masaad. 

Beirut, 11 Aug 08, 11:05


Last Updated ( Monday, 11 August 2008 )
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