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World Council for the Cedars Revolution

Mar 03rd
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IDF trains for simultaneous Hezbollah, Iran, Syria missile strikes PDF Print E-mail
Written by Channel 10 and Haaretz Staff   
Wednesday, 06 August 2008


The Israel Air Force's anti-aircraft division on Tuesday carried out a large exercise testing its response to simultaneous missile strikes by Syria, Hezbollah and Iran.

The exercise began with a single Syrian missile strike on Israel.

Experts predict that a real strike would comprise of multiple strikes from a number of different countries, which was what happened next in Tuesday's exercise. The simulated Syrian attack was soon joined by salvos of missiles launched by Hezbollah and Iran.

The exercise comes amid heightened tensions between Jerusalem and Tehran over Iran's nuclear aspirations and its President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's calls for Israel's destruction.

Also, despite indirect peace talks, Syria could still respond to Israel's strike on an alleged nuclear site within its territory last year. Hezbollah has also vowed to attack Israel, whom it blames for the assassination of its deputy commander Imad Mughniyah.


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