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World Council for the Cedars Revolution

Sep 22nd
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Gunbattles Erupt Today in Lebanon … and Updates PDF Print E-mail
Written by W. Thomas Smith, Jr.   
Tuesday, 27 May 2008

W. Thomas Smith, Jr.
W. Thomas Smith, Jr.

Brief gun-battles erupted between Hezbollah (with its Amal allies) and the pro-democracy majority in Beirut today. Clashes also have been reported between the same in the Bekaa Valley: Reports are thus far sketchy. Between nine and 18 people are said to have been wounded. And one of our sources has reported at least one rocket-propelled grenade attack.In addition to our sources, NOWLebanon is reporting:

“Amal and Hezbollah gunmen opened fire and hurled rocks in the direction of Tarik al-Jedideh and Corniche al-Mazraa earlier today, coinciding with Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah’s speech. RPGs were also fired at the Abed an-Nasser mosque. The Lebanese army has been deployed and has cut off the roads between Corniche al-Mazraa, Barbour and Tarik al-Jedideh. The wounded have been transferred to nearby hospitals.”

Narharnet also reports:

“Clashes between the Hizbullah-led opposition and majority supporters in the Beqaa Valley village of Taalabaya.”

The firefights come the day after the election and inauguration of Pres. Michel Sleiman, the pro-Syrian, Hezbollah-friendly former commander-in-chief of the Lebanese armed forces (I discussed him here); and hours after Hezbollah’s secretary general, Hassan Nasrallah, delivered a fiery speech in which – according to the AP – he, “warned against any efforts to disarm his Iranian-backed guerrilla group.”

Updates will follow.


The Baltimore Sun is reporting:

“[Hezbollah’s] rising influence around the world has led some intelligence and counterterrorism officials to ask whether the Iranian-financed organization has grown more dangerous to the United States than al-Qaida.”

We’ve been reporting this FOR MONTHS.

Moreover, Haaretz is reporting:

The head of the Military Intelligence research division Brigadier General Yossi Baidatz on Monday said that Syria was continuing to transfer significant amounts of weapons to the Lebanon-based guerilla group Hezbollah.” 

We’ve been saying this FOR MONTHS, TOO … along with our accurate reporting on Hezbollah’s strength and activities over the past eight months, including: Unreported and underreported military exercises and operations, predictions that Hezbollah would indeed turn its weapons on the Lebanese people (and when), the extent to which the terrorist group had established an internal telecommunications system, and the extent to which the terrorist group has infiltrated Lebanese and international media (to include buying off seemingly objective media outlets and reporters). There is so much more to this story, and so much that continues not to be reported.

— Visit W. Thomas Smith Jr. at uswriter.com. 


NOTE: The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author, and do not represent the opinions of World Defense Review and its affiliates. WDR accepts no responsibility whatsoever for the accuracy or inaccuracy of the content of this or any other story published on this website. Copyright and all rights for this story (and all other stories by the author) are held by the author.

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