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World Council for the Cedars Revolution

Jun 13th
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1.5 Million Freedom Democracy Seekers Rally for the Cedars Revolution Feb 14, 08 PDF Print E-mail
Written by CRNews   
Thursday, 14 February 2008
Live Coverage

Live Coverage   March 14 Rally to Mark Hariri's Assassination
1:49 Hariri: This (election Suleiman) is the goal of the citizens gathered here in Martyrs Square as well as in the southern suburbs for the funeral service of resistance commander (Imad Mughniyeh).
1:48 Hariri: Together we will continue to be firm on electing Gen. Suleiman President in order to open a new phase of dialogue and consensus and cooperate for Lebanon’s sake.
1:36 1:36 No to your tents. No to your threats. We want a President for the republic. They tried to assassinate Beirut, the international tribunal and the presidency by installing void.
1:35 MP Saad Hariri salutes the crowd before his speech as the people shout allegiance.
1:22 LF leader Geagea: We used to say the tribunal is coming. We now say the court came. No to your tents and threats. We won’t allow the presidential seat to be your captive. You people tell them that we will resist them until our last victory
1:11 Ex-President Gemayel: We will liberate downtown Beirut and return the Lebanese capital to its people.
1:03 MP Walid Jumblat: March 14 Forces’ blood and the blood of the revolutionaries will nail down all nonbelievers anywhere they were – be they in their palaces, squares or caves.
11:58 Cabinet Minister Mohammed Safadi: We made concessions. Do they want us to give up our backing to consensus candidate Gen. Suleiman? We want a government whose war or peace decision is in its hands.

 12:55 At the exact time of the explosion that killed Hariri, church bells toll and mosque minarets blare Allah Akbar chants.
 12:48 Minister Naila Mouawad: We were born free and we will die free. We won’t allow Lebanon’s destiny to be linked to the Syrian regime.
 12:35 MP Bassem al-Sabaa: Downtown Beirut’s occupation by the opposition is a crime against Lebanon.
 12:28 Minister Michel Pharaon: We won’t be terrorized. Gen. Suleiman will be elected president and Lebanon will emerge victorious.
 12:23 Cabinet Minister Jean Oghassabian: We will elect Suleiman President. We will not accept institutional void.

11:53 National Liberation Party Secretary General Elias Abu Assi addressing the opposition: Come back to us when you regain your senses. We in March 14 will not rest unless justice is achieved and independence is guaranteed.
11:45 MP Elias Atallah: We tell Rabiyeh resident (Gen. Michel Aoun) Forget about the Document of Understanding on the expense of the country. We say there is no use for the (Hizbullah) rockets or intimidation.
11:42 Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea arrives at Martyrs Square and is trying to make his way through the crowd.
11:35 MP Saad Hariri salutes the crowd as he walks toward his father's gravesite.
11:25 MP Atef Majdalani: We will remain committed to electing Gen. Michel Suleiman president. We want justice and equality, while they want anarchy to achieve unrest and civil war.
11:23 PM Fouad Saniora and other cabinet ministers pray at Hariri’s gravesite.

11:20 Former President Amin Gemayel arrives at Martyrs Square.
11:15 Former MP Nassib Lahoud from Martyrs Square: We want immediate presidential elections. We want a free president … then formation of a national unity government is welcomed.
11:08 Tens of thousands crowd Martyrs Square while many others still could not make their way into downtown Beirut due to heavy traffic as a result of long queues of cars
10:58 MP Saad Hariri arrives at Martyrs Square.
10:28 Lebanese Forces boats cruise the coast off St. George as thousands of cars and vans fill Beirut streets.
10:25 Druze leader Walid Jumblat arrives at Martyrs Square.
10:15 The torch is lit at St. George.
10:10 Brother of slain Hariri and head of Beirut’s Municipality Abdel Min'im Al Arees initiate inauguration of Square named after slain PM Rafik Hariri in central Beirut.
10:04 Wife of slain Hariri, Nazik, makes a recorded speech.

 9:45 March 14 MPs begin arriving at Martyrs Square.
 9:10 All entry points to Beirut are blocked with vehicles headed for Martyrs Sqaure.
 9:00 Long queues of vehicles and vans carrying pro-government partisans seen along the Tripoli-Batroun highway amid posters calling for Speaker Nabih Berri to open Parliament doors.
 8:05 March 14 supporters wave banners that read: “Enough martyrs. Enough Blood.” “Yes for Tribunal.”
 8:00 Thousands of supporters, brandishing Lebanese flags, gather at Martyrs Square.
 7:30 Pro-government supporters, challenging bad weather conditions and poor visibility, begin arriving at Martyrs Square in Downtown Beirut.
 7:00 Heavy deployment of Lebanese army troops and security forces is witnessed as hundreds of cars took off from villages and towns from across Lebanon to take part in the massive rally to mark the third anniversary of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri’s

from Naharnet.com

Last Updated ( Sunday, 24 February 2008 )
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In Memory

Rafik Hariri
Rafik HaririIn Memory of Rafik Hariri, he rebuilt Beirut, at the time of his brutal Assassination Lebanon witnessed the birth of the Cedars Revolution
Gebran Tueni
Gebran TueniIn Memory of Gebran Tueni One of the most Prominent founders of the Cedars Revolution
Sheikh Pierre Gemayel
Sheikh Pierre GemayelIn Memory of Sheikh Pierre Gemayel Another Prominent founder of the Cedars Revolution
George Hawi
George HawiIn Memory of George Hawi another Anti-Syrian who supported the formation of the Cedars Revolution