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World Council for the Cedars Revolution

Apr 18th
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Secret document: How to pressure Syria to save Lebanon PDF Print E-mail
Written by Blog Roads to Iraq   
Saturday, 02 February 2008


Saudi newspaper Alwatan reported today about a new secret document circulating around American intelligence agencies on how to pressure Syria to save Lebanon, I translated few excerpts from the original report. 

A secret document issued by an American research center is circulating around the Intelligence agencies in Washington includes a strategy to “save Lebanon” after this country reached the point of collapse as a result of the presidential vacuum and the inability of the Lebanese parties to elect a President.
The document based its conclusions on what comes out of Damascus statements which reflect the nostalgia to the situation to the situation before April 2005, the date of the Syrian military withdrawal from Lebanon.

The document urges the international community on the basis of maintaining its credibility in the Middle East, to intervene in Lebanon, particularly with regard to the Israeli conflict - Palestinian.
The document emphasizes upcoming Arab summit in Damascus next March, under the current circumstances would be a victory for the Syrian regime and the defeat of the forces supporting democracy, where the document calls to increase the isolation of Damascus and to boycott the summit.
The document counts a number of measures should be taken to isolate Syria, such as the reduction of diplomatic relations, the withdrawal of non-essential staff from its territory, and hold public meetings with the Syrian opposition.
The document calls to send a message to the international threat of the Syrian regime include financial and political proceedings, moving the Navy of the United States allies to the eastern Mediterranean.
The following are excerpts from the document:
Listening to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice remarks in Davos, one of the points raised in commenting on political freedom in the Middle East, pointing to some extent, as Secretary Rice said:
Even when you cherish Democratic ideals, it is never easy to turn them into an effective democratic institutions, this process will takes decades, and will driven as it should be and it only can be, by courageous leaders and citizens in the region.
The fact that democracy and its institutions are already exist in Lebanon (Pakistan also), the leaders and the brave citizens in Lebanon forced to move In an attempt to save democracy and its institutions.
Unless the United States takes a clear and firm in Lebanon, it will not be credible for progress in any other issue in the Middle East, including in the Arab - Israeli conflict, will not be able to convince the international community to support their efforts.

Strategy should include:
1- Procedures for dealing with the continuation of foreign intervention in the Lebanese political process.
2- A powerful message to Damascus carried by high level politician (perhaps the Secretary-General of the United Nations) on behalf of the international community.
3- International efforts to obtain an international support for collective action to prevent any interference with the Lebanese political process.
4- Immediate start of the International Tribunal for the assassination of Hariri, which is a message says that the international community, will not allow the Syrian regime to intervene either directly or through others in imposing its political program.
To demonstrate its good faith, Syria must close the offices of Hamas movement, and better control its borders with Iraq and Lebanon to ensure the stop the illegal traffic of people and weapons.
For the Arab governments, it is time for them to learn that the irresponsible policies of the Syrian regime brought the foreigners (ie, the United States, Europe and Iran) to the Arab Governments.

Last Updated ( Saturday, 02 February 2008 )
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