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World Council for the Cedars Revolution

Jul 08th
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His Excellency the Bird or His Excellency the Vacuum PDF Print E-mail
Written by Toni Nissi   
Friday, 28 December 2007

Toni Nissi
Toni Nissi

In every world capital aligned with Lebanon’s and in Lebanon today, the biggest question being asked is, “With all the international support and international resolutions issued for the people of Lebanon, will the Lebanese be able to form a consensus and elect a president? Can the Lebanese come together to elect a president who will please everybody?

The answer to these questions is simply: no!
But why not?

From the start, even with all the consultations, initiatives and international support looking for solutions  being undertaken on one side, while the group that thwarts these  initiatives is on the other side. The reason behind this stalling is unknown, no one wants to discuss it or come close to it, so how will the election of a new president be achieved?

The real blocker in the Lebanese presidential election in Lebanon is not Bashar El Assad, Ahmadinejad, Michel Aoun, nor is it Hassan Nasrallah or the 14th of March, but rather the Governor of the Faith (Waliy al fakih) Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.  Khamenei is the lord to whom Hezbollah’s leader Hassan Nasrallah is blindly obedient.  Nasrallah is nothing but the deputy of Khamenei, a man whose sole goal is to implement the Khamenei plan in Lebanon.

This plan consists of transforming the democratic republic of Lebanon into the first territory in a larger “bigger project” of turning the whole region and possibly the world with the Governor of Faith as its leader and Tehran as its capital. The project of the Governor of Faith in Lebanon started with Moussa Al Sadr who, like Nasrallah, swore complete obedience to the Governor who at the time was Ruhollah al Khomeini. Sadr’s allegiance was secured in a secret document signed on the 24th  of June, 1975. This collaboration continued with Hezbollah, a group that was founded by members from Amal movement, following the disappearance of Imam Sadr. The reason for Sadr’s disappearance is still unknown to this date. The strategy of the Governor of Faith, as executed by Hezbollah is divided into six stages, which eventually would lead  to the announcement of an Islamic state of Lebanon, modeled in the  Iranian style.

1- First stage: This phase started with the Islamic Amal movement from 1982-1984.

During this period the international peacekeepers in Lebanon were driven out when American marines and French soldiers were killed by two infamous car bombs. Additionally, Western hostages were taken in order to stop the international community from helping Lebanon, as well as keeping most of the international press away. The kidnapping strategy was to keep international public opinion unaware of what is happening in Lebanon. Islamic Amal, which later became Hezbollah succeeded in this sage.

2- Second stage: Monopolizing the Shiites’ decision making:

This phase started with efforts to create an annihilating war to finish off the Amal movement in 1984. These efforts also continued with destroying what used to be known as the National Forces, i.e. the remaining leftist movements in 1984 in  areas where Shiites made the demographic majority. The countless wars continued until final control of the Lebanese decision making (by Syria) was secured in 1990. This phase was successfully implemented by Hezbollah and its backers.
3- Third Stage: Forming institutions to replace governmental institutions.

This phase started in 1990, under the pretext of resistance against Israel. Hezbollah used the Syrian occupation of Lebanon and formed the Revolutionary Guard Army (the military faction) of Hezbollah. At the same time Hezbollah was forming institutions parallel to the governmental and ministerial institutions. These institutions include:  The Mahdi schools, the Jihad Construction Building, in addition to monetary, media (through al Manar), social, developmental, as well as communication companies. Hezbollah even acquired large amounts of land by way of intimidation and pressure. With their land grab, Hezbollah hoped to develop the land and move in their Shiite supporters. Their goal was connect the different agglomerations of Shiite support together. The effort succeeded so much so that Hezbollah now controls 60% of Lebanese territory. The self content they produced in their institutions, raised generations on the principles of the Islamic revolution. For more than 15 years, people who have been indoctrinated in Hezbollah’s environment do not believe in the state of Lebanon and would rather fight and die for the Governor of Faith and his state. As a result, Hezbollah’s Revolutionary Guard is much stronger than all the legal Lebanese forces combined. Hezbollah successfully implemented this phase in 2004.

4- Forth Stage: The Lebanese state and controlling its decision making.

This phase started with the withdrawal of Syrian army from Lebanon, leaving the field open for Hezbollah. After finishing its preparations to become the strongest force in Lebanon (both socially and militarily), moved into all the national institutions, especially: legislative, executive and security forces. To attain these positions Hezbollah is disposed to imposing its authority by force on all the other parties, in order to give it the key positions which can halt major national processes. Starting from the house speaker to all the sensitive ministries, including the directorate of general security (including customs) and other designations.

This phase Hezbollah hopes to finish in 2009, after this period Hezbollah would be in complete control of the legislative authority (parliament). This would allow Hezbollah to move to its last two phases.

5- Fifth Stage: In 2009 after controlling the parliament (legislative power   authority), Hezbollah will legalize all of its institutions  through the parliament. It will finish off and destroy the concept of Lebanon. Including the message of Lebanon: The sharing and partition of authority between the different cultural factions.

6- Sixth Stage: Following the execution of the fifth stage, and when the regional and international timing is suitable, Hezbollah will complete take over of the Lebanese system. After its conquest, Hezbollah will declare the Islamic State of Lebanon, pledging full loyalty to the Governor of Faith.

Therefore, the election of a new president for Lebanon is of monumental importance. The new Lebanese president’s agenda should consist of: returning Lebanon to the democratic status and reaffirming the equal status of all Lebanese citizens under the law. The election of such a president, who should be backed up by all the international resolutions, will pulverize the Governor of Faith’s and Hezbollah’s plan.

The only president that Hezbollah will elect is the president who will allow this terrorist party to finish all the step of its “divine”  plan in full obedience to the divine orders of the Khamenei.

The whole package, that unfortunately general Aoun, Nabih Berri and the rest of  the Hezbollah chorus are calling for, is  nothing but a cage which will imprison the future president of Lebanon, and will turn this president into a conspirator in the cover up of the illegal and extremely dangerous Hezbollah plan.

Therefore Hezbollah is putting parliamentary majority in front of two choices only: his Excellency the bird or his Excellency the vacuum. Will the March 14th forces and the parliamentary majority bend under this pressure hence allowing Hezbollah to successfully implement phase 4?

If the majority does not perform its duty, will the international community leave Lebanon  between the two jaws of the Governor of Faith and his proxy Hezbollah? Will they abandon democrats who oppose the killing and terrorizing that are essential elements in executing the Governor of Faith’s plan in Lebanon? If Hezbollah wins in Lebanon and declares its state, will we see places like the suburbs of Paris turning into a security square or Times Square in New York turning into a sit in place for the opposition?

Let us wait and see as only time will tell.  

Toni Nissi.

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