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World Council for the Cedars Revolution

Sep 28th
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Date Item Title Author Hits
Tuesday, 13 November 2007 Iranian Hezbollah Ready for Confrontation with US FARS 2414
Thursday, 08 November 2007 Sarkozy: "It is unacceptable for Iran at any point to have a nuclear weapon", China to Iran Heed Compiled CRNews 2330
Thursday, 08 November 2007 US fears Israeli strike against Iran over latest nuclear claim TIMESONLINE 2208
Thursday, 08 November 2007 Ahmadinejad: Iran Reaches Target of 3,000 Operational Centrifuges Compiled CRNews 2359
Thursday, 08 November 2007 UN nuclear chief should be sacked for failure over Iran: Israel AFP 2465
Wednesday, 07 November 2007 Israel: Iran can have nuclear bombs by 2009 Albawaba 2654
Wednesday, 07 November 2007 Intel Analysis: Why are the IAEA and ElBaradei protecting Iran? JPost, London Guardian 2693
Wednesday, 07 November 2007 Hizbullah turns up the heat on Beirut Jpost 2931
Tuesday, 06 November 2007 Khaddam: Assad Wants to Hamper Lebanon Election to Torpedo Tribunal Naharnet 2416
Monday, 05 November 2007 Is Israel About to Attack Hizballah? TIME 2551
Sunday, 04 November 2007 Bahrain says Iran wants the bomb AFP 3058
Saturday, 03 November 2007 New Satellite Surveillance System Was Key Israeli Tool In Syria Raid AW&ST 4459
Thursday, 01 November 2007 Israel Says Hezbollah Can Hit Tel Aviv AP 3068
Tuesday, 30 October 2007 Frozen assets: US has crimped Al Qaeda funds CSMonitor 2596
Tuesday, 30 October 2007 War Plans: United States and Iran STRATFOR 2465
Tuesday, 30 October 2007 Hezbollah Expands in North Lebanon, Away From UN Peacekeepers Bloomberg 2535
Monday, 29 October 2007 Expect more assassinations - ex-military spy chief DailyStar, 10452LCC 3130
Monday, 29 October 2007 WSJ: Israel's Syria Raid Opens Rifts WSJ 2960
Saturday, 27 October 2007 Additional nuclear sites in Syria? Counter Terrorism Blog 2871
Saturday, 27 October 2007 We must bomb Iran, says US Republican guru The Telegraph 2583
Saturday, 27 October 2007 Yet Another Photo of Site in Syria, Yet More Questions NYTimes 3161
Saturday, 27 October 2007 Alleged Site of Israeli Attack on Syria Cleared Washington Post 3028
Friday, 26 October 2007 Geopolitical Diary: The Re-emergence of a Terrorism Artist Stratfor 2445
Friday, 26 October 2007 Iran Claims to Have Alternatives in Face of American Banking Sanctions al-Sharq al-Awsat 2663
Tuesday, 23 October 2007 From MEMRI: Bin Laden Calls On All Jihad Groups to Unite Under One Banner MEMRI 2568
Monday, 22 October 2007 Jumblat Accuses Hizbullah, Syria of Assassinations Naharnet 2816
Monday, 22 October 2007 Syria Dissassembling Nuke Site as IAEA Investigates Photos Washington Post 3006
Saturday, 20 October 2007 Text: Veiled threats from Syria regarding Lebanese leadership in Syrian letter to UN SANA 2641
Saturday, 20 October 2007 EXCLUSIVE: The Case for Israel's Strike on Syria ABC 3021
Saturday, 20 October 2007 Iran: We Can Fire 11,000 Missiles A Minute at Invaders AP, Debka, Others 2692
Saturday, 20 October 2007 Israel refuses to open talks with Lebanon over Shaba Farms Haaretz 2258
Saturday, 20 October 2007 We can attack Iran, says US commander Administrator 2257
Saturday, 20 October 2007 Iran's top nuclear negotiator resigns AP 2468
Thursday, 18 October 2007 Israel, Russia Stratfor 2562
Thursday, 18 October 2007 Summer 2007: The Attack that Never Occurred Stratfor 2478
Thursday, 18 October 2007 Iran's al Qaeda WSJ 2460
Sunday, 14 October 2007 NYTimes: Israel Struck Syrian Nuclear Project, Analysts Say By DAVID E. SANGER and MARK MAZZETTI, NYTimes 2852
Sunday, 07 October 2007 Beirut Charges 4 Russians With Terror The Associated Press 2631
Sunday, 07 October 2007 Petraeus steps up accusations against Iran Reuters 2324
Friday, 05 October 2007 Iran preparing Speedboat Attack, Monitoring Movements, Attacking Kurds in Iraq Geo Strategy Direct 2540
Friday, 05 October 2007 Syria is Funding, Sponsoring, Training, Arming, Directing Al Qaeda in Iraq, Insurgents in Lebanon! Geo Strategy Direct 3001
Thursday, 04 October 2007 Israel, Syria: Upgrades and an Unchanged Air Defense Dynamic Stratfor 3458
Thursday, 04 October 2007 Israel suspected of 'hacking' Syrian air defences Administrator 3251
Thursday, 04 October 2007 Saudi Grand Mufti Issues Fatwa Prohibiting Saudi Youth From Engaging In Jihad Abroad MEMRI 3013
Wednesday, 03 October 2007 ‘So close to war’ We came so close to World War Three that day The Spectator 2578
Tuesday, 02 October 2007 Video Exclusive: Syria Talks & Israel lifts veil of secrecy over air strike in Syria AP and The JPost 2924
Friday, 28 September 2007 Assad's "big secret" A Joint Iran-Syrian-DPRK Nuclear Program? Defense Update 2978
Friday, 28 September 2007 'Iran building new clandestine nuclear facility' AP 2792
Friday, 28 September 2007 Attack on Iran Said To Be Imminent NYSun 2662
Thursday, 27 September 2007 Syrian plot to kill Lebanon's MP Ghanem exposed Al-Seyassah, Ya-Libnan 2956
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In Memory

Rafik Hariri
Rafik HaririIn Memory of Rafik Hariri, he rebuilt Beirut, at the time of his brutal Assassination Lebanon witnessed the birth of the Cedars Revolution
Gebran Tueni
Gebran TueniIn Memory of Gebran Tueni One of the most Prominent founders of the Cedars Revolution
Sheikh Pierre Gemayel
Sheikh Pierre GemayelIn Memory of Sheikh Pierre Gemayel Another Prominent founder of the Cedars Revolution
George Hawi
George HawiIn Memory of George Hawi another Anti-Syrian who supported the formation of the Cedars Revolution